Super Stake Blackjack

Super Stake Blackjack

The second release in Stakelogic’s Super Stake series is an exciting live blackjack game with random multipliers worth up to 60x! In this Super Stake Blackjack guide, we’ll explain exactly how to play this intriguing live casino game. We’ll look into its special Golden Cards, the unique side bets and provide detailed insight into the rules.

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Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Wildz Casino 84% Wildz Casino Review Country Flag
PlayOJO 81% PlayOJO Review Country Flag
LeoVegas 80% LeoVegas Review Country Flag
Loyal Casino 75% Loyal Casino Review Country Flag
ApuestaMos 75% ApuestaMos Review Country Flag
Casino Winner 75% Casino Winner Review Country Flag
SpinBetter 91% SpinBetter Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
Alf Casino 89% Alf Casino Review Country Flag
Cadoola 87% Cadoola Review Country Flag
Nomini 86% Nomini Review Country Flag
Casinia 86% Casinia Review Country Flag
Unibet 86% Unibet Review Country Flag
Rabona 85% Rabona Review Country Flag
BoaBoa 84% BoaBoa Review Country Flag
LibraBet 83% LibraBet Review Country Flag
Wazamba 83% Wazamba Review Country Flag
Frank Casino 83% Frank Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Super Stake Blackjack

Stakelogic first introduced the Super Stake concept in July 2022, with the release of their Super Stake Roulette game. By December of the same year, they had already launched the second title in the collection, Super Stake Blackjack.

Although the studio and costume designs feel similar to Evolution’s Lightning series, don’t think this is a copy of Lightning Blackjack. There are four key features that distinguish this particular title from any other live dealer blackjack game.

First of all, we have Stakelogic’s trademark Super Stake element, which grants players access to enhanced payouts. Then there’s the introduction of the unique Golden Cards which determine exactly how big any applicable multipliers will be. Next, much of the decision making is taken away, as hands play out automatically in line with basic strategy. And finally, there are four brand new side bets to whet your appetite in Super Stake Blackjack.

Super Stake Blackjack rules

Pay the optional Super Stake fee and if your hand matches the Golden Cards, you could bag a bonus of up to 60x!

Key Information

Developer Stakelogic Live
RTP 98.01%
Min. Wager 1.00
Max. Wager 500
Max. Payout 30,000

Rules of Super Stake Blackjack

The basic rules of this Stakelogic Live release are the same as any standard American Blackjack tables found in Las Vegas. However, the addition of Golden Cards gives you a chance to pick up enhanced payout multipliers. And crucially, a large part of the decision making element is removed from Super Stake Blackjack, as you’ll discover shortly.

Basic Super Stake Blackjack Rules

As you’d expect, the card values are the same as in any blackjack game. Aces double up as both one point and 11 points, while all of the cards 10 through K are worth ten. Every other card in the deck retains face value, so a 3 is worth three points, for instance.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s score, but don’t forget that you cannot go above 21. Doing so results in your elimination. Insurance will be offered in cases where the dealer is showing an Ace.

Unlike a standard blackjack game though, you do not have the usual option of taking an additional card or standing. These decisions are removed from Super Stake Blackjack entirely. Instead, the dealer will automatically play your hand on your behalf, guided by the rules of optimal blackjack strategy.

You can still choose to double down or to split pairs, however. And this requires you to pay an additional ante and results in the formation of a second hand.

Super Stake Blackjack Golden Cards

Golden Cards and Super Stake

In order to use the game’s special Golden Cards, you must first opt-in to the voluntary Super Stake feature. This will cost you an additional 50% of each bet you make, but without it, you’re not eligible for any multipliers.

At the beginning of each Super Stake Blackjack hand, after bets have been placed, six cards appear on the screen. Three will be shown to the left of the dealer and three more to the right. These are the special Golden Cards and each one boasts a multiplier value of anywhere from 2x to 30x.

If both of your initial cards match the Golden Cards, you’ll be able to play without the restrictions of optimal strategy. That means you’ll be able to decide whether to hit or stand.

Should you go on to win, any multipliers in your hand will be applied to your payout. You don’t need to match both cards in your hand to be eligible for this bonus. Even if just one of your cards matches a Golden Card, you’ll benefit from that multiplier.

Super Stake Blackjack Payouts

Standard payouts apply in Super Stake Blackjack. So if you win the hand without any Golden Cards, you’ll be paid odds of 1 to 1. A natural blackjack will secure you a payout of 3 to 2. Players successfully taking insurance will be paid 2 to 1 on their money.

However, should a Golden Card match either of the cards in your hand, any winning payouts are enhanced accordingly. For example, let’s say you bet 10 chips and win with a 6x multiplier. Instead of receiving a total of 20 (10 profit plus your initial bet) you would receive 80. That’s your initial 10 stake, a profit of 10 on that bet, plus a 6 x 10 bonus.

Further, it should be noted that Super Stake Blackjack multipliers only apply to the amount initially bet. Imagine you bet 20 chips and opted to double down. You now have 40 at stake and are lucky enough to win with a multiplier of 3x. You would collect a total return of 140. That’s your stake of 40 after doubling down, plus the profit of 40 for winning, then an additional bonus of 3 x the initial 20 bet (60).

Super Stake Blackjack Multiplier Values

Each Golden Card can feature one of the following multiplier values:

  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 4x
  • 5x
  • 6x
  • 8x
  • 10x
  • 12x
  • 15x
  • 30x

If both of the cards in your starting hand match up with any of the Golden Cards, your multipliers are added together. For instance, a 30x and 5x results in a 35x multiplier.

Super Stake Blackjack review

Super Stake Blackjack Side Bets

In addition to the main game, Super Stake Blackjack offers four completely unique side bets too. Let’s talk about them now.

  • Golden Pairs. Bet that your initial starting hand will be made up of a pair. The odds depend on the purity of the pair, with greater payouts for more closely matching pairs.
    • Mixed Colour: 6 to 1.
    • Same Colour: 12 to 1.
    • Golden Pair: 25 to 1
  • Three. Here you’re betting on the combination of your two initial starting cards plus the dealer’s face-up card. Whenever a three card poker hand is formed, you’ll be paid accordingly:
    • Flush: 5 to 1.
    • Straight: 10 to 1.
    • 3-Of-A-Kind: 30 to 1.
    • Straight Flush: 40 to 1.
    • Suited Trips: 100 to 1.
  • Golden Three. This is quite similar to the standard Three side bet above, but with enhanced payouts:
    • 3-Of-A-Kind: 90 to 1.
    • Straight Flush: 180 to 1.
    • Suited 3-Of-A-Kind: 270 to 1.
  • Buzz-T. With this Super Stake Blackjack side bet, you’re simply predicting that the dealer busts. Your payout depends on the number of cards involved:
    • Bust with 3 cards: 1 to 1.
    • 4 cards: 2 to 1.
    • 5 cards: 9 to 1:
    • 6 cards: 50 to 1.
    • 7 cards: 100 to 1.
    • 8+ cards: 250 to 1.

Super Stake Blackjack Stakelogic Live

Gameplay Procedure

To make sure you’ve fully grasped the rules of this fascinating live blackjack variant, let’s quickly run through an example hand.

  • Enable Super Stake. This is optional, of course. When you first sit at the table, you’ll be asked whether or not you wish to turn this feature on. Doing so will cost you 50% of every bet. But without it, you cannot qualify for the multipliers of up to 60x.
  • Place your bets. Use the virtual chips on screen to place your main bet. But in Super Stake Blackjack, you can also spice things up with any of the four optional side bets.
  • Golden Cards selected. After bets are placed and just before dealing, six cards appear on screen. These are the Golden Cards which must appear in your hand for you to secure random multipliers of up to 30x per card.
  • Hands are dealt. Once the Golden Cards are revealed, the dealer can distribute the cards. Only one hand for the player is dealt, as well as the dealer’s own hand. In Super Stake Blackjack, an infinite number of players can share the same hand.
  • Player decisions made. One of the main twists of this game is that hands play out automatically in line with optimal strategy. But you can still elect to split a pair or double down.
  • Winners are determined. The dealer completes your hand, as dictated by basic blackjack strategy, before playing out their own hand in line with the rules. Any winning bets are paid, along with the relevant multipliers, and a new hand begins.

Where to Play Super Stake Blackjack

You can try this fast-paced and exciting live dealer blackjack game at any of the casinos named on this page. Each one offers games from the Stakelogic Live range, including Super Stake Blackjack.

Our expert team has inspected all of these sites to ensure they are trustworthy and that the games are fair. What’s more, they supply players with a range of bankroll boosting bonuses, rewarding loyalty programs and first-class customer support.

How to Win at Super Stake Blackjack

Like all casino games, Super Stake Blackjack is completely random. As such, it makes it difficult to produce a strategy that consistently wins. The usual approach for a blackjack game is to employ basic strategy to reduce the house edge, while simultaneously counting cards. This combination, when performed without mistakes, can turn a standard blackjack game into one that is profitable for the player.

However, in Super Stake Blackjack, hands are automatically played out in accordance with optimal strategy. You don’t even have to think about that aspect of the game. Because you have no say in whether to stand or take a card, there is much less room to adopt a creative strategy than in a normal blackjack game. Your only decisions are whether to double down or to split.

The key to securing the biggest payouts in Super Stake Blackjack lies in the Golden Cards. But since these are chosen at random, along with your own cards, there’s really no strategy that you can employ. You simply have to pay the fee to activate Super Stake and hope to get lucky.

Super Stake Blackjack rtp


Super Stake Blackjack is an excellent addition to the ever-growing Stakelogic catalogue of live dealer games. Although the set design is similar to that of Evolution’s Lightning series, this game is not a rip-off of any other live casino title. Instead, it brings a fresh approach that will suit both beginners and seasoned casino players alike.

By automatically adopting the optimal blackjack strategy on your behalf, there are far fewer chances to make mistakes. As such, gameplay speeds along at a much quicker tempo than many live blackjack games. And with the opportunity to randomly earn payouts of up to 60x, this is far more exciting than your average blackjack title. The four new side bets bring something fresh and unique to the table too.


Who makes Super Stake Blackjack?

Stakelogic is responsible for this innovative live dealer game. The company is fast becoming one of the world’s top live casino suppliers.

What is the Super Stake Blackjack RTP?

Stakelogic advertises the Super Stake Blackjack RTP as 98.01%. But like all blackjack games, the exact payout rate depends on your specific in-game decisions.

How do you play Super Stake Blackjack?

You can read the full Super Stake Blackjack rules and payouts elsewhere on this page. In short, the game adopts standard Las Vegas rules but with the addition of special Golden Cards that lead to 60x multipliers. There are also four intriguing new side bets.

Is there a winning strategy for Super Stake Blackjack?

As yet, we are not aware of a winning strategy for Super Stake Blackjack. Because most in-game decisions are made automatically, there is less room than usual to adopt clever tactics. So it seems unlikely that anyone will be able to create a successful playing strategy.

Which online casinos have Super Stake Blackjack?

Use the list of Super Stake Blackjack casinos to see all online casinos that have Super Stake Blackjack. We filter the casino top list to only show Super Stake Blackjack casinos that accept players from your location.