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Dr Fortuno

The Dr Fortuno online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming gives players a tremendous number of features and ways to win all under one tent roof. With its older style of carnival theme, you’ll see lots of performers on the reels along with multiple features that are triggered by getting any win with the Dr Fortuno stacked wild symbol.

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An Introduction to Dr Fortuno

Yggdrasil Gaming has a good reputation in the online slots world for producing games with themes that are a bit different than what you see. The Dr Fortuno video slot captures that approach very well.

Dr Fortuno Main Screen
Dr Fortuno Main Screen

Everything from the symbol set to the graphical style, background and features all come together in one cohesive unit to give players a tremendous experience in this game.

From a presentation standpoint, it’s hard to think of many games that clearly do it better than this one. The whole thing is set up to look like a show from an older style of carnival, and that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re in it playing and mixing it up with the different characters.

On the gameplay side, things are set up with a moderate volatility and a pretty solid hit-rate. It’s hard to find much wrong with this, especially since there’s such a good balance between the regular pay table and the feature set. While there are a lot of features, they are all triggered in similar enough ways that it’s pretty easy to keep up with.

Betting and Format

This game uses a format that is pretty solid and basic to provide a sort of foundation for the rest of the gameplay and features to be based around. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Players get 20 paylines in this title, and they are static and cannot be changed.
  • The base format is five reels with three rows of symbols.
  • Betting centers around one coin on each payline on each spin for a total of 20 coins per turn.
  • You can play with a minimum coin size of just €0.005, which makes the minimum overall wager just €0.10 per spin.
  • The maximum coin size is €5, which corresponds to a €100 bet per spin.

With all of this in mind, you’ll have a medium overall volatility in this title. There’s also a jackpot listed at the top-left corner to the left-hand side of the reels, and we’ll get into how that prize works further down below.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay for the Dr Fortuno online slot is largely based around a sizable collection of bonus features. This is the kind of thing that a lot of players enjoy, and we’ll get right into what you can expect.

Fortuno Wild Symbols

Dr Fortuno himself is the wild symbol, and wilds are always stacked three spots high in this game. If you get any winning combination that includes a wild symbol, then you’re taken to the Wheel of Fortuno.

It’s worth noting that this symbol will always nudge over to fill the entire reel whenever any part of this three-spot symbol shows up on the game board.

The Wheel of Fortuno has a number of ways to win on it, and it also gives you access to the jackpot and some other bonus features.

Fortuno Jackpot Wins

From the Wheel of Fortuno, you can hit the “Jackpot Chance” piece of the wheel to have it transformed into the “Jackpot” piece and to get another spin on the wheel. When you do that, you’ll essentially get another spin on the wheel with a chance to hit the jackpot portion.

Dr Fortuno Jackpot
Dr Fortuno Jackpot

If you hit the jackpot portion of the wheel on that second chance, then you win the jackpot based on whatever value is showing on the main game screen. If you miss, you’ll still get whatever prize you pick up on that second spin.

Free Spins Bonus Round

You can access the free spins bonus feature from the Wheel of Fortuno. Alternatively, you can get 10 free spins by getting three or more of the hat bonus symbols on the game board at the same time. You’ll get a different number of special features during the free spins bonus round of the Dr Fortuno video slot depending on how many bonus symbols you used to trigger the feature.

Dr Fortuno Free Spins
Dr Fortuno Free Spins
  • Five Bonus Symbols – Three Features
  • Four Bonus Symbols – Two Features
  • Three Bonus Symbols – One Feature

The available bonus features added onto the free spins mode are as follows:

  • No Lows – All low-paying symbols are removed from the game’s reels.
  • 2x Multiplier – All wins are multiplied by a factor of two for the duration of the bonus round.
  • + Wilds – Wild symbols appear significantly more often on the reels.
  • +5 Free Spins – An additional five free spins added to your total.
  • +10 Free Spins – An additional ten free spins added to your total.
  • Wild High-Paying Symbols – One of the three high-paying stacked symbols becomes wild.
  • Pays Both Ways – All paylines pay from left to right as well as paying from right to left.

As you can see here, there are a ton of ways you can get variations of the free spins mode based simply on different combinations of up to three of the above features. What’s more is that their effects compound to give you even more value than you would otherwise get from them on an individual basis.

How to Win at Dr Fortuno

Winning at this game is really just about maximizing the chances that you get the jackpot and free spins modes while keeping the volatility at a level that you’re comfortable with. The easiest way to manipulate the volatility as a function of your bankroll in the Dr Fortuno online slot is to move your bet size up or down slightly from where it would normally be.

A good way to play for some players might be to drop their bet size by one position and to use the autoplay feature or quickly press the space bar to play faster than they normally would. This allows you to get in more wagers at a lower bet size, which ends up being roughtly the same amount wagered over the course of your session, but the volatility will be lower with more spins giving you more opportunities to hit the jackpot or bonus features.

Payout Structure for Dr Fortuno

The three highest-paying symbols in this game are all three characters at the carnival along with Dr. Fortuno. The Night Twins are in red and pay 400x for five of a kind. Five of a kind combinations of the purple symbol Fire Head gives you 250x, and you can score 200x for five of the green symbol with the Water Witch, which we would have guessed would have been blue.

Dr Fortuno Payouts
Dr Fortuno Payouts

All three of these symbols, much like the wilds, always show up stacked three symbols high.

The bottom part of the pay table consists of three potion symbols that are modeled after the four suits from a deck of cards. The red heart and blue club both pay 100x for five of a kind. You can also earn 60x for five of the green spade or purple diamond. These symbols look excellent and are probably the best-looking low-level symbols that we can remember ever seeing in an online slot.


With the Dr Fortuno online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming, players are given a very serious taste of a great carnival-themed experience. The number of features and the ways they can combine in this title are tremendous, and when you add the big jackpot on top of all of that, then it’s clear that this title was created for players who love a lot of action and plenty of ways to win.

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