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Long Pao

With the Long Pao video slot by Net Entertainment, you get an exciting style of play in the regular game mode with sticky wins that allow you free chances to extend your winning combinations along with a free spins mode that adds a lot of extra value to your experience.

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An Introduction to Long Pao

When you first sit down to look at the Long Pao video slot, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it has a look and feel that’s different than most slots with Asian influences.

Long Pao Main Screen
Long Pao Main Screen

Instead, there’s almost a comic book style of presentation here, and that makes this game stand out in a big way.

Visually, this is a really impressive title, and the soundtrack is solid as well. We really like seeing NetEnt go a bit outside of the box, and we have to say that this is the first Asian-inspired online slot we’ve ever seen that uses a comic book style of graphics.

In terms of gameplay, you aren’t going to be missing out with this game either. There’s a focus on action and getting bigger wins than you otherwise would in both the regular game mode and the free spins, and that’s the kind of thing that players can really appreciate.

Layout and Betting

The format for this game is pretty standard, and we’ll give you a quick idea here of what you can expect from the betting options as well.

  • The game grid for this title uses five vertical reels with three horizontal rows.
  • A static 25 paylines are locked into place for each spin, and you can’t change how many you are playing with.
  • All paylines will only pay for winning combinations that start on the first reel and extend to the right with the exception of the scattered bonus symbols.
  • You’ll wager 25 coins per spin on this game with the option to multiply that number by a factor of up to 10x for a maximum of 250 coins per turn.
  • Coin sizes go from €0.01 to €0.50 each, and that means you have a minimum bet size of €0.25 and a maximum of €125 on each turn.

There aren’t any real surprises here, and it’s not the format that they went outside of the box with. Instead, it’s the rest of the gameplay experience on the features side.

It’s also worth noting that this game has a medium volatility.

Gameplay and Features

There are a handful of features in the Long Pao online slot that give you extra ways to win and the ability to extend the length of existing payouts. These are the primary elements of the gameplay style that Net Entertainment has put into this title.

Wild Symbols

The wild looks like a golden symbol with red outlines of letters and symbols, and it appears on each reel. Payouts for combinations of wilds are as follows:

  • Five of a Kind – 1,000x
  • Four of a Kind – 150x
  • Three of a Kind – 50x

These are obviously some pretty solid prizes, but a lot of value simply comes from these symbols showing up and helping you to pick up wins that you would have missed out on without their assistance.

Sticky Wins Feature

A key feature in the Long Pao video slot that you’ll see over and over again is the Sticky Wins feature. The basic idea here is that you’ll activate this feature after every single payout that you get.

Long Pao Sticky Wins
Long Pao Sticky Wins

All of the symbols that are parts of winning combinations become sticky for this feature.

Once that happens, all other symbols will spin again to give you a free chance to extend your payouts or to pick up new winning combinations that were not yet on the reels. If you do, then the new winning symbols become sticky, and the process continues. When you get to a spin that does not give any new wins, then you will be paid for the winning combinations that exist on the reels, and the game goes back to playing as usual.

Free Spins Mode

The golden flying dragon is the scattered free spins bonus symbol in this game. It shows up as stacked sometimes on all five reels, so it’s easier to get than you might think.

Long Pao Free Spins
Long Pao Free Spins

Here are the numbers of free spins you can earn:

  • Nine or More – 30 free spins
  • Eight Scatters – 25 free spins
  • Seven Scatters – 20 free spins
  • Six Scatters – 15 free spins
  • Five Scatters – 10 free spins

Being able to get up to 30 free spins at once is obviously a pretty good deal, but it goes even further than that. On every single win that you get during the free spins mode, you’ll be given a 3x multiplier. That means you’ll win three times as much as you would during a normal spin, which is made even bigger considering that the sticky wins feature is also in effect.

How to Win at Long Pao

This game has a medium volatility, but the hit-rate is a bit lower than what you would expect from a game with this level of variance. That happens because so much value comes from the sticky wins feature. In essence, you’ll pick up fewer wins, but the wins you get will be larger on average than what you expect.

To compensate for this, we recommend a strategy that centers around playing more spins per session with a lower bet size per spin. There is an auto play option that can help with this in terms of getting in more spins in a short period of time. This approach has the advantage of getting in about the same total amount in wagers while simultaneously lower the volatility since it’ll be spread across more individual spins.

Payout Structure for Long Pao

The man in the red flaming background and the red outfit pays 1,000x for five of a kind combinations and is tied with the wild symbol for the best overall payout in the entire Long Pao video slot. The man with the green background gets you 300x, which is a bit of a drop.

Long Pao Payouts
Long Pao Payouts

From there, there are mid-level wins of 250x and 200x for five of the woman on the purple background and the woman on the blue background, respectively. Another win of 125x can be yours for five of the sword hilt symbol on a payline.

Things drop off a bit for the card rank symbols. This includes 100x for five of the green A along with 75x of five of the dark pink K. The orange Q and blue J symbols give wins of 50x and 40x for five of a kind.


Net Entertainment’s Long Pao online slot brings players into a great-looking environment and gives them a lot of different ways to get paid and win. This dynamic is a winning formula for those who want to really get in on the action with something fresh without feeling like they have to jump into the middle of something centered around some kind of big, popular media brand.

What we really want to point out here is how much fun the sticky wins feature is. Every time you win, you get a chance to win again, and that doubled up the amount of excitement that you get each time you see the symbols click into place. This is a good example of NetEnt giving players different types of gameplay experiences, and it’s something we’re a big fan of.