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The Testament video slot by Play’n GO centers around the thrash metal band by the same name and offers multiple styles of free spins based on themes from the band’s music. With 243 to 2,400 ways to win on each turn, this is a game with a ton of action and ways to get paid.

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An Introduction to Testament

Play’n GO has had a number of slots based on different bands, and the Testament online slot is another in that bunch. It’s not that much like the others, however, because they’ve done such a great job of making sure that each of these types of games has its own unique flavor, play style and appearance.

Testament Main Screen
Testament Main Screen

The look and feel of this game is tremendous, and the style of play and gameplay experience is nothing short of amazing.

We are not exaggerating when we say that this is easily one of Play’n GO’s best 10 slots that they’ve ever produced. The visual appeal is real with an excellent thrash metal theme, and their music plays while you get in on the action.

The play style is based around having a lot of ways to win across multiple styles of free spin features that change how symbols interact on the reels while also giving you more ways to get paid in general.

Betting and Layout

The basic format for this game is pretty straightforward and isn’t really anything that players probably haven’t seen before, but it’s the features that really take things to a whole new level. Here’s what to expect:

  • There are five reels with three horizontal rows initially, though the number of symbols that show up one each reel can change during the features.
  • Instead of using paylines, this title offers the all-ways system. This gives you 243 ways to win in the normal game and up to 2,400 ways to get paid during the features.
  • Betting is based around total bet sizes for each individual spin with values ranging from €0.10 all the way up to the €100 level.
  • Every win in this game is based on multiplying your total bet size by a static value. This keeps things easier to understand than the line bet-based model.

The volatility of this title is on the lower end of the medium range. Despite the value that the features bring to the table, the high hit-rate keeps the swings from getting out of hand.

Gameplay and Features

The two primary parts of the gameplay experience for the Testament online slot are the free spins features and the high hit-rate from the regular pay table.

Wild Symbols

The wild is a golden demon figure with its tongue hanging out. It can be gotten in a couple of different ways, but it pays out as follows:

  • Five of a Kind – 15x
  • Four of a Kind – 6x
  • Three of a Kind – 3x

The key thing to keep in mind about this wild is that it helps you a lot more than you’d normally expect, and that’s because this title uses the all ways format. With the extra rows in play from the free spins features, it becomes even more of a factor along similar lines.

Testament Scatters and Wilds
Testament Scatters and Wilds

Scattered Prizes

The golden pentagon with a man on it with snakes in his hair is the scatter. You’ll win payouts or features for this symbol no matter where it lands on the reels. It gives you payouts like these:

  • Five of a Kind – 20x
  • Four of a Kind – 5x

However, it also gives you bonus features. For two of a kind, you’ll trigger a song feature, but for three of a kind or more, the Rise Up Spins free spins round activates.

Song Features

With two scatters in the Testament video slot, you’ll trigger a song feature that’s essentially three free spins with one of the following features chosen at random:

Testament Song Features
Testament Song Features
  • Dark Roots of Earth – Wilds spread vertically.
  • Throne of Thorns – Reels expand to have four to six symbols on each for more ways to win.
  • Cold Embrace – All wild symbols become sticky for the remainder of the free spins.

You don’t get to choose which of these features you activate, but that’s okay because they are all very valuable and offer lots of extra opportunities to pick up wins.

Rise Up Spins Bonus Round

In the Rise Up Spins feature, you’ll get more opportunities to get extra wins beyond what you see in the free spins mode with just two scatters.

Testament Free Spins
Testament Free Spins

You’ll start off with nine free spins no matter if you activated the feature with four or five scatters. It’s worth noting that the skull symbols always turn into wilds in this feature (they only do that sometimes in the main game).

Scatter symbols will break away blockers up above them to reveal more spots on a real. If you can clear out the entire 4-5-6-5-4 space, then you can have 2,400 ways to win.

If you manage to unlock all of the blockers, then you’ll activate the Testament Spins mode. Three extra free spins are added, and all skulls still turn into wilds. However, something new is that the wilds will be frozen into place and will also expand vertically one symbol at a time, which compound to give you an overwhelming amount of value.

How to Win at Testament

With the Testament video slot, you really just have to deal with the fact that the volatility is fairly low with such a high hit-rate while simultaneously understanding that the features aren’t going to hit super often. To maximize your experience, we suggest doing one of two things:

  1. Slightly increasing your bet size to take advantage of the low volatility and get larger wins from the regular pay table.
  2. Increase the number of spins that you get in your sessions by using the space bar to play instead of clicking or by using the autoplay feature instead.

Either of these options are a fine strategy for this slot.

Payout Structure for Testament

Aside from the wilds, the red skull heads pay 12.5x for five of a kind. The purple woman in the web gets you 10x, and the green werewolf is worth 7.5x for five. Five of the blue demon on the throne pays 5x, and it drops down to 2.5x for five of the two swords crossed over the shield.

Testament Payouts
Testament Payouts

Card rank symbols round out the lower end of the pay table. Five of a kind of the red A or blue K symbols will award you 1x, and five of the purple Q or green J will be worth 0.5x, all of which are multiplied by your total bet size.


The Testament online slot is an excellent job by Play’n GO in bringing everything about the band and their music to life. The look is amazing with extremely detailed symbols and a dark throne room background with fog floating in to create a really spooky atmosphere.

On top of that, the gameplay is a lot of fun with a format that’s conducive to a whole lot of action to begin with. Along with that, you get the feature set that includes multiple styles of free spins and extra features that bring in even more value than what you’d already get from the regular game mode.

If you’re into games with a dark feel to them, even if you don’t necessarily care for the music of this particular band, then this is definitely a game to have a look at.