Wildhound Derby Casinos and Review 2021

Wildhound Derby

The Wildhound Derby video slot by Play’n GO takes on a racing dogs theme with Dog Race Free Spins based on a real racing scenario and a Winner’s Wheel that can multiply your winnings from the free spins over several times. This is on top of a balanced pay table with some pretty good wins on the reels.

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Casinos with Wildhound Derby

An Introduction to Wildhound Derby

We’ve seen online slots based around horse racing before, but we can’t remember having ever seen one based around the theme of dog racing, and that’s exactly what you get with the Wildhound Derby online slot.

Wildhound Derby Main Screen
Wildhound Derby Main Screen

Play’n GO has tied this dog racing theme in with both the look and feature set of this game to give players an in-depth and cohesive experience.

The visual appeal of this game is pretty serious. You’ll see a dog track in the background with a lot going on and camera flashing happening from the crowd.

The feature set and gameplay style are both very attractive as well. The game has a medium-low overall volatility, and it’s the kind of thing that offers plenty of chances for some sizable wins without giving players swings that are too serious. On top of that, the feature set is a lot of fun with the dog racing motif.

Betting and Layout

The layout of this game is actually a bit atypical, but it’s not so far outside of the box that anyone familiar with video slots will have a problem understanding what’s going on. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Players will have five reels with four horizontal rows of symbols for a larger format than what you typically see.
  • On this 5×4 grid of symbols, there are 30 paylines, which is an atypical number for the 20-spot layout.
  • All paylines go from the left side to the right side instead of paying both ways.
  • Total bet sizes are chosen instead of line bet-based wagers. You can bet a variety of bet sizes, but the exact maximum will depend partially on the casino you’re playing with.
  • Overall, the minimum available is €0.10 per spin, and wagers up to €100 per turn are built into the game as well.

It’s worth noting that the payouts in this game are listed as multiples of your bet sizes as a whole. This is because the Wildhound Derby slot has 30 paylines, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to even bet sizes, so using a line bet-based system wouldn’t be ideal for the standardized betting increments that Play’n GO likes to offer in their games.

Additionally, this game has a fairly low volatility and a hit-rate that’s on the high end.

Gameplay and Features

We really enjoy games with a lot of action-filled features as long as they fit the theme of the game. Play’n GO has made sure that this title’s feature set makes sense based on the dog racing concept, which is what players usually need to have a really immersive experience.

Wild Cup and Dog Symbols

The winner’s cup is the wild symbol in this game. That makes sense considering it’s what all of the racing dogs are after. You can pick up some pretty solid wins with the wilds as follows:

Wildhound Derby Wild Payouts
Wildhound Derby Wild Payouts
  • Five of a Kind – 100x
  • Four of a Kind – 12x
  • Three of a Kind – 4x

There are four dogs that show up in the bonus feature that we’ll detail below, and they show up as additional wilds on the first, second, third and fourth reels, respectively. Each reel gets its own dog in this game, and that makes sense because it fits the idea of each dog having a starting lane.

As for the payouts, the dogs and cup symbols are completely interchangeable. They are virtually treated as the same symbols with a different look from a practical standpoint.

Dog Race Free Spins

The Dog Race Free Spins feature offers players a chance to get some extra wins. This triggers when the dogs line up on the fifth reel, which is basically just decided at random.

Wildhound Derby Free Spins
Wildhound Derby Free Spins

The game mode starts with you picking which of the four dogs you think will win the race.

Getting free spins is always something that players are into, but when they’re changed in a way that really reflects the theme of a title, then you get to see some serious gameplay values. That is what happens in the Wildhound Derby online slot.

After you choose the dog that you think will win, you’ll see them move across the reels to the left while still being wild symbols each time there is a golden hare symbol on that reel. The dog who makes it past the first reel before the others will win the race, and the free spins keep going with these creeping wilds until a winner is determined.

The Winner’s Wheel Feature

If you correctly pick which of the four dogs will get past the finish line first, then you’ll be taken to another stage of the bonus feature called the Winner’s Wheel.

Wildhound Derby Winner's Wheel
Wildhound Derby Winner’s Wheel

In this feature, you’ll see different segments of a wheel lined up in different colors. Each of them has a multiplier on it which will multiply the total amount of all of your winnings from the free spins bonus feature.

The most you can win from this Winner’s Wheel feature is a massive 15x multiplier on all of your wins. This is a different way of handling multipliers than we’ve seen before, and we think it’s a smart concept that fits the theme of the slot in a really serious way.

How to Win at Wildhound Derby

Something to understand about this title is that there are no options or choices that you can make that will change your RTP percentage (or payout percentage). What that means is that you can’t fall into any tricks or traps or mistakes that will lower the average amount that you get paid.

However, you can play with the bet sizes a bit, and you’ll have room to do so thanks to the low volatility and fairly high hit-rate that this game has to offer. The way this works is that you can pick a higher bet size than usual while still enjoying fairly smooth swings because of the low volatility, and the high rate at which you hit small and medium wins compared to other slots will keep you from going on as many long losing streaks that can shake your confidence.

Payout Structure for Wildhound Derby

Keeping in mind that all wins are multiples of the total overall size of your wager per spin, we start with the rolls of money that give you a 100x win for five of a kind. It’s important to note that these rolls of money give you the same payouts as the wilds.

Wildhound Derby Payouts
Wildhound Derby Payouts

The mid-level pays are all pretty flat. They include a red ribbon for 20x for five and a set of blue betting tickets for 10x with a five of a kind combination. Five of the green betting books is worth a 5x win.

The purple A and red K symbols both reward you with 2x wins for five of a kind. This pay drops to 1x for the blue Q or green J. Note that all of these wins are based on multiples of your bet size and not per-payline or coin-based wagers.


We really like what Play’n GO has done with the Wildhound Derby online slot. Players can really get into the theme of this title with how serious they were about the features matching up with the concept, and it offers a great style of play as a result.

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