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Revealed at London’s prestigious ICE event in February 2019, Monopoly Live marks Evolution’s latest foray into the exhilarating world of live gaming. This latest release promises an innovative follow up to the popular Dream Catcher, released two years previously.

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Adding cutting edge technology to arguably the world’s most famous board game has resulted in an entertainment extravaganza that pushes casino play to the next level. We take a look at the game’s inner workings, find out how to get started and offer a selection of the best places to join in the fun.

Monopoly Live – The Basics

The action unfolds within the studio, which features a live dealer, the central money wheel, a 3D animated Mr. Monopoly and a city backdrop. Players can interact with other punters via the chat function and can place bets easily using the platform on the lower half of the screen. The game can be accessed 24/7 and can be enjoyed across all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile. Monopoly Live boasts a great wagering range to suit all budgets, allowing bets as low as €0.10 up to a substantial maximum of €2,500.

Monopoly Live Studio
Monopoly Live Studio

The Wheel

Mounted vertically to offer full viewing pleasure, the wheel consists of 54 segments. Number 1 occurs most frequently, with 22 segments, offering a 1:1 ratio payout. Numbers 2, 5 and 10 are also present, which appear less often, yet offer increasingly higher rewards.

Two Chance segments provide extra excitement for players, which prompts Mr. Monopoly to get involved and reward lucky punters with either an instant cash prize or a multiplier bonus. The latter keeps all bets active while the dealer spins the wheel again, hopefully resulting in some sizeable multiplier jackpots. Once landed, the remaining four segments, entitled 2 rolls and 4 rolls, initiate the game’s thrilling bonus round.

Bonus Board Bonanza

This is where Monopoly really comes to life. Beautifully crafted, unique and hugely entertaining, the bonus round takes place on the traditional Monopoly board. If the wheel stops on either 2 or 4 rolls, players with a wager on the winning segment are transported to a stunning 3D rendition of the original game.

Monopoly Live Virtual Game Board
Monopoly Live Virtual Game Board

Houses and hotels drop down onto random squares to offer mouth-watering multipliers. Mr. Monopoly skips across familiar properties according to the total of the two dice thrown, and rewards punters with the amount presented on his final location. Other factors in play during the bonus include:

  • 2 rolls equate to two throws of the dice; 4 rolls to four.
  • If a double is thrown (both dice display the same number), an extra dice roll is rewarded for free.
  • Passing GO will double all subsequent property values.
  • If Mr. Monopoly ends up in jail, a double must be thrown for his release. All previous winnings remain in place.
  • The board does have its pitfalls – landing on Chance or Community Chest can result in a fine, and the Income Tax square reduces winnings by 10%, and as much as 20% for hitting the Supertax.

How to Win in Monopoly Live

Whilst the majority of casino games rely on luck rather than strategy, the one thing Monopoly Live players should definitely do, in order to increase their chances, is bet on the 2 roll and 4 roll options every single round. Naturally, it will take some time for the bonus to hit (on average – once in every 13.5 spins), but once it does, punters need to have at least some money wagered on those two segments to get the most out of the game, in terms of both enjoyment levels and financial gain.

Multipliers obtained randomly or by initiating the Chance feature before entering the bonus round can deliver hefty wins without having to bet big. As the multipliers can reach astronomic levels, especially on the affluent blue properties, with Mayfair remaining the most lucrative street of all, Evolution have capped the maximum win at €500,000.


Many seasoned casino enthusiasts will be acquainted with the money wheel concept and its various plus and minus points. Evolution have succeeded in taking this familiar format and turning it completely on its head.

Combining the fun of Dream Catcher live entertainment with a computer-generated bonus game that heightens the thrill to unprecedented levels, is a genius move, and one executed with pure perfection.

Despite its relatively brief existence on the casino scene, Monopoly Live has proved a knock out amongst players, and talk of securing live game of the year seems a justified reward for the title’s impressive showing so far.    

Facts and Figures

  • Release Date: April 2019
  • RTP: 91.30% – 96.23%
  • Max Win: €500,000
  • Min Bet/Max Bet: 0.10/2,500
  • Features: Live Dealer, Chance Card, Board Bonus Round


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