Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice

The Lightning Dice live dealer game from Evolution Gaming brings players into a different style of play than most games. The closest title to it would be Sic Bo. However, there are massive payouts available with special win opportunities showing up on each roll.

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Casinos with Lightning Dice
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
Pointsbet 60% Pointsbet Review Country Flag
VoodooDreams 97% VoodooDreams Review Country Flag
CasiPlay 94% CasiPlay Review Country Flag
Playluck 91% Playluck Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Gslot Casino 88% Gslot Casino Review Country Flag
Gioo 88% Gioo Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Vera & John 88% Vera & John Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Lightning Dice

We think that the representation for dice-based games is rather low in online gambling. Evolution Gaming apparently thought so as well when they developed their Lightning Dice live dealer tables. This game essentially takes the most interesting wagers from Sic Bo and changes up how wins are paid.

Lightning Dice Main Screen
Lightning Dice Main Screen

The end result is a very exciting and dynamic experience with an almost game show feel.

The presentation of this game is phenomenal. It’s up there with the best that Evolution Gaming has ever produced, and that’s saying something very serious. We really love how the hosts seem to really be into the gameplay, and they love to participate with player interaction and move the game along. When you pair that up with the chat feature, you end up with a very in-depth social interaction. It’s similar to that of live craps tables overall.

On the other hand, you have the gameplay. We’re not sure if there’s another dice-based casino game online that has this much excitement. The action is serious because you have opportunities for bonus payouts that can show up for each bet. The interface is also very clean and fits the feel of the experience as a whole.

The Best Casinos for Lightning Dice

When you’re looking for a casino that offers this game, the first thing to look for is obvious. You need a site that offers Evolution Gaming’s lineup. Outside of that, looking for sites that have good promotions on live games is another thing to look for.

The whole idea is to make sure that you’re getting the best value overall. What that looks like for you will depend on your own particular play tendencies. However, it’s a major consideration before you choose where to play. Unfortunately, it’s also a consideration that a lot of players ignore. That means they end up losing a ton of value in the long run as a result.

Gameplay Procedure

The procedure for how the live Lightning Dice tables work is easy to get used to. A simple process is followed, and you get to play at a pace of about one roll every 45 to 60 seconds. There’s no hard counter on this as best we can tell. It seems to fluctuate a bit based on the host/dealer that you have for the game.

Here’s how an example game round can go:

  1. Players will start out by making their wagers on a grid of numbers. This grid has numbers ranging from 3 to 18.
  2. The object of the game is to pick the total of three six-sided dice that will be randomly rolled. A tumbler is used to randomize things in accordance with regulatory guidelines. This helps to avoid situations of a human dealer rolling them and showing non-random tendencies.
  3. At least one Lightning Number is chose for that given roll after bets have been placed. This boosts the multipliers up to a random amount that can be worth as much as 1,000x.
  4. The dice are rolled through a tumbler tower, and the total is shown on-screen and announced.
  5. If you picked the total correctly, then you’ll be awarded a win right away based on the given multiplier for that total.
  6. From this point, the process repeats, and the game opens for betting once again.

The gameplay process is really straightforward. However, we suggest that players watch a few rounds to get an idea of the gameplay flow before playing.

Lightning Dice Rolling
Lightning Dice Rolling

Payouts and Lightning Numbers

The number of Lightning Number values is randomized on each roll. However, at least one will be shown on each turn. This creates a difference between the standard payouts and the available lightning payouts. We’ll break these down along with chances for different totals in what follows.

Standard Wins

The following are the standard payouts for the given totals. These wins are what you’ll get if your chosen total wins but is picked as a Lightning Number.

  • Total of 3 or 18 (0.46%) – 150x
  • Total of 4 or 17 (1.39%) – 50x
  • Total of 5 or 16 (2.78%) – 25x
  • Total of 6 or 15 (4.63%) – 15x
  • Total of 7 or 14 (6.94%) – 10x
  • Total of 8 or 13 (9.72%) – 7x
  • Total of 9 or 12 (11.57%) – 6x
  • Total of 10 or 11 (12.50%) – 5x

Note that the percentages given are the chances for each bet to win.

Lightning Dice Result
Lightning Dice Result

Lightning Payouts

If you hit a Lightning Number, the payout turns into something randomly chosen within a range. However, the maximums are a little different for some of the numbers. Again, here are the maximum available wins for each total.

  • Total of 3 or 18 – 1,000x
  • Total of 4 or 17 – 500x
  • Totals of 5 or 16 – 250x
  • Total of 6, 7, 14 or 15 – 100x
  • Total of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13 – 50x

The basic idea is that the totals that are less likely to hit are the ones that give the best potential payouts. That makes sense overall, and it gives you an idea of what you need to do to get payouts of different ranges at the Lightning Dice tables.

Lightning Dice Placing Bets
Lightning Dice Placing Bets

How to Win at Lightning Dice

The really cool thing about this game is that there’s not much in terms of strategy. That’s because all of the available betting options pay out at very close to the same rates. Overall, the best-paying wager is on totals of 3 or 18 with a 96.21 percent payout rate. However, the worst payout rate in the game is just 96.03 percent, which is hardly any difference.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is the volatility levels. The closer you are to the middle of the range 3 to 18, the lower the volatility. This means that betting on totals of 3 or 18 have the highest volatility in the game. Likewise, totals of 10 or 11 have the lowest. Generally speaking, you should pick somewhat lower bet sizes for higher volatility wagers, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Effectively, we think that a betting range of about 3:1 is good. What we mean by that is that we think the smallest wagers should be about one-third of the largest wagers you make in this game. For example, if you made bets of €10 on 3 and 18, then bets of about €30 on 10 or 11 will have the same net effect in terms of the overall size of your average swings. You’re obviously free to make the bets whatever size you want. However, this is our recommendation for balance.


There’s no denying that Evolution Gaming has a tremendous portfolio full of top-tier live dealer games. Lightning Dice is a good example of them offering something that no one else does. It’s a really fun experience with a lot of action.

However, it also goes to show that not everything has to be super complicated to be fun. The hosts and hostesses for this game in particular tend to be very lively and entertaining. Add in the social factor from the chat function, and you have a very interesting experience with this game.


Which online casinos have Lightning Dice?

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