Reel King Megaways

Reel King Megaways

Inspired Gaming’s Reel King Megaways online slot is an interesting game that combines one of the most modern formats available with one of the oldest themes and concepts found in the entire slot industry. The fruit machine theme combined with the modern style of play is a lot of fun with plenty of features in this throwback-inspired title.

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Casinos with Reel King Megaways
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
Royal Panda Casino 88% Royal Panda Casino Review Country Flag
Mr Green 86% Mr Green Review Country Flag
Loyal Casino 75% Loyal Casino Review Country Flag
Boom Casino 75% Boom Casino Review Country Flag
LightCasino 92% LightCasino Review Country Flag
PartyCasino 91% PartyCasino Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
CampoBet 87% CampoBet Review Country Flag
Malina Casino 86% Malina Casino Review Country Flag
Yoyo Casino 85% Yoyo Casino Review Country Flag
Betinia 85% Betinia Review Country Flag
Cadabrus 85% Cadabrus Review Country Flag
ZulaBet 85% ZulaBet Review Country Flag
Frank Casino 83% Frank Casino Review Country Flag
Barz Casino 82% Barz Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Reel King Megaways

When you first take a look at the Reel King Megaways video slot, there are a couple of things that are going to immediately stand out to you. First, this game uses a format that’s a bit off of the beaten path, and second, it has an old style visually with a fun fruit theme.

Reel King Megaways Main Screen
Reel King Megaways Main Screen

Combining these two sides of things is a lot of fun and leads to a gameplay experience that’s not really like anything else in the sub-genre.

There are a number of games that have a bit of a fruit machine or throwback theme, but none of them stand out like this game does with its thousands of ways to pay you on each and every spin. Add that to other features, and you’re in for a wild ride.

Visually, the game looks solid even though it uses an older theme. The symbols may be styled after classic concepts, but they look great and do not stick out in a bad way whatsoever.

Betting and Layout

A big part of the gameplay in this title has to do with the format and layout. You have plenty of options for your betting, but the grid setup might throw you off if you’re not familiar with it. To help remedy that, here’s what you can expect:

  • There are six vertical reels of play with an extra set of symbols on what’s called the extra reel up above the game board.
  • As many as seven symbols can appear on each of the regular reels with a minimum number of two.
  • The extra reel adds one additional symbol to the second, third, fourth and fifth vertical reels.
  • This is an “all ways” format game where all symbols pay on consecutive reels from left to right no matter the position of the symbols on those reels.
  • Bet sizing ranges from €0.20 to €20 per spin with 14 total betting options.

The hit-rate in this game is pretty high, and that leads to a fairly tame volatility. It’s worth noting that a majority of the value in this game comes from the regular pay table, but there are some features that add a little bit of volatility to things, though it’s not something to be worried about.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay style and feature set of the Reel King Megaways online slot really drives a high level of action. Don’t let the throwback look and sounds fool you. This is a title that will take you on quite a ride in terms of bringing a lot of action and a lot of ways to get paid.

Wild Symbols

In a game with this many ways to win, wild symbols are usually somewhat restrained. The reason for that is that they provide an overwhelming amount of value on their own, so if wilds were allowed to just show up anywhere, then they would seriously stifle the value that you could get from other sources.

In this title, the wilds only appear on the extra reel that’s located above the main game board. The four symbols on this extra reel add one spot each to the second through fifth reels, which means that the wilds cannot appear on the first or last reels. This means that there are no winning combinations that consist of only the wilds, but that’s fine considering how much value they already bring to the table thanks to their role in the overall layout.

Cascading Wins

During the regular game mode and the free spins mode, you can get cascading wins. The way this works is that winning combinations disappear after they are awarded, and this allows new symbols to fall down into place.

The new symbols the fall into place give you an opportunity to get more wins. If you do, this process continues once again. You’ll see cascades come over and over until you end up in a situation with no new wins available, and that’s when your paid spin comes to an end.

Reel King Megaways Lit Reels
Reel King Megaways Lit Reels

Golden Lit Reels

On the left-hand side of the game board of the Reel King Megaways video slot, you’ll notice a meter with various locations on it. This meter measures how many lit reels you receive on your spin and shows the features that you can earn for getting the meter high enough.

You will randomly start each spin with between zero and six golden reels.

From there, every cascade that happens will add one to this reel, and you can fill the meter completely in this way. You may need several cascades or just a couple to get to a feature along these lines; it just depends on how many lit reels you begin the spin with.

Reel King
Reel King Megaways Free Spins
Reel King Megaways Free Spins

There are three levels to the Reel King Features: Reel King, Super King and Mega King. They start you with the following number of Reel King symbols:

  • Mega King – 3 to 6 Reel Kings
  • Super King – 2 to 3 Reel Kings
  • Reel King – 1 to 2 Reel Kings

The Reel Kings will appear over the top of the reels to start off your free spins feature. They each have their own three-reel mini slot that only shows three symbols each: red, yellow and blue sevens. The reels will spin and give you a payout based on the following:

  • Triple Red Sevens – 10x
  • Triple Yellow Sevens – 5x
  • Triple Blue Sevens – 2x

If you don’t make one of these three wins, then you’ll be given a 1x payout (based on multiples of your entire bet size) as a consolation prize.

The results of the Reel King symbols determine how many free spins you are awarded for a free spins bonus round. You can get multipliers during this feature as well.

How to Win at Reel King Megaways

The volatility is the primary thing to look at when deciding on betting strategies for slots with this type of format. Since the volatility is in the medium-low range, the proper adjustment is to keep the bet size near the average of what you’re comfortable with or slightly higher, perhaps 25 percent higher.

Any larger of an adjustment will be overkill and will only serve to increase the swings beyond what will be comfortable for most players. Along these lines, we don’t recommend it.

Payout Structure for Reel King Megaways

Along the lines of the classic slot concept, there are a few tiers of symbols in this game. Remember that the wilds do not give you their own payouts since they don’t show up on the first or last reels, but the money bag symbol does, and it gives you 50x for six of a kind combinations. Note that it also pays for just two of a kind, which is the only symbol to do so in the game.

Reel King Megaways Payouts
Reel King Megaways Payouts

The red A symbol has a pretty good win available at 7.5x. From there, things drop off a bit to the orange K and yellow Q symbols, both of which pay 2x for six. Six of the blue J or green 10 pay out 1.75x as well.

At the lower end of the pay table, the purple 9 and watermelon fruit symbols pay 1x for six in a row. Six of a kind combinations of the plum will earn you 0.9x, and six of the cherries pay out 0.8x.


This is an incredibly solid game produced by Inspired Gaming, and it goes to show that the older concepts can lead to really strong slots if they are handled in a way that makes sense, shown the appropriate respect with regard to strong graphics and are given great gameplay value and features that fit the whole idea.

Overall, the Reel King Megaways online slot is a good example of a game that has aspects that will appeal to people who like all kinds of different games and experiences.


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