Golden Gods

Golden Gods

The Golden Gods online slot from Relax Gaming features a very fun totem-based theme. It uses a variety of features based on different totems, which can give you wins worth up to 60,000x. With thousands of ways to get paid on each spin, this is definitely an action-centric game.

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VoodooDreams 97% VoodooDreams Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Gslot Casino 88% Gslot Casino Review Country Flag
Gioo 88% Gioo Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Royal Panda Casino 88% Royal Panda Casino Review Country Flag
Wildz Casino 84% Wildz Casino Review Country Flag
CasinoEuro 84% CasinoEuro Review Country Flag
Playerz 83% Playerz Review Country Flag
PlayOJO 81% PlayOJO Review Country Flag
LeoVegas 80% LeoVegas Review Country Flag
BetHard 80% BetHard Review Country Flag
Loyal Casino 75% Loyal Casino Review Country Flag
Casino Winner 75% Casino Winner Review Country Flag
Boom Casino 75% Boom Casino Review Country Flag
N1 Casino 70% N1 Casino Review Country Flag
LightCasino 92% LightCasino Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
CasinoBuck 88% CasinoBuck Review Country Flag
CampoBet 87% CampoBet Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Golden Gods

If you’re familiar with what Relax Gaming is known for in the industry, you won’t surprised by the high level of quality of what the Golden Gods video slot brings to the table. This game brings a tremendous style of presentation along with gameplay elements that make sense.

Golden Gods Main Screen
Golden Gods Main Screen

As a result, you get a fast-paced and action-oriented style of play in an environment that looks and feels amazing.

On your initial look, you’ll see that the aesthetic appeal of this slot is definitely up there with the best. We don’t often see titles with graphic deal that’s quite on this level. As a result, we have to put it up there with the best in the industry on that particular point. However, the symbol set is incredibly solid as well, and even the low-tier card rank symbols have clearly had a lot of thought put into their design.

All of the above sounds great, but they definitely didn’t just rely on visuals for this title. Instead, the gameplay is up to the same level as what you get from the presentation in terms of the intensity and attention to detail. Additionally, this game is based largely on features that tie into the overall concept. This means a cohesive experience and a lot of ways to get paid quite a bit in individual spins.

Betting and Layout

It’s pretty easy to get into this game because the layout is so intuitive. However, at the same time, you have thousands of ways to get paid on each turn. This means Relax Gaming didn’t choose accessibility while sacrificing excitement. Regardless, here’s what you’ll see when you hop in to play:

  • A square format is used in this title, which is something we don’t see much of. This game has five reels and five rows accordingly.
  • The “all ways” approach to wins gives you 3,125 ways to win in this title. Additionally, they only pay from left to right and not both ways.
  • A regular, non-scatter win is determined by having at least one matching symbol on each consecutive reel. However, the positions of those symbols on those reels don’t actually matter.
  • The betting range is pretty flexible here as well. A whole lot of different betting increments are available, particularly for lower stakes slots fans.
  • At the lower end, your minimum available bet size is €0.10 per turn. However, this goes up to the €15 level per spin, which is a sizable range that covers most of what players will ever be looking for most of the time.

Other Information

With so many features and so much action, it’s probably not surprising that the volatility of this game is a bit above-average. However, the hit-rate is about average at the same time, and it doesn’t suffer from a drop like what we see with a lot of medium-high volatility titles.

Payouts in this game are based on multiples of the overall amount you’ve wagered, but there’s a catch. With a large number of ways to win like this, you have really good chances of multi-line wins on each turn. As a result, the pay table can seem a little on the low side because of have to take this into account.

Gameplay and Features

We will be the first to admit that the Golden Gods online slot has so many features that it can be a little confusing to read about them on the pay table. However, we’re going to break things down in a different way here that will make it a lot easier.

If there is one weakness of this game, it’s how the features are explained on the pay table. With that said, the rules tab spells things out quite a bit more, but many players don’t think to look there.

Golden Gods Bonus Round
Golden Gods Bonus Round

Re-spin Feature

The scatters have a hand in a variety of different features in this game. However, the first of them is the re-spin bonus feature. This bonus round is triggered in a little bit of an atypical way:

If you get a winning combination of any kind with a major symbol along with one or two scatters on the board, you trigger the re-spins.

The idea behind this feature is to give players extra spins over and over. However, they come to an end when you have a dead spin. Note that having more than two scatters will not trigger this feature. That’s because it will trigger a different one (see below).

Golden Gods Bonus Game

Nailing at least three of the scatters gets you the free spins bonus round. This is called the Golden Gods Bonus Game because of how they interact with you in this feature. Note that if you get a major win with three or more scatters, this feature is triggered instead of the re-spins.

You start off with six free spins. However, each feature symbol will add three more, and each gold cash prize symbol will give you two more.

With that said, you have two different types of cash prize symbols. These look like silver or gold emblems with a simple value in the middle of them. The silver ones can pay from 2x to 8x each, and the gold ones get bigger pays at 10x to 200x. Additionally, as we mentioned above, the gold ones add two more free spins.

Golden Gods Feature Symbols
Golden Gods Feature Symbols

Feature God Symbols

Four different feature god symbols can be found on the game board. They each offer a different type of way to get extra value during the free spins.

  • Itzamna (Blue) – A random symbol is chosen, and its value is mirrored onto all symbols on the board.
  • Ix Chel (Purple) – This will interact with the cash prize symbols or another feature symbol. It essentially gives you extra payouts of up to 100x.
  • Kinich Ahau (Red) – This one adds up all of the values of the cash symbols and collects them.
  • Chaac (Green) – Up to three cash prizes are chosen to have their values doubled up to three times.

These four symbols interact primarily with the cash symbols to give you extra payouts based on the value of those cash symbols.

How to Win at Golden Gods

Something we mentioned above is that the volatility of this game is above-average. However, the hit-rate is still pretty solid because of the format. As a result, a betting adjustment in this game is largely optional.

Generally speaking, you should aim for a bet size that’s at or slightly below what you’d normally be comfortable with. Additionally, some players like to pick a bet size that’s somewhat lower than usual to start. That’s because the game mechanics are a bit atypical for this title, and some players prefer smaller bet sizes until they get comfortable with understanding what’s going on.

Payout Structure for Golden Gods

A total of 10 paying symbols are used in this game. The first four or what we call the “majors,” and they are the four totems representing different gods. For the orange, the purple, the green and the blue, the payouts are all the same. You’ll score 3x for five of a kind, 1.5x for four and 1x for three. Again, make sure that you understand how easy it is to get these wins multiple times simultaneously. That helps to put in perspective that these payouts can seem deceptively small.

From there, we have the card rank symbols. We have to say that they look amazing, and we rarely see so much detail put into a symbol set. In any event, the win is 1.5x for five of the A. It drops slightly for the orange K and pink Q symbols with their 1.2x win for five. Five of a kind combinations of the green J and blue 10 earn you 1x, and you can also pick up five of the cyan 9 for a 0.8x prize.

Golden Gods Payouts
Golden Gods Payouts

The pay table as a whole is very balanced, and that keeps the volatility from really getting out of hand. However, it’s the tremendous amount of value found in the features that brings it up to where it is overall.


As part of Relax Gaming’s lineup as a whole, this is a slot that holds an important role since it has appeal to a lot of players, and what slot players will absolutely love about this video slot is the extra padding that the plethora of features add to your overall balance. If excitement is the thing you’re after, then you’ll totally love the play style that this game brings to the table.

In contrast with other titles with related concepts, this game stands out in a number of areas instead of just being like everything else. Also, the aesthetic appeal of this video slot is exceptional and raises up the whole play style.


Which online casinos have Golden Gods?

Use the list of Golden Gods casinos to see all online casinos that have Golden Gods. We filter the casino top list to only show Golden Gods casinos that accept players from your location.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) for Golden Gods?

The Golden Gods RTP is 96.09%. An RTP of 96.09% puts Golden Gods among slots with an average Return to Players. To be a high RTP slot it would have to be 98% or more.