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Rise of Dead

The Rise of Dead video slot by Play’n GO is an Egyptian-themed title that gives players opportunities to win with an Ancient Free Spins bonus feature along with the Gift of the Gods bonus that makes it easier to get larger winning combinations thanks to matching symbols on multiple reels.

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An Introduction to Rise of Dead

With the Rise of Dead slot, players are given an Egyptian experience that is focused around a feature-driven style of play. We often see games with this type of concept or theme, but Play’n GO likes to enter sub-genres like this in an attempt to stand out by bringing a higher level of quality.

This is largely what has happened with this game. Everything from the graphics to the features and soundtrack are on an upper tier.

Visually, it’s hard to deny how great the game looks. It has an aesthetic that fits the theme with an animated background down in some type of tomb with writing on the wall and glowing green flames going off to the sides. On the reels, even the card rank symbols fit the theme perfectly.

In terms of gameplay, features drive the majority of the game, but the pay table is balanced as well. There’s a focus on more of a higher hit-rate instead of higher individual win, but there are pretty large jackpots available at the same time.

Rise of Dead Main Screen
Rise of Dead Main Screen

Betting and Layout

Play’n GO likes to make their games as easy to play as possible, and we really appreciate that because some developers seem to make things unnecessarily complicated. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Players have five reels and three rows of symbols in all game modes.
  • The 20 total paylines pay from left to right only, and they cannot be changed or moved around.
  • A simple list of available bet sizes is shown below the reels, and you can pick out the total amount that you want to wager per spin.
  • All of the wins in this game are listed as multiples of the total bet, but you can multiply them by a factor of 20 to see what they would be if they were listed as line bet wins.

It’s easy to pick out a bet size you want, and it’s easy to get started playing since there are no other significant options to pick or settings to pick except for the auto-play feature if that’s something you’re interested in.

Features and Gameplay

The bonus rounds and other features make up the majority of the action in this game. With that having been said, they are a relevant part of the slot a lot, so you don’t have to sit around waiting on them for a long time like what you find with many other titles.

Mega Stack Feature

On every spin of the main gameplay, you’ll have one of the regular symbols selected at random to become a mega stack.

Rise of Dead Mega Stacks
Rise of Dead Mega Stacks

On each reel, that stack will include 12 different consecutive spots, and they will all be of that randomly chosen symbol. The symbols are the same on each of the five reels, and that makes it a lot easier to get multi-line wins. This also fits really well with the other features in a way that compounds your potential winnings.

Ancient Free Spins Bonus Round

There are golden scrolls with ankhs on them that can appear on the reels. Get three at once to activate this free spins mode with a total of 10 free spins to start with. You can add free spins as follows:

  • One Scatter – 2 free spins
  • Two Scatters – 4 free spins
  • Three Scatters – 10 free spins

There is no maximum to the total number of free spins you can get per feature. However, you’ll get stacked symbols for different reels. A wild golden scarab appears in stacks of six or seven on each reel, and the high-paying pharoah skills become expanding symbols if they will help you to get extra wins after the initial payouts have been given.

Rise of Dead Free Spins
Rise of Dead Free Spins

Even the low-paying card rank symbols are stacked eight spots high to give you lots of chances for multi-line payouts.

Gift of Gods Feature

Another important bonus feature is the Gift of Gods feature. This will only trigger in the main game, and it affects the first, third and fifth reels only.

When you trigger this feature, the same matching symbol will hold on the first, third and fifth reels while the second and fourth spin normally to give enhanced chances to get winning combinations.

To really understand the gravity of this, consider that you only have to get two spinning symbols to match to pick up five of a kind winning combinations, so there’s obviously a tremendous amount of value in this feature.

Wild Symbols

The golden scarab symbols appear on every one of the five reels. They help to get winning combinations by substituting for everything but the scatters. They give the following winning combinations when they line up on paylines by themselves:

  • Five of a Kind – 125x
  • Four of a Kind – 12.5x
  • Three of a Kind – 2.5x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.5x

Note that you’ll be paid the single best win available on each payline, so if the wilds can be used to create a different combo that will pay out higher than a wild-only win, you’ll always be given the largest available prize.

How to Win at Rise of Dead

The Rise of Dead video slot offers a number of different bet sizes that you can move between in order to better fit what you’re looking for. This includes the ability to adjust for strategic purposes.

While you do not have any strategic decisions within the game, you can structure your sessions differently in terms of length or bet size to take advantage of the lower level of volatility. A longer session with mid-sized bet sizes, for example, will smooth out the swings but give you value from your increased chances to hit the bonus features during your session.

Payout Structure for Rise of Dead

There are two tiers of pays after the wild symbols. The first are three pharaoh symbols. These pay from 25x down to 12.5x for five of a kind combinations, but something that’s pretty cool and that helps with the hit-rate of this game is that all three of them can provide wins for just two of a kind.

You need at least three for the card rank symbols, however. The red A, blue K, purple Q, green J and violet 10 pay from 5x to 2.5x for five on a payline each.


There’s a lot of depth to the Rise of Dead online slot. Play’n GO did a great job of putting together this title, and here are the things that stand out to us the most:

  • The variety of bonus features is great since they all provide a lot of action.
  • The ability to earn limitless free spins once you’re in the feature with any number of scatters on the reels is appealing.
  • The visual appeal of this title is very strong.

We also have a few cons to point out:

  • We would have liked to see more mid-range betting increments available.
  • This sub-genre has been used so much that it hangs over the game even though this title stands out so much.

Regardless of these minor issues, we really like what this game has to offer, and we believe it to be well-rounded enough to appeal to a ton of people.

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