Gustav Minebuster Casinos and Review 2021

Gustav Minebuster

Red Rake Gaming’s Gustav Minebuster video slot brings players into the mines with a group of dwarves who are looking to help you get some big wins by mining gems. This title has a huge format with 64 spots, free spins and an avalanche feature that gives you opportunities for plenty of wins over and over all on the same turn.

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An Introduction to Gustav Minebuster

Gemstones have been used as the basis of the themes for plenty of slots, but in the Gustav Minebuster online slot, Red Rake Gaming has went a bit beyond that to extend it further to an overall mining theme.

Gustav Minebuster Main Screen
Gustav Minebuster Main Screen

Dwarves are used in this game since they are a mythical race known for being excellent miners and having an affinity for various gemstones.

So overall, the theme makes a lot of sense, and it helps to bring the whole thing together since when explosions happen to eliminate symbols on the reels, new ones fall from above just like what happens in the mines.

The visual appeal of this game is also outstanding with gorgeous gem symbols on the reels and an in-depth background that fits the theme. Even the controls of the game look great, which is something that we can’t say we even really notice in the majority of slots.

Betting and Layout

Your first look at this title will tell you right away that it’s not at all a standard format game. In what follows, we’ll break down everything you need to know:

  • The main grid of symbols uses eight rows with eight vertical columns to produce a very large 64-spot game board.
  • Paylines are not used. Instead, wins are based on clusters of matching symbols.
  • A cluster in this game is a set of matching symbols that connect to each other vertically or horizontally, usually in sets of five or more, and diagonal connections do not count on their own.
  • Betting is based on total sizes instead of payline- or coin-based wagers since there are no paylines to base those off of.
  • The minimum bet size is €0.20 per turn, but you’ll have several options that run all the way up to a maximum of €20 per spin.

The hit-rate for this game is fairly high, but the volatility is closer to the medium range because of how the features and overall pay table work. With that said, it’s definitely an action-oriented format that a lot of players will enjoy because it’s a bit different.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of this title centers largely around the features, and that’s especially the case since some of them are triggered on every single winning spin. They all come together to compound the value that you get as well, which is a nice way to tie the whole game together.

Avalanche Feature

The avalanche feature is the main driving game mechanic of the Gustav Mindbuster online slot. Whenever you get any wins on the game board, those symbols will explode after your win is added to your balance (with some exceptions, see below).

The empty space created by those explosions allow new symbols to fall into place to give you more chances to win.

You can get multiple falls like this in a row, and some of the other features are tied into this mechanic so that it’s really what the whole game revolves around in one way or another. It’s cool to have one aspect of the game that happens pretty often that everything else is tied to since it gives the slot a bit of cohesion that you don’t always see in these types of games.

Free Spins Mode

After each freefall of gems, you’ll see the meter on the left-hand side of the reels start to fill. This will happen over and over until you have no more wins available, at which time it will revert back down to the bottom.

Gustav Minebuster Free Spins
Gustav Minebuster Free Spins

If you get up to the fifth, sixth or seventh spots, however, you’ll get that number of free spins in a bonus round.

There’s a lot going on in this bonus round, but it starts by having wilds add themselves to the reels until you have three available on the game board that will be stuck in place for the entire duration of the free spins mode. That’s a great way of adding some value, especially in a matching cluster-based game like this one.

Wild Dwarf Symbols

In the regular game mode and the free spins, you can see wild dwarf symbols on the reels. If you make a winning combination with a dwarf wild normally, it will not explode. Instead, it will slide one spot in any direction and stay there while other symbols fill in the rest of the empty spots around it.

Gustav Minebuster Wild Symbols
Gustav Minebuster Wild Symbols

However, every time this happens, its multiplier increases by a factor of 1 to give you wild multipliers for the rest of your wins for that spin that include it.

This is a way of handling wild multipliers that we have never seen before. There are no specific wins for clusters of only wilds, but you can use wilds to get two or more different cluster wins on the same spin, which is very useful and value-oriented.

Dynamite Feature

During the regular spins and re-spins, you can get a random Dynamite feature on any turn that has no wins available. This will randomly put dynamite onto the reels that explodes to allow some extra symbols to fall into place to push the avalanche feature along.

Gustav Minebuster Dynamite Feature
Gustav Minebuster Dynamite Feature

The idea behind this feature is to give you a free opportunity at trying to hit some wins that you would have otherwise missed out on.

How to Win at Gustav Minebuster

The main thing to understand about this game, especially if you know a bit about slot betting strategy, is that its high hit-rate can give you the impression that its volatility is much lower than what’s actually the case.

The right strategy for games with a low volatility is to increase your bet size, but that’s sort of a trap that you need to make sure that you’re aware of here. Instead, we recommend keeping your bet size around the middle of the range that you’re typically comfortable with, especially until you play a bit and get an idea of what the swings are like.

Payout Structure for Gustav Minebuster

There are eight paying symbols that make up the pay structure as a whole, but there’s more to it than that. You can get different wins for each symbol based on how many symbols you get in a cluster, and it starts at five and goes up to all wins that have 25+ clusters for the best payouts.

Gustav Minebuster Payouts
Gustav Minebuster Payouts

The red gem is the top-paying symbol in the game, and it pays 250x for 25 or more. With 25 or more of the blue teardrop, you’ll earn 75x, and you’ll make it 37.5x for the 25+ winning clusters of the purple diamond.

Things drop down a bit to 20x for 25+ of the cyan star-shaped gem or the yellow octagon, and from there, you’ll get 10x for five of the green square.

For the yellow egg and orange diamond, the distributions are a little different. The top win is for 30x for 25+, but the low-tier wins are smaller proportionately. This adds some depth to the pay table in a way that we have never seen done before.


We really enjoy how Red Rake Gaming’s Gustav Minebuster online slot breaks out of some of the molds that people think about with the gem-matching sub-genre of online slots. The way the features work drive a tremendous amount of action as well, which makes it perfect for players who need a lot going on to care about what’s happening with a slot.

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