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Fishin for Gold

The Fishin for Gold video slot by iSoftBet brings players out onto the ice while they try to reel in something good in the harsh wintery environment. There are a handful of animal characters that are a lot of fun on the reels, but it’s the bonus feature with its numerous layers of value that’s really the centerpiece of the experience.

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An Introduction to Fishin for Gold

Ice fishing is one of the more extreme gathering tasks that we have to do as human beings, and the Fishin for Gold online slot by iSoftBet keeps a more lighthearted slant on the whole idea. Here, you’ll have fun animals doing the fishing for you while they try to help you to get more value on the reels.

Fishin for Gold Main Screen
Fishin for Gold Main Screen

As a direct result of the theme of this game, the experience as a whole centers largely around trying to trigger the bonus feature.

Visually, this game is super solid and has no issues whatsoever. You have the type of icy water background that you would expect with a slot with a theme like this, and you’ll have great-looking symbols on the reels at all levels.

The gameplay side is very much weighted toward the key bonus feature and the numerous ways that it adds to your pays and overall fun.

Betting and Layout

The format for this slot is not really out of the ordinary at all. Here we will show you what to expect:

  • The main grid takes up more of the space for the game than most titles, which gives you five reels and three rows that are front and center and easy to see.
  • A total of 25 paylines are used in this game with no option to change how many are active.
  • All of these paylines pay out from left to right only.
  • Betting is based on choosing a coin size with a wager of 25 coins per spin.
  • Players can pick coins that range from €0.01 to €1 in size.
  • Along these lines, you have total bets that go from €0.25 at the minimum to €25 at the maximum.

The volatility of this game is at the lower end of the medium range. The focus on one single feature that drives so much of the gameplay is a large part of why this is the case, but it’s kept from being too high by the regular pay table offering plenty of small and medium payouts.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay is dominated by the feature, which we noted above a few times. However, the feature has a whole lot going on with a ton of depth and tie-ins to the theme and concept of the Fishin for Gold online slot, so we have a lot to cover here.

Note: All wins will be described as if the player is wagering €1.25 per spin. If you bet more or less, the wins will increase or decrease proportionately.

Golden Fish Scatters and Bonus Chance

On the middle three reels, you’ll sometimes see a golden fish bonus symbol. These are scattered, and getting all three on the reels is one way to trigger the Fishin for Gold bonus mode.

Fishin for Gold Bonus Chance
Fishin for Gold Bonus Chance

However, that is not the only way to trigger this feature thanks to the bonus chance feature.

In the top-right corner of the screen, beside of the reels, you can see the bonus chance mechanism. This will fill up a little bit each time you get only two bonus scatters on the reel. The more you let it fill up before you try it, the better the chance you will have of hitting the feature.

It costs 1x your bet size to use this meter, and each individual meter is tied to each individual bet size, and it will reset after being used whether you hit it and win or not.

Fishin for Gold Bonus Round

When you trigger this feature along the lines of either of the above, you’ll have four animals on your screen ice fishing. You’ll need to choose from the four of them to get your prize along the lines of what is pulled out of the ice water.

Fishin for Gold Bonus
Fishin for Gold Bonus

You can pick up more free spins than usual or symbols for extra wilds. These extra wilds will be solid golden versions of symbols that already exist on the game board, and they add a lot of value thanks to also having a chance to be a wild multiplier worth as much as 5x.

During this free spins mode, you will collect Gone Fishin scatters on the reels. Every time you have collected three of them, you’ll be given two additional free spins, and there is no limit to how many extra turns you can pick up along these lines, so you could end up with a whole lot of extra value as a result.

Fishin for Gold Free Spins
Fishin for Gold Free Spins

How to Win at Fishin for Gold

In the Fishin for Gold video slot, everything centers around getting as much exposure as you can to the free spins bonus round. Along these lines, here are some things you can do to get as much access and value from that feature as possible.

First, you want to pick a single bet size and stick to it. The more you jump around, the less value that you’ll get from the extra chance meter in the top-right corner of the screen.

Second, consider one of (or both of) playing faster than you normally would and a slightly larger bet size than usual. The medium-low volatility will keep the swings from being excessive, and getting in more spins per session will increase your chances of hitting the free spins mode.

Payout Structure for Fishin for Gold

With a bet size of €1.25, you’ll have the following wins for the top-tier symbols. The yellow polar bear gets you a 50x win for five of a kind. You can pick up 25x for the penguin in front of the purple background with the purple scarf, and wins of 25x are yours for five of a kind combinations of the bucket of gold (and fish) or the green boot filled with gold.

Fishin for Gold Payout Structure
Fishin for Gold Payout Structure

The same color scheme is used for the bottom half of the pay table, but instead of characters and other symbols, you’ll be using card ranks. The yellow A gets 7.5x for five, and five on a payline of the purple K is worth 6.25x. For the pink Q and green J symbols, your wins are 5x for five of a kind combinations.


When iSoftBet puts together an online slot, something that you’ll often notice is that they don’t really use brands from major media sources. Instead, they stick to fun and entertaining motifs that could come across as somehow plain and generic if they weren’t handled so ridiculously well.

The Fishin for Gold online slot is no exception to this approach, and it has worked pretty well for them since they are widely recognized as one of the top slot providers in the entire industry. With this game in particular, we also see how much they focus on the gameplay experience.

This gives players a reason to want to come back over and over again because of the enjoyment they get from actually playing the game, which is different than titles that do come from big media brands where a lot of the reason to play is to simply enjoy how it looks. That is something that will fade pretty quickly, which means losing interest, but a focus on gameplay will last for a very long time.

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