Andar Bahar Live

Andar Bahar Live

A very popular card game with Indian roots is Andar Bahar, and it’s particularly popular at live dealer tables. The simple nature of the game combined with the wide range of different wagers and side bets that are available make this a title with a lot of depth.

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Casinos with Andar Bahar Live
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
Bovada Casino 65% Bovada Casino Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
Casino Rocket 80% Casino Rocket Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
Red Lion Casino 75% Red Lion Casino Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Lady Linda Casino 73% Lady Linda Casino Review Country Flag
Damslots 72% Damslots Review Country Flag
Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag 71% Review Country Flag
Caesars Casino 71% Caesars Casino Review Country Flag
Black Diamond Casino 71% Black Diamond Casino Review Country Flag
Superior Casino 70% Superior Casino Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Andar Bahar Live

When it comes to live dealer table games, there are a disproportionate amount of them that require some type of advanced strategies if you want to get the best payouts possible. While that’s fun for some players, it’s not for everyone.

Andar Bahar Winners Shown
Andar Bahar Winners Shown

Andar Bahar live dealer tables blow this idea out of the water and instead rely on action and having fun trying to guess how the cards will roll out next.

The complications that are involved in some of these other titles are also not present here in other ways. Instead, the rules are really easy to learn and jump right into, and it’s very much in line with games like roulette in terms of being simple enough to jump right into but complicated enough to be interesting over time.

If you’re a big fan of highly strategic titles, then this might not be the game for you. However, if you like action and lots of ways to customize your wagers, then it’s definitely something that you should check out.

Gameplay Procedure

The rules of this game are split between the procedure for dealing the cards and the pay tables for the various available wagers. While the exact bets and side bets that will be available can vary greatly between game providers, the basic procedure stays the same, which means the spirit of the game is the same no matter who you play with.

The following is the procedure that the game will follow no matter where you play:

  • This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards with no wilds (also known as a French deck).
  • Players start by placing their wagers on what the first card will look like in terms of rank and suit.
  • The first card, known as the joker (though it’s not wild, and this name is just a meaningless label) is dealt, and the above bets are settled.
  • From here, players will make their Andar or Bahar wagers, which are explained down below. Other post-joker side bets can be placed at this time.
  • Once the post-joker wagers have been placed, the dealer will alternate dealing cards from the deck to the left and right of the joker on the table.
  • The side of the joker that the cards go to does not matter, but what does matter is that cards will continue to be dealt until another card is dealt that shares the same rank as the joker.
  • Once this happens, the post-joker wagers are settled, the cards are shuffled, and the process starts over again.

Something that stands out in this game that you don’t see from a lot of other titles is that there are two distinct betting phases. You’ll initially place wagers based on the joker itself, and these are called the pre-joker bets. From there, the post-joker bets have to do with the cards that are dealt after the joker up until another card of matching rank is dealt, which ends the action.

Pre-Joker Bets and Wagers

The pre-joker bets are basically wagers on what the joker card is going to look like. It can be treated as its own mini game in a sense because that’s basically what it is.

On the most basic level, the pre-joker wagers are trying to guess what a single card dealt from a standard deck will look like.

There are slightly different pay tables for different versions of these wagers. In what follows, we’re just going to look at the most common payouts available for these bets because there are too many different variations possible to look at them all.

Andar Bahar Showing the Joker
Andar Bahar Showing the Joker

Note: These payouts are listed in paretheses as the profit you’ll make on the wager as a multiple of your initial bet size. To the right of each payout option is the house advantage on those wagers.

  • Below 8 or Above 8 (1x) – 7.7 percent
  • Below 8 or Above 8 (1.05x) – 5.4 percent
  • Exactly 8 (11x) – 7.7 percent
  • Exactly 8 (11.45x) – 4.2 percent
  • Pick a Color (0.9x) – 5.0 percent
  • Pick a Suit (2.8x) – 5.0 percent
  • Pick a Rank (11.45x) – 4.2 percent
  • 10 or Below* (0.35x) – 6.5 percent

* With the 10 or Below wager, the ace counts as high, so the ace does not win for this particular bet.

What you see here is that most of these wagers have house advantages between 4 and 7 percent, which is pretty average for table game wagers that require no strategy or serious level of skill.

Keep in mind once again that at the Andar Bahar live dealer tables, these wagers will be settled and payouts will be given before the next round of betting for the Andar and Bahar bets as well as the other available wagers.

Post-Joker Bets and Wagers

There are two separate types of common post-joker bets in this game, so we’re going to look at them individually. The Andar and Bahar bets are where the name of the game comes from, and like you’d probably suspect, they are the most popular wagers in the game as well.

Andar and Bahar Bets

The key piece of information that you’ll need to know about the Andar or Bahar bets is that they win and lose based on how many cards are dealt after the joker before a matching rank to the joker is found.

There are two possibilities:

  1. If that number of cards is odd, the Andar bet wins.
  2. If that number of cards is even, the Bahar bet wins.

Becaue there are an odd number of ranks, it’s actually the case that the Andar bet (51.5 percent chance to win) will win slightly more often than the Bahar bet (48.5 percent chance to win). Along these lines, they typically have different payouts somewhere in the range of 0.9x to 1x.

Like in our above chart, here are the house advantages for the two most common payouts for each of these two common wagers:

  • Andar (0.85x) – 4.7 percent
  • Andar (0.90x) – 2.2 percent
  • Bahar (0.95x) – 5.4 percent
  • Bahar (1.00x) – 3.0 percent

Generally speaking, the Andar bet is usually set up to be the better of the two in Andar Bahar live dealer games because the odds aren’t increased enough for the Bahar wager to make up the different.

Total Cards Wagered

Another popular post-joker set of side bets is betting on the number of cards that are required to get to the point that one of them matches the rank of the joker. This is the type of bet where you’ll see the most variation in what’s available in terms of the bets themselves, the payouts and the house advantage levels.

Andar Bahar Dealing
Andar Bahar Dealing

With that said, we’ve found that betting based on individual ranges is the most common, and we’re going to list out some of the most common wagers along these lines with popular payouts and house advantage levels for those bets.

  • 1-5 Cards (2.5x) – 5.1 percent
  • 6-10 Cards (3.5x) – 2.3 percent
  • 11-15 Cards (4.5x) – 7.0 percent
  • 16-25 Cards (3.5x) – 1.9 percent
  • 26-30 Cards (14x) – 8.5 percent
  • 31-35 Cards (24x) – 7.6 percent
  • 36-40 Cards (49x) – 5.2 percent

Two popular options are available for “amount and up” style wagers as well:

  • 20 and up (2.9x) – 7.1 percent
  • 41 and up (119x) – 4.9 percent

So there are a few things to note here. First, keep in mind that the exact payouts can vary a lot because there is no industry standard on what these values are like, so the house edges listed above are just a reference based on these respective payouts.

Second, the wager on needing at least 41 cards to find a match is usually the best-paying option at the entire Andar Bahar live dealer table, but it also has the highest volatility.

Third, total wagers of 6-10 cards is the lowest volatility option in this game as far as post-joker side bets go.

Strategy for Andar Bahar Live

Strategy for this game is all about picking out the bets that fit what you’re looking for in terms of house edge and volatility. You shouldn’t actually care so much about the specific payout for winning itself outside of using that to determine the house advantage for that bet.

Generally speaking, any bet at the Andar Bahar live tables that has a house edge of under 5 percent is good, and any bet with a house edge of under 3 percent is outstanding.

Along these lines, we highly recommend avoiding bets with a house edge of more than 5 percent because it’s not really necessary with the wide range of available wagers in the game.

With all of that having been said, here are the best bets for players that we recommend meeting the given criteria:

  • Pre-Joker, Low Volatility – Specific color at 0.9x (5.0% house edge)
  • Pre-Joker, High Volatility – Specific rank at 11.45x (4.2% house edge)
  • Post-Joker, Very Low Volatility – Andar at 0.9x (2.2% house edge)
  • Post-Joker, Low Volatility – 6-10 cards at 3.5x (2.3% house edge)
  • Post-Joker, High Volatility – 41+ cards at 119x (4.9% house edge)

You can mix and match these however you want with different bet sizes as well, and a common betting strategy in Andar Bahar live games online is to use smaller bet sizes with high-volatility wagers and larger bet sizes when the volatility is lower.

Andar Bahar Counting Cards
Andar Bahar Counting Cards


Unlike many other table games, Andar Bahar live does not have a particularly high level of skill outside of just picking the bets that fit what you’re looking for. Instead, you should think about the volatility of the wagers you’re looking for to craft the experience that works the best for you.

From there, you can check out the individual payouts for those wagers and see the type of house edge that corresponds to using the values we have provided here as a reference. That will help you to create the perfect betting setup overall that fits what you’re looking for.


Which online casinos have Andar Bahar Live?

Use the list of Andar Bahar Live casinos to see all online casinos that have Andar Bahar Live. We filter the casino top list to only show Andar Bahar Live casinos that accept players from your location.

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