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Dragon Chase

The Dragon Chase slot by Quickspin has four big jackpots along with a cool Asian dragon theme. The random Wildfire feature adds wilds to the game board, and you can also win a set of free spins with even better chances to win than usual. This is an action-oriented game that’s perfect for players who like a fast-paced experience.

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An Introduction to Dragon Chase

There’s no shortage of online slots that have themes based around Asian dragons. The Dragon Chase online slot by Quickspin is another to be based on that kind of concept, but it stands out by offering more than the vast majority of the competition in this sub-genre.

This title stands out so much both visually and in terms of the gameplay because it goes further than what you normally see to make sure that players have a quality experience in every aspect of what they’re doing.

Graphically, things have been geared towards quality and giving players something that they don’t get tired of looking at. They don’t use gaudy 3-D graphics here, but instead, they go for a more finished look.

In terms of gameplay, what you’ll find below is that the regular pay table meshes well with the features to give players a reasonable hit-rate with plenty of chances to win on each spin. On top of that, there are multiple big jackpots and other features that have opportunities for much larger wins, which settles the game at around a medium level of volatility.

Dragon Chase Main
Dragon Chase Main

Betting and Layout

Quickspin is really good about making it so that the betting options are clear with no room for confusion. That’s what they’ve done in this title as well, so here’s what you can expect:

  • The basic grid of symbols for this game has five reels and three rows.
  • A total of 20 paylines are activated on each spin, and there’s no option to switch to any other number.
  • Betting starts at €0.20 per spin as a minimum.
  • You can wager up to €100 per turn as well, and there are 16 total bet sizes available to make it easy to pick out one that works for you.

As you can see, the format is well within the usual bounds of what you can expect, but the betting is set up in a way that makes it really easy to get in at a level of stakes that fits your bankroll management strategy.

Features and Gameplay

There’s a lot going on in the Dragon Chase video slot by Quickspin. Here we’re going to break down all of the features and jackpots to show you how they work and how they can help you to win some pretty sizable payouts.

Note that all of these wins are multiplied by the total wager size. If you want to know what an equivalent line bet wager win would be, then multiply these values by a factor of 20.

Wild Symbols

There are balls of fire that show up on every one of the five reels. These are the wild symbols, and they’re actually key to a bonus feature that we’ll note below.

Dragon Chase Wild
Dragon Chase Wild

You can win some good prizes with winning combinations that only consist of these wild symbols. They include the following:

  • Five of a Kind – 50x
  • Four of a Kind – 12.5x
  • Three of a Kind – 2.5x

These wilds will substitute for anything in this game but the bonus symbol or the jackpot scatter.

Wildfire Bonus Feature

At random, requiring no particular combination of symbols, you can trigger the Wildfire feature in either the regular game or the free spins.

The way this works is that flaming wild symbols can land on the reels. Once this happens, they will move one space downward after each spin until they fall off of the bottom of the reels. This is essentially a variation on a shifting wilds concept, and it fits the dragon-based theme of this game particularly well.

Note that these random wilds can land over the top of scatters and bonus symbols, but they will not negate those scatters being on the game board. Instead, they’ll only add chances for more payline-based wins to give you the maximum reward possible.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

A gong scatter symbol can appear on the reels. Getting three on the game board at once will activate a free spin mode. You’ll get 10 free spins to start with, and during the free spins feature, you can add three more turns to that total for getting at least two scatters on the grid at the same time.

Free spins are more valuable than regular spins because you get an increased chance of having wild symbols on the game board.

This is a pretty straightforward feature that still gives a strong amount of value in spite of how basic it is.

Dragon Pearl Re-spin Feature

If you get three of the jackpot scatter symbols on the reels at the same time, then you’re taken to the Dragon Pearl Re-spin Feature. Three spins are given where dragon pearl symbols will stick in place through the rest of the feature. They’re held in position each time you get a new one, and the number of re-spins is reset to three.

Once you go three spins without getting any new dragon pearls, or once you fill the entire game board with them, the feature comes to an end. You’ll get paid based on the number of dragon pearls you collected along the following lines:

  • 15 Dragon Pearls – Grand Jackpot
  • 12-14 Dragon Pearls – Major Jackpot
  • 8-11 Dragon Pearls – Minor Jackpot
  • 4-7 Dragon Pearls – Mini Jackpot

The values of the jackpots are always listed at the top of the reels.

How to Win at Dragon Chase

Dragon Chase is an interesting game in that there’s a lot of value tied up in the free spins and Dragon Pearl Re-spin features. Because of that, you benefit quite a bit by playing longer sessions than average so that you have better opportunities to trigger those bonus rounds.

An adjustment to make along these lines is to play with slightly lower bet sizes than you normally would to compensate for playing longer sessions. You’ll end up wagering the same amount, roughly speaking, over the course of your session, but the swings will be smoothed out more by higher chances of hitting these features and getting rewarded accordingly.

Payout Structure for Dragon Chase

There are two main tiers of symbols after the wild. The first tier includes four symbols with color motifs. You have a purple lion that pays 50x for five, a green frog that gives you 20x for five, a blue-themed gold ingot that’s worth 7.5x for five on a payline, and five of the red-themed golden coins that earn 7.5x as well.

Dragon Chase Payouts
Dragon Chase Payouts

From there, the lower tier is made up of five royal card rank symbols that are in different colors. The green A earns 3x for five. Five of the purple K or violet Q will get you 2.5x wins. Finally, you can earn 2x for five of a kind combinations of the cyan J or the dark blue 10 symbol. These symbols are all in an Asian-themed font, which makes them fit in perfectly with the dragon theme.


Dragon Chase is a video slot by Quickspin that offers an action-oriented style of gameplay in a classic type of Asian dragon theme that looks amazing. Players will shoot for some big jackpots and chances at value-oriented features that can occur randomly or with scattered bonus symbols, which offer several ways to get paid in a big way.