1 Million Megaways BC

1 Million Megaways BC

The 1 Million Megaways BC online slot brings players into a prehistoric world with an older type of human being and plenty of dangerous creatures that come straight out of the ice age. This game offers tons of ways to get paid on every turn and a feature-rich style of play that will appeal to lots of different types of people.

Rating: 90% | Made By Iron Dog Studio | Reviewed On

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Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Royal Panda Casino 88% Royal Panda Casino Review Country Flag
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Boom Casino 75% Boom Casino Review Country Flag
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22BET Casino 88% 22BET Casino Review Country Flag
CampoBet 87% CampoBet Review Country Flag
EmuCasino 87% EmuCasino Review Country Flag
Malina Casino 86% Malina Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to 1 Million Megaways BC

The period of time that came before the early beginnings of modern civilization is something that gets used a lot as the setting for all kinds of games, movies, comic books and other forms of media. Iron Dog Studio used it here in the 1 Million Megaways BC video slot, but they really put in a lot of work to make this game stand out from the crowd.

1 Million Megaways BC Main Screen
1 Million Megaways BC Main Screen

Everything about this title, from the layout to the pay table and symbol set, centers around the central ice age theme of the slot.

This level of cohesiveness is important because it draws a straight association between the gameplay and the visual appeal in a situation where both are outstanding. The play style offers a whole lot of action while the visuals look tremendous and really capture the theme as a whole.

If you like a lot of action and a visually pleasing theme, then this is a game that you should most definitely take a long, hard look at because chances are that it has everything needed to become one of your new favorites.

Betting and Layout

The action-centric style of play starts with the overall layout. You’ll see that action is the name of the game from the time you first lay eyes on this title as it’s really just that evident from the format used. Here’s what to expect:

  • Players begin with six reels on the game board, but more can be added in the features.
  • You’ll randomly have from two to seven symbols show up on each of the regular reels.
  • Symbols pay out and make winning combinations based on matching symbols being on consecutive reels, anywhere on those reels, from left to right.
  • Your betting range runs from €0.20 to €50 per spin.
  • No complications arise due to trying to keep up with coin sizes, coin numbers and so on. You just wager based on your total bet size selection.

The hit-rate of this game is pretty tremendous, and that’s largely due to the fact that there are situations where you can have more than 1 million ways to win on a single turn. That’s also where the name of the title comes from. On top of that, the volatility is around the medium-low level, so major swings aren’t really the kind of thing that you have to worry about much here.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay for the 1 Million Megaways BC online slot is a good combination of action from the pay table and payouts from features that are a core part of the game. In what follows, we’re going to break all of this down for you.

1 Million Megaways BC Sticky Wilds
1 Million Megaways BC Sticky Wilds

Wild Symbols

The wild in this game is an ice sheet like from a glacier that has the word “wild” written across it in golden letters. This wild shows up on every single reel except for the first one, so it cannot give you winning combinations all on its own. However, because it shows up a lot, it offers a tremendous amount of value, especially in the “all ways” format with so many reels.

In the free spins mode, an extra reel is added to the center of the game board, and this wild shows up there as well. We also want to point out that the wild substitutes for every single symbol in this game.

Tumbles and Multipliers

The 1 Million Megaways video slot offers a tumble feature that adds a lot of value because it activates every single time you get a payout. The way this works is that combinations from winning symbols are removed from the game board after wins are processed, and that allows new symbols to fall down into place.

As a result, new payouts can be available, and if they are, then the process continues. This keeps going on until there are no more new wins available.

After each tumble, a multiplier is increased by a factor of two. That means it’s 2x after one tumble, 4x after two tumbles and so on up until you get to a maximum multiplier of 8x. The multiplier is shown by the number of torches lit on the left-hand side of the game board in increments of two.

1 Million Megaways BC Tumble Multipliers
1 Million Megaways BC Tumble Multipliers

Free Spins and Sticky Wilds

The free spins mode is activated in this slot by getting four or more tumbles on a regular spin. When this happens, you’ll be given eight free spins with an additional two free spins added for every tumble past the fourth one, and that basically means you get twice the number of free spins as the number of tumbles you had.

However, this is capped at a maximum of 14, which isn’t bad considering the value offered here. Also, multipliers reset back to 1x after the free spins mode starts.

During this mode, you’ll get an extra reel added to the center of the game board to offer a total of seven reels, and it can show more symbols than the regular reels also. This is called the Mammoth Reel, which fits the theme really well.

1 Million Megaways BC Free Spins
1 Million Megaways BC Free Spins

This Mammoth Reel can offer sticky wilds that stay in place for the remainder of the feature, and that adds a lot of extras. Also, when a regular reel hits seven symbols (or the Mammoth Reel hits 9), it’ll stay at that number for the rest of the game feature while adding extra free spins (1 for regular reels, 5 for the Mammoth Reel).

How to Win at 1 Million Megaways BC

The volatility of this game is in the medium-low range, and that gives you some leeway when it comes to how you handle your bet sizing from a strategic and planning perspective. It’s all about making sure that you keep the swings as low as reasonably possible while maximizing your chances for bigger payouts.

We recommend using a bet size in the upper end of the range that you’re comfortable with, perhaps 25 to 50 percent higher than your typical amount. This will achieve both of the above aims because the volatility level being what it is will help to keep the swings from getting out of hand.

Payout Structure for 1 Million Megaways BC

The pay structure for this game is based on getting combinations of matching symbols across the reels no matter which positions those symbols are in. They are based on three tiers of people, animals and card rank symbols.

1 Million Megaways BC Payouts
1 Million Megaways BC Payouts

The upper tier has a man and a woman from the relevant area. They pay 140x or 100x for seven of a kind of each, respectively. Things drop down slightly to 80x once you get to the mammoth, the beginning of the mid-tier symbols, which has a solid prize for seven of a kind. Likewise, seven of the tiger or elk will pay 60x or 40x, respectively.

At the lower level, there are five card rank symbols. They pay 20x for seven of the red A, blue K, purple Q, green J or yellow 10 symbols. These all have the same payouts at each number of wins, including 10x for six of a kind, the highest regular win you can get for these symbols during the regular game mode.


The pay rate of the bonus features in this slot is high enough that you will definitely not get bored. In addition to that, as a result of the serious attention from a whole lot of people, this slot has a strong spot in this company’s portfolio overall.

In addition to that, the gameplay is something that is centered on action with a tremendous number of opportunities to hit serious payouts. We really like how the visual appeal gives video slot fans a more intense play style instead of only being an afterthought, and when compared to other slots that use similar overall themes, this online slot stands out in a few ways instead of just being one in the same.


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