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Wolf Moon Rising

BetSoft’s Wolf Moon Rising video slot centers around a mystical take on a forest wilderness theme. There’s a special free spins mode with multipliers and double the ways to win, and the pay table offers jackpots worth up to 10,000 times your total starting bet amount with lots of small and medium wins also available.

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An Introduction to Wolf Moon Rising

There’s always been a sort of mystical view of wolves howling in the mountains, and the Wolf Moon Rising online slot by BetSoft captures a lot of that. While some of that perspective might be due to stories about werewolves, that’s not the focus of the game here.

Instead, players get a slot with a concept that focuses on mountain animals like wolves and cougars.

The presentation of this theme is done very well with a sort of purple-colored theme and some Native American influence. You can definitely feel that influence if you look closely at the designs used for the actual reels and the background that focuses on a forest and mountains with a glow behind that looks like the Northern Lights.

From a gameplay perspective, there’s a lot going on here as well with a pay table that offers some pretty tremendous top prizes along with a bonus feature that gives players a different way of enjoying free spins than what you typically see.

Wolf Moon Rising Main
Wolf Moon Rising Main

Betting and Layout

Players have a layout that’s not very difficult or complicated to use, which is exactly what we prefer to see. The betting is centered around choosing individual bet sizes instead of setting up numbers of coins and individual coin values as well:

  • You’ll have a grid of five reels with three horizontal rows of symbols to play on.
  • In the main game, you have 25 paylines that pay from the left side towards the right side only.
  • Players do not have the option to play with fewer than 25 lines on each spin.
  • The minimum available bet size is €0.25 per turn, and you can wager as much as €5 per spin.
  • If you’re a high roller, it may be possible to contact support to access higher maximum bet sizes depending on the casino.

The volatility of this game is substantial because so much of the value is tied up in the large pay table wins and the bonus feature, but the hit-rate is pretty reasonable considering how volatile the slot can be.

Features and Gameplay

There’s a pretty good balance in focus in the Wolf Moon Rising online slot between what you get from the regular game mode and what you get from the features. With that said, there are some things that come up in the game mode that are worth mentioning, and you’ll see those below as well.

Wild Talisman Symbols

There’s a triangular talisman that appears on all five reels with the word “wild” spelled out in wooden letters that look like they have been swiped with a wolf’s claw.

This wild symbol helps you to get winning combinations that you would have missed without their assistance, but you’ll also get some pretty strong winnings with them as well:

  • Five of a Kind – 10,000x
  • Four of a Kind – 80x
  • Three of a Kind – 8x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.4x

It’s worth really pointing out just how big the 10,000x jackpot is here. This is multiplied by your whole bet size and not a line bet win, so it would be like getting a 250,000x line bet payout if the winnings were listed in that way.

What’s interesting as well is that it’s not even the single largest win available in the game as a whole.

Wolf Moon Rising Bonus
Wolf Moon Rising Bonus

Bonus Features Scatter Symbol

You’ll see a sort of talisman with two features and red leather binding them with a blue charm, and that’s the scatter symbol. You can get the following pays for this:

  • Five of a Kind – 100x
  • Four of a Kind – 20x
  • Three of a Kind – 5x

Again, these are multiplied by your whole bet size. However, you can win with this symbol no matter where they show up, and they don’t have to be on any particular lines or reels to pay.

Wolf Moon Instant Wins

In the Wolf Moon Rising video slot, you’ll occasionally see a symbol of a wolf silhouette in front of a moon howling. This instantly pays out a win worth 1x your bet size, which essentially makes that particular spin free.

We think this is a neat feature that gives you a payout with just one symbol located anywhere on the game board, and it’s something we would like to see in more new releases.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Wolf Moon Rising offers a free spins mode that you trigger by getting at least three of the scatters on the game board at the same time. No matter how many scatters you use to trigger the feature, you’ll still get a set of 12 free turns regardless.

Here’s what you need to know about this feature. First, all pays can be made from left to right or right to left, which essentially doubles the value of five of a kind non-scatter combos. Second, all wins are multiplied by two, so five of a kind wins are essentially multiplied by a total value of four.

It goes without saying that this is a tremendous amount of value, especially considering how big the jackpot is for five of the wilds in a row in the regular game.

How to Win at Wolf Moon Rising

This game has a high volatility, and a ton of the value is locked up in the bonus features and the top jackpot. As a result, a good strategy is to pick out smaller bet sizes but to also increase the length of your sessions.

Here’s what this strategy will do for you. First, it effectively cuts down the variance by smoothing out the relative size of the swings compared to the bet sizes that you would normally make. Second, it increases the chances that you’ll hit the features during your sessions.

This is a common strategy for situations where you have this type of pay schedule, and it’s been proven to achieve the results described above.

Payout Structure for Wolf Moon Rising

We mentioned above that wilds pay 10,000x for five of a kind. There are also two symbols that give 300x for five of a kind, and they are each wolf symbols. One is facing to the right with an ice motif, and the other is facing towards the player with a fire motif.

Wolf Moon Rising Payouts
Wolf Moon Rising Payouts

From there, an eagle, bobcat and buffalo will pay from 16x to 10x for five of a kind. These are the mid-range symbols, and they offer a pretty good value.

At the low end of things are the card rank symbols. The red A pays 5x for five on a payline, but the blue K, orange Q, cyan J, green 10 and purple 9 all give you wins of 4x for five on a payline. Note these are line 100x line bet wins because they’re all multiplied by the total wager.


BetSoft did a tremendous job putting together the pay schedule and feature set for the Wolf Moon Rising online slot. It covers a lot of ground in terms of offering small and medium wins on the pay table, large wins on the features and super large wins both in the features and on the pay table with the five of a kind combination of wilds.

We like seeing this sort of balance in pays, and when you combine it with a ton of action and a great-looking visual appeal, you have a recipe for a strong experience for players.

Wolf Moon Rising Video