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Sticky Bandits

The Sticky Bandits online slot by Quickspin centers around a number of bandits in the days of the Wild West. A free spins mode with sticky wilds combined with massive regular wilds and bonus symbols in the regular game give players opportunities for tons of multi-line wins on the same turn.

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Introduction to Sticky Bandits

We’ve seen plenty of games that use a theme based on the Wild West, but the Sticky Bandits video slot by Quickspin is a bit different than anything else out there. It brings both strong graphics and action-oriented gameplay with an emphasis on the outlaws and bandits instead of the good guys and sheriffs.

With a focus on the dark side of the Wild West trope, this game starts off with a bit of an edge that only gets more intense as you play.

From a visual standpoint, the graphics all look great. There are a number of characters on the reels with different colors and motifs who look like they could have all come straight out of a movie. On top of that, the background is solid, and the non-character symbols look good as well.

In terms of the gameplay, action is the order of the day, and that’s what you would hope and expect from a game based on this type of concept. The volatility is reasonable, and the hit-rate is above-average.

Sticky Bandits Slot Screenshot
Sticky Bandits Slot Screenshot

Betting and Layout

In your first look at this game, you’ll notice that it’s larger than most slots, and that will make you wonder what the betting and lines are line. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll want to know:

  • This five-reel video slot also has five rows of symbols for a 5×5 overall grid.
  • There are always 30 paylines in play, and this number can’t be changed.
  • You can choose from total bet sizes ranging from Ä0.15 up to Ä90 per turn, which is a wide enough range for pretty much all players.
  • All of the wins that we describe will be based on a bet size of Ä1.50, and they will scale appropriately with other sizes of wagers.

The larger 5×5 format isn’t just for show; it has a very important place in how the features and gameplay of this title work, and that was a very smart decision by Quickspin to offer something different without getting too far away from what players are comfortable with in terms of more typical layouts.

Features and Gameplay

The gameplay for this title offers a lot of action in both the bonus round and the regular game. The atypically large format is a key part in making this work as well.

Massive Wilds

There are huge wilds available in this game that are two reels wide and four rows high. They essentially cover a 2×4 area with wilds, and they can come of two different bandits.

It’s important to point out that you can’t get special winning combinations in this game just for having wild symbols.

However, you are guaranteed some payouts if you get this 2×4 massive wild on the first two reels or the second/third reels because you’ll force some three of a kind winning combinations to happen.

The wilds being this big is essentially allowed thanks to the big 5×5 format, and without it, this type of feature and aspect to the gameplay wouldn’t be possible.

Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

The train is the bonus symbol, and it can make an appearance primarily on the first reel. It can be used to activate a free spins mode if paired up with a wild symbol correctly.

To do this, you need a bonus symbol to appear on the first reel with a wild to appear on the second or fourth reel. In essence, if you get a bonus symbol on the first reel with a wild also on the game board anywhere, then you’ll trigger this feature.

Sticky Bandits Bonus Wilds
Sticky Bandits Bonus Wilds

We also want to point out that the massive wild symbols also count as bonus symbols, so if you get one on the first/second reels, then you automatically trigger this feature as well.

In the free spins mode, you’ll be given seven free turns with no opportunity to re-trigger. However, what you will get is all of the wild symbols that were on the reels to start the feature will stay on the reels through the entire feature. This is obviously a ton of value waiting to happen, especially if you got both wilds on the reels at the same time to start the free spins off.

How to Win at Sticky Bandits

The key to maximizing your chances of winning at the Sticky Bandits online slot is to play long enough sessions that you trigger the free spins mode. This is where the majority of the action happens, and you can basically expect to be slightly behind breaking even over time until you trigger this feature.

The idea here is to use moderate bet sizes with longer sessions to maximize your chances of hitting the free spins mode as often as possible. If you take this approach, things will even out for you more often than not to keep the swings easy to deal with.

Important Points to Note

We have some key things that we want to make sure that players are aware of, both good and bad. We’ll start with the good:

  • The larger format increases the action and gives you more room to win with the 30 paylines.
  • The massive wilds make it much easier to hit several wins on a given spin when they appear.
  • The free spins mode is handled in a much different way than what we normally see, and the sticky wilds are very valuable.

From there, we want to point out some things that certain players may not like:

  • The combination of the massive wilds and free spins mode are the only features in this game.
  • The outlaws/bandits motif for the game has been used a lot.

While we are firmly of the opinion that these are very minor issues, they may stand out for some players, and that’s why we’ve included them here.


Quickspin has produced high-quality slots for a long time, and the Sticky Bandits video slot is a great example of that in action. The gameplay and visual appeal are both strong here, and this game is a case of them putting together an awesome experience for players without needing some big, already-established brand as the basis of the title.

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