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Destiny Poker

Destiny Poker Video Poker is a game that allows players extra chances to hit certain high-paying hands like flushes, straight flushes and royal flushes. If you miss on your extra chance, you get a bonus round that only adds more value. Combined with an interesting pay table with strong top-tier wins, this is one of the most exciting styles of video poker out there.

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An Introduction to Destiny Poker Video Poker

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in a video poker session, especially in non-wild card games, is to miss a series of draws in a row in a situation where picking up even just one of them would have caused you to have a winning session.

Destiny Poker Main Screen
Destiny Poker Main Screen

Destiny Poker Video Poker helps players to avoid this type of scenario, for the most part, by introducing new game mechanics based around scenarios of missing draws on many types of major hands.

In the process, it offers some other interesting features like chances to win instant payouts without having to hit any particular hand and opportunities to win free hands. Overall, these aspects combine to make this what is most likely the most action-oriented video poker game that does not have wild cards.

Important Rules to Know

The way the betting works in this game is a little different than any other form of video poker. It’s absolutely critical that you know how these things work before you start playing. Otherwise, you can end up very confused and surprised in a short period of time.

Here are the basics:

  • Bets in this game are based on multiples of six coins. You can wager 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 coins at one time.
  • Unlike many other video poker games, there is no advantage to betting a higher number of coins. The payout rate and house edge are the same no matter how you form up your wager.
  • You get a variety of options for the size of the individual coins used. Those exact sizes will depend on the software provider that you’re playing with.

From this point on, we’re going to assume that you’re making a wager of six coins. Along these lines, wins will be described as numbers of coins, so an 800x win will mean that you win 800 coins and not that you will 800 times your total bet.

Pay Tables

Generally speaking, Destiny Poker is a bit atypical in the industry since there’s really only one standard pay table that most providers seem to use. The following pay table is what you’ll normally find, and any small variations here and there typically do not affect anything major.

We’ll assume that you know and understand how the standard poker hand rankings work with a typical 52-card deck when listing the following hands with their payouts.

  • Royal Flush – 4,000x
  • Four Aces (2, 3, 4 kicker) – 2,000x
  • Four Aces (other kickers) – 800x
  • Four Twos, Threes, Fours (A, 2, 3, 4 kicker) – 800x
  • Four Twos, Threes, Fours (other kickers) – 400x
  • Four Fives – Kings (any kicker) – 250x
  • Straight Flush – 250x
  • Full House – 45x
  • Flush – 30x
  • Straight – 20x
  • Three of a Kind – 15x
  • Two Pair – 5x
  • Jacks or Better – 5x

There are a few important things to note here:

  • Four of a kind payouts have a bit of a range to them, and the payouts depend on both the cards you use and the kicker (the fifth card).
  • Despite being a strong hand in ordinary poker, straight flushes are paid less than or equal to all of the four of a kind hands.
  • The pay table in general is very top-heavy, and when that’s combined with this game’s features, it means that the volatility is pretty high for this game when compared to other non-wild video poker titles.
  • The payout for two pair is the same as for a single pair of jacks or better, which has a strong affect on strategy in a number of situations.

All of these things combine to make this an exciting and action-packed game. In fact, Destiny Poker Video Poker may be the most exciting non-progressive title in the genre.

Destiny Poker Hand Announcement
Destiny Poker Hand Announcement

The Destiny Poker Bonus

There are four types of draws that can get you a shot at the Destiny Poker Bonus in this game. They are, in order of general strength:

  • Four cards to a royal flush
  • Four cards to a straight flush
  • Four cards to an ordinary flush

If you get one of these draws, you will be alerted by the game when you make your discards. From there, if you fail to get the target hand* that you’re aiming for, then you will trigger the Destiny Poker Bonus instead of being left empty-handed.

* In this instance, “target hand” refers to making a royal, straight or flush respective to the three types of draws listed here.

The bonus will start after any applicable payouts are awarded to you, so you won’t miss out on anything if you happen to hit a pair or straight in the process.

The Second Chance Round

This bonus feature starts out with a second chance round. You get to choose a card at random from what is left in the deck that can replace the card you discarded that missed your draw. If you get a card that improves your hand to a flush or better, you will receive that hand’s respective payout.

It’s worth noting that if you have a draw to a given hand of a royal, straight or ordinary flush, but you pick a card that gives you a lower hand from this group of three, then you will still be awarded that payout.

This essentially gives you two chances to draw for these hands, and that not only influences your strategies quite a bit, but it also gives you a whole lot of value that you wouldn’t get in other games.

Destiny Poker Redraw
Destiny Poker Redraw

The Tile Matching Round

If you aren’t able to complete your draw in the Second Chance Round, then you will advance to receive a consolation prize in the Tile Matching Round. You’ll pick from a set of tiles that are randomly placed until you get three matching tiles.

When this happens, you will win one of two types of prizes:

  • You can pick up an instant win worth up to 3,000 coins.
  • You can win between one and three free hands.

The free hands are a lot like free spins in slots, and that’s something you don’t really see in video slots very often at all. The instant wins are also a welcome addition.

Destiny Poker Strategy

Strategy in this game is pretty complicated if you want to try to get to an in-depth analysis, but that’s probably outside of the scope of what most players care about. With that said, here are the highlights of the main points that you should consider.

Destiny Poker Card Choosing
Destiny Poker Card Choosing
  1. Flush draws are worth a lot more than straight draws because of the extra chance of getting to draw or go to the Tile Matching bonus round.
  2. Straight draws are pretty weak in this game since made hands barely pay more than three times the value of your wager as a whole.
  3. Small pairs do not improve to two pair, but they do improve to some pretty sizable four of a kind wins, which makes a single pairs of 2s, 3s or 4s worth more than individual pairs of 5s through 10s.

Once again, getting into a high degree of depth with strategy for this game is outside of the scope of what we’re looking at here, but these are the main points that you should keep in mind while playing.


Destiny Poker Video Poker is definitely a one of a kind game that has no direct competition in terms of the feature set and overall level of action. With that said, it does have a pretty high volatility level, so you should adjust your bet sizes down a bit compared to what you’d normally be comfortable with in other video poker games.


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