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The Nuwa online slot by Habanero Systems features a calming and relaxing Chinese theme based around a goddess by the same name. While the graphics and soundtrack create a relaxing vibe, the action is fast with a high volatility and multiple bonus features with chances to give players some pretty tremendous wins.

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Casinos with Nuwa

An Introduction to Nuwa

When you get started with the Nuwa online slot by Habanero Systems, you’ll notice right away that there is a very relaxing background with mountains, trees, waterfalls and a bit of a breeze sending leaves off into the air. The soundtrack matches this as well, so both the audio and graphical aspects of this title combine to give players a very relaxing experience.

However, that relaxation is tempered by a style of play that’s very action-oriented, so you’re getting the best of both worlds at the same time in this game.

Action is the name of the game with the Nuwa online slot, and that means a high volatility and a pay table that’s definitely geared more towards the upper end of things than total balance with regard to the value that the bonus features bring to the table.

Nuwa Slot Screenshot
Nuwa Slot Screenshot

Betting and Layout

At first look, the format of this game seems pretty usual. However, the number of paylines is atypical, and that may throw players off a little if they don’t realize it as soon as they start playing. The following breaks down what you can expect:

  • Players have five reels of symbols with three horizontal rows.
  • You cannot change the number of paylines, which comes in at a very atypical number of 28.
  • These paylines only pay from the left towards the right.
  • You’ll have coins sizes that go from €0.01 to €5 each, and you can bet from one to 10 coins on each payline.
  • The minimum bet size is just €0.28 per turn, which is pretty low, and plenty of higher betting options are available for mid-level players and high rollers.

Aside from the payline issue, the layout of this slot is within the standard parameters, so there aren’t too many surprises once you get past that one aspect of things.

Features and Gameplay

This game is driven equally from the features and the regular game’s pay table. The hit-rate is fairly solid considering how high the volatility is for this game, but you should still be prepared for some swings. We’ll look at how to adjust to these swings further down below when we talk about how to win at the Huwa slot.

Note that all payouts we describe here are based on wagers with a coin size of €0.05 with one coin wagered on each payline. If you change your bet size, the prizes you can win will change proportionately.

Wild Nuwa Symbols

Nuwa herself is the wild symbol. She substitutes in this game for everything but the scatter, which is in line with what you would expect from the standard way things are handled.

This wild only makes appearances on the first and third reels, however, so she does not give you wins on her own with combinations that consist completely of wilds.

However, when she appears as a part of a winning combination, she will expand to cover the whole reel, and that gives you more opportunities for extra wins that you would have missed out on without the expanding feature while simultaneously giving you better chances of hitting multiple payouts on the same spin.

Scattered Snake Symbol

The scatter for the Nuwa video slot is the purple snake coiled around an orange glowing gem. These symbols will pay out anywhere on the game board, and it doesn’t matter which reels or positions they appear in.

The payouts for these snake symbols are as follows:

  • Five of a Kind – 140x
  • Four of a Kind – 14x
  • Three of a Kind – 4.2x

The three of a kind win in particular happens more than it might seem like it would because you can get three snakes on any spot on the five reels no matter if they’re left to right or on adjacent reels or not. That makes it much easier to get this particular scatter combination.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

You can win a set of free spins when you get at least three of the scattered snake on the game board. No matter how many snakes you use to trigger the feature, you will always be given eight free turns.

The key thing to know about this feature is that when you get a winning combination of one of the five colored balls, the color is collected. When you collect one of each color, you’ll be taken to another bonus feature that we’ll describe below.

You should know that you cannot re-trigger the free spins. Along these lines, the scatters do not even appear during the Nuwa online slot’s free spins bonus feature, which is a good thing since that would have taken up space that would have made it harder to get the winning ball combinations needed to trigger the second bonus stage.

Second Stage Bonus Round

In the extra bonus round, five more free spins are added to however many you have remaining in your original eight. When this happens, you’re guaranteed two wilds on every single spin with one on a random position on the first reel and the other in a random position on the third reel.

During this feature, all of the wins are also doubled, which compounds with the guaranteed wilds to make these turns much more valuable than regular spins.

Note that this multiplier applies to all wins in the game, but there still no scatters available in the second stage of the bonus round.

How to Win at Nuwa

To maximize your chances of getting a big win in this game, you have to compensate for the high volatility and moderate hit-rate with a lower bet size than you would normally take. If you pair this with longer sessions, you can smooth out the big swings that you would typically expect.

Big Win on the Nuwa Slot
Big Win on the Nuwa Slot

Payout Structure for the Nuwa Slot

Outside of the scatters, there are two tiers of wins. The higher of the two tiers are different types of plants that are easy to identify by color. The purple flower earns 50x for five, and five on a payline of the red earns 37.5x. You can also win 25x for the green or 20x for the orange, both for five of a kind combinations.

The lower end has the five colored balls used to trigger the second stage of the bonus feature. The blue ball offers 15x for five, and you can get 10x, 7.5x, 3.75x or 1x for the red, orange, green or purple ones, respectively.


With the Nuwa video slot by Habanero Systems, you get a game based on a theme that is unique enough to stand out with solid graphics and high-action gameplay. The pay table is somewhat balanced, but the volatility is still at the upper end of what you’ll normally see, so it’s necessary to adjust your bet sizing accordingly.

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