Live Infinite Blackjack

Live Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming’s Live Infinite Blackjack tables are all about a lot of action coming quickly. They offer four different popular side bets in addition to a fun set of rules. Since everyone plays the same cards, the gameplay is much faster than traditional live blackjack tables.

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Casinos with Live Infinite Blackjack

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Casinos with Live Infinite Blackjack
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
Pointsbet 60% Pointsbet Review Country Flag
VoodooDreams 97% VoodooDreams Review Country Flag
CasiPlay 94% CasiPlay Review Country Flag
Playluck 91% Playluck Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Vera & John 88% Vera & John Review Country Flag
RedBet 88% RedBet Review Country Flag
Grosvenor Casino 88% Grosvenor Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Live Infinite Blackjack

Everything in the live dealer blackjack space is all about giving players a great visual and gameplay experience. Evolution Gaming knows this more than any other company out there. However, their Live Infinite Blackjack tables bring this to players on a completely different level.

The premise behind this game is giving you a faster experience without compromising on quality.

The higher speed is found by using a slightly different format than traditional live games. Additionally, extra side bets have been added to give the game more variety and flavor. If you’re the type of player who likes having lots of ways to get paid and win, then this will definitely be the type of title that you come back to over and over again.

As always with Evolution Gaming, the presentation is exceptional. The background and table elements are top-notch. With the ability to play in high-definition audio and video, the whole experience comes alive.

Understanding the Infinite Format

The first thing to understand about this game is the infinite format. Overall, the idea is to have everyone play the same set of cards. However, all of the different cards can be laid out depending on how different people could play. That means that while everyone plays the same hand, you still get to play it your own way. You are not affected by the decisions of other players at all, much like other blackjack games.

This is why you’ll only see one set of cards dealt to a player at this table. It’s also why you may see other cards dealt when you stand early in a hand. The whole idea is that all of this will actually take less time than a traditional live dealer table. That’s because only one set of cards is being dealt to players, and this results in more betting rounds being played per session since you aren’t having to wait for five to seven other players to make decisions on different sets of cards.

The Best Casinos for Live Infinite Blackjack

Other than making sure that games are available from Evolution Gaming, there are a few other things you can look for that will help to make sure that you get the best experience and the best value when playing this game.

  • Check that the Live Infinite Blackjack tables are actually available. Some sites may not have the entire portfolio of Evolution Gaming tables open.
  • Look for casinos that offer bonuses and promotions for live dealer games specifically. These are often different than the standard offering. You essentially want to look for the best promotional value that you can.
  • If you’re someone who wants to play on the go, check their mobile compatibility first. Not all casinos will have a solid all-around mobile platform. This is in spite of the fact that all of Evolution Gaming’s titles work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for both iOS and Android.

Outside of these points, the standard things apply. Only play with sites like those we have reviewed that are fully licensed and regulated. It also helps if they have games from other providers that you are interested in playing as well.

Gameplay Procedure and Rules

In what follows, we’ll break down everything players need to know about the rules of Live Infinite Blackjack. We’ll cover the specifics of how hands are played as well as how this game is different than other styles. Other side bets apart from the main set of wagers will be broken down in what follows as well.

How a Hand Plays Out

We’re going to start by looking at how a hand plays out for those who aren’t familiar with blackjack gameplay. This is the basic structure of a round of play for the main game. The side bets will be covered further down below.

  1. You start by placing your wager. You’ll then be dealt two cards face-up. The dealer is dealt two cards with only one face-up.
  2. Cards are all worth their face value. Aces are worth 1 or 11. Face cards are worth 10.
  3. Players are given strategic options (shown below) to play their cards. If a total of more than 21 is reached, the player loses the hand automatically.
  4. Once the player is finished, the dealer will hit continuously until a total of 17 or more is reached. If the dealer busts out by going over 21, the player wins at this point. If both bust, the player loses since he or she busted out first.
  5. If the player is dealt a total of 21 on the first two cards, it pays out at 3:2. All other wins pay at 1:1.

The strategic options that you have in this game are as follows:

  • Stand – Receive no more cards, and end the action for your hand.
  • Hit – Get an additional card, but do not end the action.
  • Double – Receive exactly one additional card, double the size of your wager and end the action.
  • Split – With two cards of the same rank, they can be broken apart into two new hands. An additional wager is added for the second hand of the same value as the wager for the first.

Strategy in this game comes down to knowing when to do each of these four options.

Additional Rules

Plenty of different blackjack table types have small rule changes that can impact the action. This is mostly relevant for strategically minded players. However, the details of these rules are worth knowing even if you’re not.

  • Eight decks are used in the shoe for this game.
  • The dealer does peek for blackjack when showing an ace or ten-point card.
  • The dealer will stand on a soft 17.
  • You can double with two cards no matter what they are. You cannot double after the initial two cards.
  • You’re only allowed to split once in each hand. This is a limitation due to the infinite format. Additionally, you cannot double after splitting for similar reasons.
  • The surrender option is not available at any point in this game.

Finally, this game employs the Six-card Charlie rule. The way this works is that, if the player’s hand gets to six cards without going over 21, it’s an automatic win. Interestingly enough, this also applies after splitting on a per-hand basis. This won’t come up all that often, but it’s fun to have an extra automatic win when it does.

Side Bets in Live Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming has put four different side bets in their Live Infinite Blackjack tables. They have different rules, and wins are calculated in different ways. In what follows, we’ll show what’s available and what you can expect.

Hot 3 Side Bet

The Hot 3 side bet is based around the three cards that you see at the beginning of the deal. That includes both of the player’s cards as well as the dealer’s up card. Adding up the points of all three cards determines a payout as follows:

  • Three Sevens – 100x
  • Suited 21 – 20x
  • Total of 21 – 4x
  • Total of 20 – 2x
  • Total of 19 – 1x

Note that the values of the cards are the same as in blackjack. This includes the aces, so they can count as one or 11. You’re given the single largest payout that you quality for on the pay table. The house edge varies slightly depending on the cards left in the deck, but it’s around 5.4 to 5.5 percent.

Any Pair Side Bet

The Any Pair side bet only looks at the player’s initial cards. Simply put, you’ll get a payout if they are paired along the following lines:

  • Suited Pair – 25x
  • Off-suit Pair – 8x

This is one of the most popular blackjack side bets of all time. However, it has an atypical pay table here with Evolution Gaming. The house edge is about 4.1 percent.

21+3 Side Bet

Also a popular side bet, the 21+3 is based on three-card poker hands. It uses the initial three cards dealt between the player and the dealer’s up card. The pay table used in this game is as follows:

  • Suited Three of a Kind – 100x
  • Straight Flush – 40x
  • Off-suit Three of a Kind – 30x
  • Straight – 10x
  • Flush – 5x

The house edge for this pay table is about 3.7 percent. This makes it the best-paying side bet available at the Live Infinite Blackjack tables.

Bust It Side Bet

With the Bust It side bet, you’ll pick up wins if the dealer busts. However, the number of cards used for the dealer to break a total of 21 is what determines your payout. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dealer Busts With 8 or More – 250x
  • Dealer Busts With 7 Cards – 100x
  • Dealer Busts With 6 Cards – 50x
  • Dealer Busts With 5 Cards – 9x
  • Dealer Busts With 4 Cards – 2x
  • Dealer Busts With 3 Cards – 1x

The house advantage for this side bet is about 6.2 percent.

Social Elements and Atmopshere

One of the things that’s really interesting about the format of Live Infinite Blackjack is the social effect. When everyone is essentially playing the same starting situation, the feel of the chat changes. Instead of different people celebrating different wins and situations, the table moves to a more cohesive feel.

The basic idea is that you essentially celebrate wins and curse losses together. This is something that doesn’t happen as much at traditional tables. For example, if you’re dealt a hard 15 against a dealer showing a 9, but someone else is dealt a hard 20, it’s difficult for the two of you to feel like you’re on the same page.

However, in this infinite format with everyone playing the same cards, that changes. Now you’ll both share the good and the bad. While you may play the situation a little differently than others, the shared element is still there.

How to Win at Live Infinite Blackjack

Blackjack strategy is a tricky topic. The different sets of rules and variations lead to some very different strategies. What’s correct in one situation can completely change from game to game as a result.

In this game, you’ll do well to start with if you use a standard multi-deck strategy. No adjustments are needed for peeking since the standard peek rule is used. The main thing you’ll need to adjust to is being able to double with any two starting cards. Additionally, there are some small adjustments on an advanced level that you can make for the six-card Charlie rule. However, that’s largely too detailed for the vast majority of players.


We really like what the Live Infinite Blackjack tables from Evolution Gaming bring for players. The social atmosphere is better than typical blackjack games. In addition to that, the games flow along better and run a bit faster than the standard fare.


Which online casinos have Live Infinite Blackjack?

Use the list of Live Infinite Blackjack casinos to see all online casinos that have Live Infinite Blackjack. We filter the casino top list to only show Live Infinite Blackjack casinos that accept players from your location.

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