Slingo games are based on a combination of bingo and slots, and there are several titles in the online gambling world that use this type of theme. Over a dozen games are available on different sites in this genre, and they have an original style of gameplay that isn’t quite matched by anything else in the industry as a whole.

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Casinos with Slingo
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Caesars Casino 71% Caesars Casino Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
LightCasino 92% LightCasino Review Country Flag
Unibet 86% Unibet Review Country Flag
Yoyo Casino 85% Yoyo Casino Review Country Flag
Betinia 85% Betinia Review Country Flag
Cadabrus 85% Cadabrus Review Country Flag
ZulaBet 85% ZulaBet Review Country Flag
RoyalBet 79% RoyalBet Review Country Flag
Megaslot 75% Megaslot Review Country Flag
Espacejeux 75% Espacejeux Review Country Flag
Playzee Casino 74% Playzee Casino Review Country Flag
Frumzi 68% Frumzi Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Slingo

Slingo was created in the early 1990s and was played via early Internet service providers like AOL for points that would put players on leaderboards. The social nature of the game with attached chat rooms and message boards made it a very big deal.

In fact, it was the most-played online game during a significant part of the mid-late 1990s.

While it was originally played for free points and bragging rights, it has evolved to have a number of variations that are used for gambling with cash, and real money Slingo is a sector of the overall industry that gets a lot of attention.

When you add in the fact that this title had competitive and social elements and the way that these can be incorporated into the modern versions of the game, it’s really easy to see why it would have all of the elements of a title that keeps players coming back for more.

Common Motifs of Slingo Games

Depending on the specific game you’re playing, the scoring and general mechanics can vary a bit, but there are some common motifs that are found in virtually any of the games.

Most of the time, you’ll play in sets of 20 spins. The idea is to try to run up the largest win in terms of points during that set of spins. As a part of the gameplay, there are different events that can happen that will increase or decrease your score.

One common element is the devil, which cuts your score in half and is obviously something that would hinder your chances of winning. However, the devil can be removed by a flying cherub at a pretty high random rate, so there’s a level of excitement that comes along with that instead of it just being something players constantly dread.

A variety of other common concepts in the game include special coin items that give the players extra points and free spins. However, the free spins work differently than what most players would think. The last set of spins, usually the last four out of a set of 20, cost players points to use, and these free spins are accumulated during the regular gameplay and can be used to play these spins with no fee.

Slingo Rules
Slingo Rules

How These Concepts Are Shifted to Online Slots

Online slots are the most common types of online games used with a Slingo motif or style of play. The whole idea is that the themes of Slingo are incorporated into the game while still maintaining the slot-based style of play that people are used to, but this is done in different ways across the board.

The important thing to understand as a player is that the style of play used is not that far outside of the norm in terms of what you’d see in most video slots. The only real difference is that common gameplay elements like features are handled a bit differently, and players have to plan for getting in with a set of spins instead of just playing for one spin at a time.

At the time of this writing, there are a little over a dozen different online Slingo games that can be played for real money. We’re going to give a few of them here with brief descriptions.

  • Slingo Cascade – The gimmick here is that a cascade/avalanche feature is used to give players better chances to win.
  • Slingo Carnival – This version of online Slingo has a ton of extra bonus features packed in for more action and an increased volatility.
  • Slingo Riches – This one fits more into what players would expect with an online slot tie-in, and it’s played in sets of 11 spins while you try to mark off lines on the board to increase your payouts like the traditional game.

The gameplay elements of these (and other) Slingo online slots come down to a few things. First, you’ll generally be playing on a grid with five reels and five rows. This five-by-five gameplay area is critical because that’s what sets up the board to look like a 90-ball bingo card, which is largely what this genre of titles is based on.

From there, players try to line up and cover different spots to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines all the way across. This sometimes involves having a “free space” on the very middle spot, which is common in 90-ball bingo.

Tips and Strategy for Online Slingo

The strategies involved when playing Slingo for real money aren’t particularly intensive because they’re based on two games that do not have particularly deep strategic elements. With that said, there are some things that are definitely worth mentioning.

Bankroll Management

The volatility levels for these games are much lower in general than what you’d expect from online slots that have a similar feel with the gameplay and features. One reason for this is that the play is based on an accumulation of spins instead of a cost per spin.

You can adjust to this by using a somewhat larger bet size per wager than you would use in similar slots. This will keep the wins high while the swings stay pretty low.

Game Selection

The Slingo online games available in casinos have different payout rates, and some of them are a bit better than others. Simple game selection can cut the house advantage by up to a third (ie: from 6 percent to 4 percent), which is a pretty significant increase in your chances of coming out ahead in your sessions.

Skill-based Features

At least a couple of games in the Slingo genre have skill-based bonus features where you can get better payouts if you have a better understanding of how the mini game mechanics work.

We recommend practicing these mini games in free money play at least a few times so that you understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve. That is one of the best ways to get the most from those features, but an alternative is to simply avoid games that have these types of mechanics in the first place.

Slingo Gameplay
Slingo Gameplay


The intersection of online slots and online bingo created the Slingo structure and line of games, and that makes it a perfect fit for the online gambling community. The games have a lot to offer players who enjoy both of its source genres, and it even has its own features and concepts that aren’t found anywhere else.

Multiple decades have gone by with people being fans of Slingo online games, and more and more people have enjoyed them each year. That level of staying power has hardly ever been seen, and we can really only think of a few classic games overall, even outside of gambling, that have stayed this popular for so long.

Overall, if you like slots or bingo but want something different, then playing real money Slingo online is something to look into. These games bring all of the action and excitement that you can handle while offering more opportunities to get different styles of experiences than the two source genres can provide.


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