Joker Millions

Joker Millions

One of the most popular progressive jackpot slot titles ever produced by Yggdrasil Gaming is Joker Millions. This game centers around a re-spin mechanic that allows you to extend the size of your wins while also giving you possibilities to win multipliers worth up to 5x on your wins if you’re able to fill entire reels with matching symbols from left to right. In this review we also explain how to win at Joker Millions and list top online casinos where this slot can be played.

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Casinos with Joker Millions
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
Mr Green 86% Mr Green Review Country Flag
LeoVegas 80% LeoVegas Review Country Flag
Loyal Casino 75% Loyal Casino Review Country Flag
Casino Winner 75% Casino Winner Review Country Flag
VoodooDreams 97% VoodooDreams Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Gslot Casino 88% Gslot Casino Review Country Flag
Gioo 88% Gioo Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Vera & John 88% Vera & John Review Country Flag
Grosvenor Casino 88% Grosvenor Casino Review Country Flag
Duelz Casino 87% Duelz Casino Review Country Flag
Slots Magic 86% Slots Magic Review Country Flag
ShadowBet 85% ShadowBet Review Country Flag
Wildz Casino 84% Wildz Casino Review Country Flag
CasinoEuro 84% CasinoEuro Review Country Flag

Introduction to Joker Millions

There’s a certain sub-genre of online slots that centers around the idea of giving players a throwback style of visual appeal and combining that with a more modern format. The Joker Millions progressive online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming fits squarely into that sub-genre, but it also has a progressive jackpot that has made several people into millionaires, so it stands out quite a bit.

Despite being a game with a large progressive jackpot, it also has an action-oriented style of gameplay thanks to the re-spin mechanic.

We’ll describe more about how this mechanic works specifically down below, but suffice to say that it adds a lot of excitement and an increase in the hit-rate compared to other games with a high volatility due to a large top jackpot.

From a visual standpoint, the joker theme is obviously from the fruit machine motif that you’ll see from older styles of slots, and it’s put together with graphics that are smooth and that have aged really well considering the fact that this game has been out for quite a while.

Joker Millions Screenshot
Joker Millions Screenshot

Betting and Layout

The betting for this game is actually simplified quite a bit by limiting the options that players need to worry about. Some games have you dealing with numbers of paylines, numbers of coins on those lines, sizes of coins, side bets and all kinds of other options. Instead, things are broken down as follows in the Joker Millions video slot:

  • Players have a grid of five reels and three rows that extend horizontally.
  • You will always have 25 paylines activated on every single spin with no option to change that number.
  • A variety of coin sizes can be used that start off at the €0.01 level and go up to the €1.00 level.
  • The resulting betting range is €0.25 per spin at the minimum and €25 per turn at the maximum.
  • The progressive jackpot, shown at the top of the reels at all times, is available no matter which bet size you use.

It’s worth noting that this title does have a high volatility, which is exactly what you’d expect from a game with a progressive jackpot that regularly pays out in the seven-figure range. However, the feature set is designed so that the hit-rate is higher than you’d expect from a slot with this type of volatility, so there’s a certain degree of balance to be found in that, which is something we think appeals to a lot of players.

Features and Gameplay

Something we really like about how Yggdrasil Gaming put this slot together is that the features come together to create a cohesive experience. This means all of the features, including the progressive, operate within one dynamic that makes this game particularly exciting.

Joker Millions Features
Joker Millions Features

Freeze and Re-spin Feature

The first feature that you’ll most likely run into is the freeze and re-spin feature. The way this works is that when you get at least one winning combination on the reels, you’ll see those symbols freeze in place while the rest of the symbols spin again to give you more opportunities to add more of those symbols to the game board.

If you get more of those symbols to extend the size of your wins, then you’ll see those symbols freeze as well, and the re-spins will continue.

This feature keeps going until there are no longer any new matching symbols that have hit the reels. Once that happens, your payouts are given to you right away.

Something that helps this feature is that a lot of the symbols show up stacked sometimes, so it’s a lot easier to add several matching symbols at once.

Multiplier Stacked Reels

When you first start playing, you’ll notice small numbers near the bottom between the reels that range from x2 to x5. These are tied to a special multiplier feature that’s a part of the freeze and re-spin feature.

If you get the entire first reel filled with a matching symbol, then the multiplier after the first reel (x2) will light up, indicating that all wins are going to be multiplied by a factor of two. If you do the same on the first and second reels, then the x3 will light up, and you’ll get a 3x multiplier on all of your payouts. You can score multipliers worth up to 5x, and they will be applied at the end of the spin when you get no new matching symbols added to the game board.

This is a unique way of handling multipliers that we’ve never seen before. We think it’s an interesting gameplay element for the Joker Millions online slot that extends the action and value of the re-spin feature.

Golden Joker Jackpot Spin

You’ll sometimes see golden joker symbols on the reels. If you get at least one on each reel (a minimum of five, but at least one of those on every reel), then you’ll activate the Joker Jackpot spin.

In this feature, the jokers are held in place while you get re-spins just like the freeze and re-spin feature described above.

What’s really cool is that when the game stops due to not getting more jokers, each individual joker on the game board will give you a random payout worth up to 1,000x. It’s clear that these are some pretty huge payouts that can be won here, but there’s more to it as well.

If you’re able to fill the board and get 15 jokers from this feature, then you win the progressive jackpot.

Get 15 Joker Symbols to Win the Jackpot
Get 15 Joker Symbols to Win the Jackpot

About the Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot itself always seeds at a value of €100,000. However, the smallest recorded win for this jackpot is just under €500,000, and the highest was worth more than €7.8 million. This jackpot doesn’t hit super often, but when it does hit, it comes with a life-changing amount of money.

Your chances of winning this jackpot are proportional to the size of your bet to make things fair for players at different stakes. For example, a player betting €0.25 per spin will have a fourth of the chance of winning the progressive than a player betting €1 on each turn.

How to Win at Joker Millions

In many progressive slot titles, there’s a certain minimum bet size that you have to meet to get the best RTP percentage rate available. This is not the case in the Joker Millions video slot, so it’s equally friendly for players at all stakes.

The real money in this game comes from the Golden Joker Jackpot Spin feature. Along these lines, you basically have two strategies to choose from:

  1. The first strategy is based on longer sessions with lower bet sizes, hoping to even out the variance and wait out the triggering of the feature.
  2. The second strategy is the opposite where you use larger bet sizes and shorter sessions, hoping to “go big or go home.”

Both strategies are valid, and both have more or less equal chances of hitting the progressive jackpot thanks to the way the chances scale according to your overall bet size per spin.

Payout Structure for Joker Millions

The actual pay table for this game is pretty balanced. There is a lucky seven along with six other symbols, and the pays drop off at a pretty even rate. What’s important to note is that you’ll very often get multiple wins per spin and chances at larger payouts than usual thanks to the re-spin feature, and you should also keep in mind that the upper end of the pay schedule largely comes from the Golden Joker Jackpot Spin Feature.

With that said, the lucky seven pays 300x for five of a kind, and you can earn 100x for five of the bell symbols as well. The fruit symbols start with the watermelon at 60x for five, and the cherries pay 30x for five of a kind. It drops down to 25x for five of the plums from there, and five of either the oranges or lemons will give you a win worth 20x.

Important Points to Note

There are some great things about this title, and there are some things that not everyone will necessarily care for. Some of the highlights of this game that we really like are as follows:

  • The top jackpot regularly reaches the seven-figure range.
  • The Golden Joker Jackpot Spin feature gives some pretty strong payouts as well.
  • The regular re-spin feature keeps the action exciting.

We also want to point out some things that some players might not be fans of:

  • The throwback theme isn’t something that will sit well with everyone.
  • The lack of mid-range payouts on the regular pay table is a bit odd.

These are generally seen as minor issues compared to what this slot has to offer overall, but they’re worth pointing out.


Not all players like video slots that are overproduced with tons of bells and whistles. Instead, they like action, and that’s exactly what the Joker Millions progressive online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has brought to the table. The re-spin feature in particular drives the gameplay in an exciting way, and you’ll have chances to win some pretty huge payouts the whole time thanks to the other features and the progressive jackpot.


Which online casinos have Joker Millions?

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