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Hot Spin Deluxe

The Hot Spin Deluxe video slot by iSoftBet combines a feature-rich style of play with a bright and vibrant throwback theme to give players a style of play they’ve probably not ever seen before. You can win from a ton of different bonus features thanks to a wheel spinning at the side of the game screen at all times.

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An Introduction to Hot Spin Deluxe

Players from all different parts of the world tend to like most of the same things when it comes to online slots. If something becomes really popular to one demographic, it’s usually a good bet that it’ll be popular with others.

Hot Spin Deluxe Main Screen
Hot Spin Deluxe Main Screen

iSoftBet has seen that tons of features and fast-paced gameplay are some of the things that fit this pattern, and that’s what they bring to the table with the Hot Spin Deluxe online slot.

You’ll immediately be drawn to it visually because of the glowing gold look, and the symbols also look amazing with the graphical style that has been used.

As far as the gameplay goes, it’s hard to find slots with more available features than this. It’s the feature wheel on the left side of the reels that really drives the gameplay here despite the fact that the pay table is balanced with lots of small and medium wins as well.

Betting and Layout

If you look at the actual format for this game, it’s pretty normal outside of the wheel at the side of the reels, which we will explain below when we discuss this game’s features. Here’s what to expect:

  • The main grid of symbols has five reels and three rows, and that’s what you need to pay attention to instead of the wheel that’s off to the side.
  • iSoftBet has put 20 paylines in this game, and they only pay from left to right.
  • Unlike some titles by the same developer, you cannot change the number of active lines in this slot.
  • You can choose bet sizes based on coin size per line or total bet size with the pop-up dialogue that helps you determine how much you want to wager per spin.
  • The available bet sizes run from €0.20 to €20 per turn, which is plenty wide enough for the vast majority of players.

The high number of features in this game lend it to a relatively high volatility as well. More specifically, we’d put it in the upper end of the medium range.

We want to point out that for all of the wins that we’re going to talk about in what follows, everything is based on having a bet size of €1 per spin (€0.05 per payline). If you increase or decrease your bet size, then the wins will increase or decrease proportionately.

Gameplay and Features

This is a feature-heavy game with a lot of ways to win, so we’re going to jump right into it and show you what this is all about.

Wild Symbols

First off, we want to point out the wild W symbol in gold on a red background. It gives the following pays for winning combinations:

Hot Spin Deluxe Wild and Scatter
Hot Spin Deluxe Wild and Scatter
  • Five of a Kind – 500x
  • Four of a Kind – 100x
  • Three of a Kind – 40x
  • Two of a Kind – 2x

Note that this is one of only two symbols that will pay for two of a kind or more, so it’s something to keep in mind since it’s really easy to get winning combinations with this wild.

The Feature Wheel

Players should understand that there is a wheel to the left-hand side of the reels that will randomly select between different types of features that we’re going to talk about in what follows.

It has a random chance of activating during the normal mode and giving you one of those features. What’s more is that you can get random multipliers on all of your wins this way as well with total multipliers worth up to 10x.

Hot Spin Deluxe Multipliers
Hot Spin Deluxe Multipliers

Free Spins Mode

If you get a bonus symbol on the first, middle and last reels at the same time in the Hot Spin Deluxe online slot, then you’ll trigger a free spins mode. You’ll randomly be given from four to 15 free spins, and one of the features will activate to run on each of those free turns.

We’re going to get into what those features can be in what follows, and these are the same types of features that can trigger at random on a one-spin basis during the regular game mode.

Hot Spin Deluxe Free Spins
Hot Spin Deluxe Free Spins

Available Features

In no particular order, here are the available features from the wheel:

  • Mystery Symbols – You’ll get from six to 12 random spots on the reels that will be all turned into the same matching symbol.
  • Random Wilds – This feature adds between five and ten wilds to the game board at random.
  • Mega Reel – The first three or middle three reels will turn into a mega reel that shows the same symbol in all nine positions.
  • In-sync Reels – Two or three reels will sync together to show the same symbols to boost your chances of hitting wins.
  • Wild Reels – As many as three reels will turn completely wild.
  • Multipliers – During the regular game mode only, you can get random multipliers worth up to 10x for individual spins.

This list includes a lot of different types of features that can help to boost your chances of winning in a variety of ways. What’s really great is that iSoftBet set this title up in a way that you can trigger these on random regular spins instead of only relying on the free spins mode to get them.

How to Win at Hot Spin Deluxe

Something really interesting about this game is the split between the features and the pay table. It lends itself to a volatility that’s in the medium-high range, and it also creates a situation where a tremendous amount of your value comes from hitting these features.

To adjust to these circumstances, we recommend picking a bet size that’s a little lower than what you’d normally use. It’ll keep the swings from being as bad while allowing you to ride out the volatility that comes with the abundance of features.

Payout Structure for Hot Spin Deluxe

The blue diamond symbol has the same wins as the wild, and that comes in at 500x for five of a kind combinations. You’ll find that this is the only symbol with two of a kind wins, and it’s also worth noting that all of the symbols in this game are based on old-style fruit machine symbols.

Hot Spin Deluxe Payouts
Hot Spin Deluxe Payouts

From there, you get mid-range wins with the lucky red sevens and the stars, both of which pay 300x for five on a line. Five of the bell is worth 200x as well.

Things drop off a bit to the fruit symbols from that point. The watermelon symbol offers a 100x win for five on a line. For the plum, lemon or cherry symbols, you can pick up five of a kind wins that will give you 50x each.


We really love how great of a game this came out as considering that it’s based on fruit machines. iSoftBet always puts out an excellent product, and the Hot Spin Deluxe video slot is an excellent example of that.

If you like action and a ton of features, then you should check this title out even if you’re a little skeptical about the theme. They’ve went above and beyond to make this better than the vast majority of games with similar motifs.