Gorilla Kingdom Casinos and Review 2021

Gorilla Kingdom

Net Entertainment’s Gorilla Kingdom video slot takes place in front of a gorgeous jungle waterfall and gives players 1,024 ways to win on every spin. You’ll have a lot of bonus features and opportunities to get paid when you get into the action and take this adventure into the heart of the kingdom of the gorillas.

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Casinos with Gorilla Kingdom

An Introduction to Gorilla Kingdom

Jungles and rain forests are really interesting to us as human beings because they are largely a source of the unknown. We aren’t necessarily the top of the food chain when we are there, and that provides a level of danger that’s paired with the level of beauty and excitement that comes along with it.

Gorilla Kingdom Main Screen
Gorilla Kingdom Main Screen

The Gorilla Kingdom online slot by NetEnt gives players a taste of that excitement with an action-oriented style of play and plenty of features.

When you first look at this title, you’ll immediately know that Net Entertainment put some serious effort into making sure that it looked great. Everything from the symbol set to the animated background looks amazing.

The gameplay shows that they weren’t ignoring any aspect of the overall experience as well. The combination of great features and a pay table that brings a ton of action is exactly what’s called for here.

Betting and Layout

The format is built from the ground up to offer the level of action that this slot’s theme deserves. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Players will be given a standard grid that uses five reels and four rows of symbols.
  • The all ways format is in effect instead of using payline-based wins.
  • This gives players 1,024 ways to win in this game, all of which run from left to right only.
  • You will wager 10 coins on each spin total, and you get a lot of options for coin sizes.
  • Coin values go from €0.01 to €35 each, the latter of which is admittedly an odd number.
  • As a result, you can play for a wide range of sizes that start from €0.10 per spin and that goes all the way up to €350 per turn.

The volatility here is really low. This is largely due to the all ways format on a 5×4 style game, but the balance in the pay table and features also accounts for some of this. If you like games with a high hit-rate, then this will definitely be in your wheelhouse because the pay schedule is dominated by lots of small and medium wins.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of the Gorilla Kingdom online slot is obviously based largely around the format, but there are also some value-oriented features outside of that. Here we’ll show you everything you need to know before you get started.

Scatters and Free Spins

The glowing blue crystal symbol is the scatter. No matter where they show up, they act as a scattered bonus symbol that can give you free spins.

Gorilla Kingdom Free Spins
Gorilla Kingdom Free Spins

You’ll earn the following:

  • Three of a Kind – 10 free spins
  • Four of a Kind – 15 free spins
  • Five of a Kind – 20 free spins

Once you’re in the free spins mode, you can also add on to your total number of free spins by re-triggering with scatters along the above lines.

However, on top of those values, you can also get more free spins for just two scatters anywhere on the game board. Two scatters will add three free spins to your total along these lines.

Symbol Transform Feature

When you’re in the free spins mode, the gorilla symbol can activate the symbol transform feature. It will turn into a gorilla mask when this happens, and it will convert one of the four other animal symbols on the side panel into gorillas.

Gorilla Kingdom Symbol Transform
Gorilla Kingdom Symbol Transform

What this does is it allows you to get more gorillas on the reels than you normally would. This obviously offers opportunities for better wins and more of them, so it provides a whole lot of value in the process.

We also like how unique of a feature this is and how it fits with the overall concept of the game pretty well. We can’t remember having ever seen a feature work like this, which is impressive.

How to Win at Gorilla Kingdom

The real thing to know about the Gorilla Kingdom online slot is that it gives players an opportunity to get a ton of value from the regular pay table without having to worry about the feature set increasing the volatility of the game so much.

As a result, the volatility is very low with a particularly high hit-rate. Along these lines, you’ll be able to increase your bet size a fair amount without having to worry about the swings getting too bad. A bit part of what makes this a viable strategy is that your hit-rate will be pretty high, meaning you’ll get a lot of small and mid-tier wins.

At the same time, your available payouts on the upper end will increase quite a bit, so you get benefits on both ends.

Payout Structure for Gorilla Kingdom

At first glance, the payout structure might seem like the pays are a little low, but there are two things to remember. First, you’re getting over 1,000 ways to win on each turn, and if you get five of a kind of a symbol in this game, then chances are good that you’ll pick that up at least twice if not more often because of the way the symbols fall.

Gorilla Kingdom Payouts
Gorilla Kingdom Payouts

Second, these wins are multiplied by your entire bet size. With that said, let’s jump in to what we have here.

The gorilla is obviously the highest-tier symbol in the game, and he pays 4x for five of a kind combinations. The pays only drop slightly to 3x for five of the wild cat or the bird with a long beak. All three of these symbols will pay out for just two of a kind as well, which further drives down the volatility.

A couple of mid-level wins are also available. The deer-like animal in the green frame and the ant eater in the blue frame each give players 2.5x when they hit winning combinations of five symbols.

Moving down a bit, we have the red A and yellow K symbols, which pay 1.5x for five. Five of the purple Q or blue J will get you 1.2x as well. From there, the 10 and 9 symbols are the lowest-paying symbols in the game with straightforward wins of 1x for five.


There are a few pros and cons to the Gorilla Kingdom online slot that we want to point out. First the pros:

  1. The pay table offers a high hit-rate with a lot of ways to win.
  2. The feature brings quite a bit of value without overpowering the rest of the pay schedule.
  3. The graphics and presentation are outstanding.

And now the cons:

  1. Not all players will care for how little emphasis is put on the bonus features.
  2. Games with a very low volatility don’t offer massive jackpot prizes like what you can see in other titles.

Overall, we think that it very much did what it set out to do, and Net Entertainment as always made sure that this slot looked tremendous. Whether you like this slot will depend largely on your own personal preferences for play styles, but we think that it will appeal to most. In particular, the high hit-rate and low volatility are generally acceptable to just about everyone.