Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Felt Gaming’s Lucky Lucky Blackjack tables give players one of the most exciting side bets available. With a full pay table with wins available up to the 200:1 level, this is an extra layer of fun on top of an already action-oriented rule set for a multi-deck blackjack game.

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Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
777 Bay 83% 777 Bay Review Country Flag
West Casino 83% West Casino Review Country Flag
NitroCasino 83% NitroCasino Review Country Flag
Barz Casino 82% Barz Casino Review Country Flag
Ultra Casino 79% Ultra Casino Review Country Flag
Rapid Casino 79% Rapid Casino Review Country Flag
Neon Vegas Casino 78% Neon Vegas Casino Review Country Flag 76% Review Country Flag
Playzee Casino 74% Playzee Casino Review Country Flag
CasinoFest 71% CasinoFest Review Country Flag
XLBet 70% XLBet Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Side bets are an important part of blackjack culture, and without them, recreational players usually get tired of the play pretty quickly. We can’t say that we blame them since 1:1 payouts with the occasional 3:2 for a blackjack isn’t super exciting. However, the Lucky Lucky Blackjack game from Felt Gaming offers players a chance at some really substantial side bet wins.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Winning Screen
Lucky Lucky Blackjack Winning Screen

Each hand, you have the opportunity to really ramp up the action with a special side bet.

The presentation for this game is exceptionally clean. We also love that they went with their own design for the cards instead of relying on the common approach. However, they’re not too crazy or unrecognizable. Instead, the cards use Felt Gaming’s very distinctive variation of the standard deck layouts. This adds a lot to the atmosphere and feel of the game.

When it comes to gameplay, this title has a lot to offer. That’s with both the side bet and with the regular gameplay. We really like the rule set used here, and it offers a fun time from a strategic standpoint even if you don’t care for the side bet.

Gameplay Procedure and Rule Set

The play procedure for the Lucky Lucky Blackjack online tables has a few quirks to it. Compared to other multi-deck games, the action moves at about an average speed with a very methodical feel.

In the following, we will list out and explain everything you need to know to get started with this game. If you’re familiar with blackjack as a genre, we still suggest you read over the details here. Enough is different about this title to get you into trouble strategically in certain situations otherwise.

Scoring System and Payouts

You have to deal with a few different potential wagers here. On every hand, you’ll play the main wager, which is based on you going up against the dealer. However, you’ll have the option to play with the Lucky Lucky side bet as well. Additionally, on some hands, you’ll have the insurance side bet, which we’ll explain down below.

For the main wager, a scoring system is used based on the value of cards dealt to hands. Aces count as 1 point or 11 points, depending on the player’s discretion, and the best option is used automatically without you having to actually choose in the game. Aside from that, all of the cards are worth their face value. However, the jacks, queens and kings are each worth 10 points instead of 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

Going over a total of 21 in this game loses immediately. This is referred to as “busting out” or “going bust.” Additionally, a blackjack at these tables is when your first two cards give you a total of 21. While all wins typically pay at 1:1 for the regular wager, a blackjack pays at 3:2 unless it ties with a dealer blackjack (which is a push). However, a blackjack beats a dealer who makes 21 with three or more cards.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Option Select
Lucky Lucky Blackjack Option Select

How a Hand is Played

The layout for this game has three positions for player hands. However, we’re going to just talk about how a single hand is played at a time. To account for multiple hands, understand that you’ll play each of your own hands from right to left on the board before the dealer’s play is determined.

With that out of the way, here’s how a hand is played in the general sense for the regular wager.

  1. Your wager is placed, and two cards are dealt to your hand(s). The dealer also receives two cards, but only one of theirs is face-up while both of yours are.
  2. If the dealer is showing an ace or a ten, you’ll have the option for the insurance side bet. See below for details on how that operates.
  3. If the dealer has blackjack, it will be shown, and you will immediately lose unless you also have blackjack. In that case, it’s a push, and your bet is simply returned.
  4. At this point, you’ll have options to choose from to play your hand. The details of the available options and when they are available are listed below in more detail.
  5. If your total goes over 21, you go bust, and your cards are removed.
  6. Once your play is over, the dealer’s up card is turned over. The dealer will then hit until they have a hard total of at least 17 or a soft total of a minimum of 18.
  7. However, if the dealer goes bust, all of your non-busted hands immediately win.
  8. Outside of that, the highest total wins.

The play procedure goes through these steps for each hand.

Options for Playing Your Hands

When you get to the stage in the hand when it’s your turn to play, you get a few different options. However, the options that are available to you at the Lucky Lucky Blackjack tables will actually depend heavily on things like your total, how many cards you have and other details.

In the following, we’ll show you when your various options are available and how they work.

  • You can always stand no matter what. This simply ends your turn without changing your bet or receiving more cards.
  • Players can also hit at any point. You will receive a single card. However, it does not end your turn.
  • Doubling in this game can only be done if you have a total of 9, 10 or 11 points. Subsequently, it will require you to double the size of your wager, and you’ll receive exactly one card before your turn is immediately ended.
  • Finally, you can split when both cards have the same rank. This splits them up into two different hands. Additionally, you’ll need to add an extra wager worth the size of your original for the new hand that was created.

You also have the insurance option at certain points in the game. However, we will treat it as a side bet that will be discussed separately below.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Payouts
Lucky Lucky Blackjack Payouts

Lucky Lucky Side Bet

The main feature of this game is the Lucky Lucky side bet. What’s cool is that you can make that wager at any size you want. It’s not tied to your main hand or bet size in any way.

Essentially, it’s a wager on the first three cards seen, including the dealer’s up card. For each individual hand, the two cards dealt to you initially along with the dealer’s up card are the three cards used for the wager.

The pay table for this side bet is as follows:

  • 7-7-7 (Same Suit) – 200x
  • 6-7-8 (Same Suit) – 100x
  • 7-7-7 (Different Suits) – 50x
  • 6-7-8 (Different Suits) – 25x
  • 21 Total (Same Suit) – 15x
  • 21 Total (Different Suits) – 3x
  • 20 Total (Any Suit Combo) – 2x
  • 19 Total (Any Suit Combo) – 2x

As you can see, this side wager allows for wins that are much bigger than what are typically available. Blackjack games don’t normally have the ability to win at rates of 200:1 or even 100:1. However, since you have that ability in this game, you can see how it could become very exciting.

Insurance Side Bet

The other side bet in this game is for the Insurance option. This only comes up if the dealer is showing an ace or a 10-point card. To make this side bet, you have to place an additional wager worth half the size of your original bet.

However, the way it works is pretty simple. If the dealer has blackjack, your insurance bet wins. Subsequently, you’ll be paid at 2:1 on the insurance bet. The bad news is that it’s some pretty bad insurance since you’ll lose your original wager anyway (unless you also have blackjack, in which case it’s a tie).

Most players tend to stay away from the insurance bet except for the occasional novelty.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Bet Selection
Lucky Lucky Blackjack Bet Selection

How to Win at Lucky Lucky Blackjack

The main thing to do here is to play a solid multi-deck blackjack general strategy. One area where you’ll need to adjust is in the arena of doubling. Since you can’t ever double with a total of more than 11, you need to make sure you know how to play soft hands against various dealer cards.

Aside from that, you don’t need to worry too much about major strategic adjustments in this game. It’s a fairly straightforward rule set that’s not difficult at all to adjust to. That makes it perfect to play along with the exciting Lucky Lucky side bet.


Something worth noting about the Lucky Lucky Blackjack tables is that the payout rate of the side bet is 96.78 percent. That’s lower than the main game with good strategies. However, it’s much higher than the vast majority of side bets that you’ll find out there.

That makes it a good deal for players who really like blackjack side bets. Additionally, when you combine that with how solid the regular game is, you end up with a great overall experience.


Which online casinos have Lucky Lucky Blackjack?

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