Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette

The Double Ball Roulette games from Felt Gaming give players a chance to win two different ways on a roulette table with two different balls. However, the betting and odds have been changed a bit. As a result, this game has a lot more action than traditional single-zero tables.

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An Introduction to Double Ball Roulette

Roulette is generally considered the most popular table game in the world without cards. It has a broad level of appeal to all kinds of different players, and it’s easy enough to learn to be accessible to people who have never played before. However, Felt Gaming brought a new element to this classic with their Double Ball Roulette games.

Double Ball Roulette Wheel View
Double Ball Roulette Wheel View

Double Ball Roulette adds a second ball to the traditional single-zero layout for even more action.

Something most players will note right away is that the odds for virtually all of the bets are different. This means you’ll need to come into this title with a bit of an open mind if you’re familiar with other games within the genre. However, it’s not so much different than it will be alienating for players who aren’t familiar with it. Felt Gaming was able to strike a great balance by offering something different that isn’t “too different.”

You’ll also notice that they handled the presentation of the game a little differently than most. The layout is designed to be extremely accessible even on mobile devices with small screens. A lot of this is achieved by removing the wheel from the screen when you’re placing bets. However, it comes back and shows the balls spinning and landing when the action begins. This creates a very clean table format that makes it really easy to place the exact wagers you want.

A Note on the Name

It’s important to note that the name of the game Double Ball Roulette can refer to a few different titles. However, here we’re talking specifically about the non-live dealer game developed by Felt Gaming.

All of the odds, rules and betting advice that we give here are based on this specific title. Additionally, since there are no standardized rules for roulette games with two balls, you can’t assume that the information found here will apply to other titles with similar names.

Gameplay Procedure and Placing Bets

The procedure for playing this game will be very familiar if you’re used to other roulette tables. However, certain differences are really critical. Without knowing those differences, you can run into some problems that can be a bit irritating. With that said, we’ll break down everything you need to know here to avoid any confusion.

A Sample Betting Round and Interface Selection

One thing you need to know when you start is that you actually get to choose your betting interface. Two different options are available. On the one hand, you can have the traditional style of layout with odds and bet names adjusted for the different rule set. Additionally, you can have a play on the racetrack format. It’s a bit non-standard for most players, but some players really prefer it for their own reasons.

All of that aside, after you choose your betting interface and places your bets, here is how things will unfold:

  1. The game will confirm your wager before it’s placed. This helps to avoid mistakenly placing bets you didn’t mean to.
  2. Once bets are confirmed, the screen changes a bit. The format will move to the side while a wheel appears in the center of the screen. Additionally, you’ll see both balls dropped on the wheel, and it’ll spin until they stop.
  3. A close-up view of the landing positions for each ball will be shown at each of the top corners. This makes it clear which numbers won for that spin. You’ll also be shown if both balls fell on the same number.
  4. Before you go back to the betting interface, you get some options to speed things up a bit. You have the option to go back to the betting format and create a new betting round. However, you can also make the same bet you did on the previous spin. Additionally, you have the option to make the same bets but with double the wager.
  5. If you decide to play a new round, the process continues from here.

This is a straightforward example of how play can go. From here, you need to know how the individual bets function.

Outside Wagers

The outside wagers have their name since they’re located outside of the grid of numbers on a traditional layout. In this style of Double Ball Roulette, both balls have to land on an outside bet for it to win. Because of this, the odds and payouts of winning are a bit different than usual single-zero roulette.

Double Ball Roulette Spin Result
Double Ball Roulette Spin Result

Traditionally Even Money Bets (18-spot Wagers)

As is the case with traditional roulette styles, the even money wagers are the best place for new players to start. Additionally, they have the lowest volatility in the game. The even money bets available in this title are as follows:

  • Red and Black – Each of the non-zero numbers has a red or black background. If both balls land on a number with the color you’ve wagered, you win.
  • Even and Odd – While the green zero does not count as even or odd for this wager, the idea is straightforward. Both of the balls need to land on an even or odd number (whichever side you’ve bet on) for this bet to win.
  • 1-18 and 19-36 – The first and second half of the available non-zero numbers create two ranges. If both balls land on the range that you have wagered on (inclusive), you win with these bets.

For all six of these even money wagers, the payouts and the odds of winning are the same. You will get a 3:1 payout on a win, meaning that a €10 wager will profit €30 when you win. Additionally, the chance of winning with these even money bets is about 23.67 percent.

This game also has an actual even money bet. It’s in the middle of the red and black spaces and requires one ball to land red while the other lands black. This pays out at 1:1 and has a 47.33 percent chance to win.

Traditionally 2:1 Bets (12-spot Wagers)

A few different outside bets are available in this game that win on 12 spots instead of 18. In traditional roulette, these pay 2:1. However, since you have to land both balls on them to win here, they pay 8:1 instead.

The first are a bit obvious: On the far-right side of the layout, you can see spots that read “8 to 1.” Each horizontal column has one of these, and if both balls land on that column, you win.

The second is the set of 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. These represent the ranges of 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. Again, getting both balls in the same range wins with this set of wagers.

We have two things you need to know about these bets. First, the green zero doesn’t win for any of them (or any outside bets at all). Second, the chance of winning is about 10.52 percent.

Inside Bets

The inside bets happen inside of the grid of symbols. For these wagers, the type of bet you’re making isn’t based completely on what’s written on the square where you place your chips. Additionally, it’s based on where you place your chips on that grid. That may sound confusing, but it’s pretty intuitive once you see a few examples.

Within the Double Ball Roulette format, however, you can win two different ways with inside bets. You’ll win a certain payout for getting a single ball on a spot that gives you a win. However, you’ll win double that payout for getting both balls to win.

This leads us to a few different types of wagers with subsequent payouts and chances to win.

Double Ball Roulette Overview
Double Ball Roulette Overview

Straight-up Wagers (1 spot to win)

To wager on a single number is called a straight-up in this game, much like all roulette titles. A single ball win gives you a 17:1 payout, and a double ball win awards 34:1. To make this bet, put your chips in the middle of a single betting spot. This will only win on that single number, making it the highest volatility non-jackpot wager in the game.

Split Wagers (2 spots to win)

Players have the option to bet on two numbers that are adjacent horizontally or vertically. However, to make this type of bet, you have to place your chips in the middle of the line that separates the two numbers. That means the chips are half on each side.

The payout for a split wager win is 8:1 for a single ball and 16:1 for a double ball.

Street and Trio Bets (3 spots to win)

Two options are available to bet on three numbers at once. First, you can make a street bet, which is a wager on three vertical numbers. Additionally, you can make this type of wager by putting your chips in the middle of the top line over that street of numbers.

A trio bet is the other way to bet three numbers. This is a wager on the combination of 0-1-2 or 0-2-3 specifically. Your chips go on the corner that these three numbers share in order to make this bet.

No matter which of these two wagers you make, the payouts are the same. You will win 5:1 for a single ball win. However, you’ll double that to 10:1 if you win with both balls somewhere in that set of three numbers.

Corner and Basket Wagers (4 spots to win)

Double Ball Roulette also has two ways to wager on four spots with an inside bet. The first is a bit of an obscure wager on the 0-1-2-3 combo called a basket wager. Putting your chips on the top corner where the 0 and 1 meet places this bet.

However, the other is a bit more flexible and is called a corner wager. This happens when you put your chips on the center intersection of four different numbers that form a small square.

In either case, you’ll win at 3:1 for one of the balls landing in this group. Additionally, that doubles to 6:1 if both land in the same group.

The Double Street Bet (6 spots to win)

The final inside bet we’ll look at is the double street bet. This allows you to bet on two adjacent streets of three numbers each. However, all you have to do to make this bet is put your chips at the top corner of where the two streets meet.

This pays out at a simple 2:1 if one ball lands in that set of numbers. Along these lines, you get a 4:1 payout instead if both of them land in that range.

Double Ball Roulette Betting
Double Ball Roulette Betting

The Jackpot Wager

You can also place a Jackpot wager in this game. This is a bet on a single number, and if both balls land on that number, you win a large 1200:1 payout. However, it does not win if you only get one ball on that value, which makes it different than the traditional straight-up wager.

How to Win at Double Ball Roulette

The house edges for many of these wagers are different from each other. That’s a lot different than traditional single-zero roulette games where you only have one ball and most or all of the wagers have the same payout percentages.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know about the house advantage for the different available bets:

Double Ball House Advantage List
Available Wager House Advantage
18-spot Outside Bets 10.2%
12-spot Outside Bets 10.2%
Red/Black Split Bet 5.3%
Straight Up 2.8%
Split 3.0%
Street 14.7%
Trio 14.7%
Corner 14.7%
Basket 14.7%
Double Street 5.3%
Jackpot 12.3%

As you can see, the straight-up, split and red/black split bets are your best options from a house edge perspective.


Double Ball Roulette is a very exciting game that offers a lot more action than other titles in the genre. However, as you can see from the above chart, it’s important that you stick to the wagers with the best levels of house advantage. This will give you the best payouts available and the best chances of having winning sessions.


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