Serengeti Kings Casinos and Review 2021

Serengeti Kings

Net Entertainment’s Serengeti Kings online slot centers around the lion and the panther, both of which are known for being at the top of the food chain in this part of the world. This title uses a fun counter function with a special feature activating on every 12th spin while also offering chances for multipliers and free spins.

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Casinos with Serengeti Kings

An Introduction to Serengeti Kings

A lot of different online slots have been produced over the years that center around different types of animal landscapes and motifs. NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings video slot is another entry into this sub-genre, but as usual, they know how to make their titles stand out in a big way.

Serengeti Kings Main Screen
Serengeti Kings Main Screen

The graphics of this title are solid, but it’s the counting feature at the center of the gameplay that really makes it different than the other slots that are out there in this sub-genre.

Visually, we love the background with the rocks, trees, mountains and sunset. The symbols look great without resorting to any kind of 3-D effects, and the animations are smooth without being jolting.

The gameplay side is tremendous with the counter feature that we’ll get into below. This helps to keep the volatility pretty low and reasonable while still giving players a lot of ways to get paid from both the regular pay table and the feature set.

Betting and Layout

Admittedly, this game’s format is slightly out of the box, but it’s not done in a way that will really affect much for the gameplay. Here’s what to expect:

  • The usual grid with five reels and three rows of symbols is used here, and you’ll notice counters on each side of the game board as well.
  • These counters are for the lion and panther counting features, which we’ll dive into a little further down below.
  • A very atypical 26 paylines is used in this game, but it doesn’t really play any differently than many other slots from a practical standpoint.
  • Players always have wagers of 10 coins at a time, and you get to pick your coin size to determine your overall wager since you can’t change the number of coins or the number of activated paylines.
  • Coin sizes go from €0.01 to €10 each, and that gives you betting options from €0.10 to €100 per spin, which is plenty wide enough of a spread for virtually everyone but the highest of high rollers.

As you can see, the number of paylines is a little different, but it doesn’t make the betting increments awkward or anything like that. Likewise, all wins in this game are multiples of the bet size as a whole.

Gameplay and Features

The lines between the regular pay table and the features are blurred a little here because of how much of a part of the game the features are in terms of the main ones activating every 12 spins, so you have to think a little differently about where your value comes from in this particular title than you normally would.

Wild Symbols

The wilds are a critical part of the Serengeti Kings online slot. They can show up normally, or they can be created due to the lion and panther features. Here are the payouts you can get for this symbol:

Serengeti Kings Wild Symbols
Serengeti Kings Wild Symbols
  • Five of a Kind – 500x
  • Four of a Kind – 100x
  • Three of a Kind – 30x

The wilds do not substitute for the scatter symbols, but otherwise, they help you to get a lot of wins with any of the other symbols on the game board that you wouldn’t have picked up without their assistance.

Lion and Panther Features

This game is essentially played in 12-spin increments. During one set of 12 spins, you’ll see the counter on the side of the screen count the number of lion symbols, and during the next set of 12 spins, you’ll see it count the number of panther symbols.

Serengeti Kings Special Features
Serengeti Kings Special Features

At the end of each set of 12 symbols, you’ll see the number of collected lion or panther symbols, respectively, be randomly added to positions on the reels.

There are three special combinations that can happen when these random symbols are laid over top of each other. A lion over a panther turns that spot into a wild, and a lion over a wild adds one to that wild’s multiplier. Likewise, a lion over a lion increases the multiplier for that lion.


For the wild and lion multipliers noted above, the way they work is a little different than what players might be used to. All winning combinations start with a multiplier of 1x, obviously, but from there, it can increase on each payline based on how many multiplier increases are available for that line.

Serengeti Kings Multipliers
Serengeti Kings Multipliers

This gives you opportunities for some really serious multiplier increases that can boost your payout several times over. It’s obvious that there is a tremendous amount of value in that, so it’s not really something to write off as being unimportant.

Scatters and Free Spins

The scatters look like the intersection of the sun and the moon, and they clearly represent the dynamic here between the lion and the panther.

Serengeti Kings Free Spins
Serengeti Kings Free Spins

Getting three or more scatters anywhere on the grid gives you 12 free spins, but the number of scatters you pick up will change how those free spins are played.

The free spins will count up both the panthers and the lions at the same time, and here’s what you’ll get based on the number of scatters used to activate the feature:

  • Three Scatters – Both counters start at zero.
  • Four Scatters – Both counters start where they were when the feature was activated.
  • Five Scatters – Both counters start at five, which is a pretty high number for this and adds a significant amount of value.

At the end of the free spins, the lions will go over the reels at random to give you one set of payouts, and the panthers will do the same for another set of payouts. This is a cool way to compound the value from both sets of features.

You also have an opportunity to just purchase the free spins modes, though this may not be available at some casinos. For 8.45x, 8.75x or 9.22x your total bet size, you can buy a round based on hitting three, four or five scatters. This is completely optional.

How to Win at Serengeti Kings

The volatility of this title is pretty lower, and we recommend that you take advantage of that by using bet sizes on the upper end of the range you’re used to.

With that said, the lion and zebra counts reset when moving between bet sizes, so you should only switch when you’re on an increment of 12 spins so that you don’t lose out on any value.

Payout Structure for Serengeti Kings

The panther and lion symbols each pay 50x for five of a kind, and you can earn 30x to 20x for five of a kind combinations of the other five animals.

Serengeti Kings Payouts
Serengeti Kings Payouts

The red A, yellow K, green Q, cyan J and blue 10 all payout 10x for five. Keep in mind that these wins are all based on multiples of your whole bet size instead of the line bet wager.


The gameplay dynamite for the Serengeti Kings online slot is really interesting with the panther and lion symbols. A big benefit is the level of action that this title offers as a result, and that comes from a guaranteed feature coming every 12 spins that gives you better opportunities to win.

When you add the in-depth free spins mode and the balanced pay table, you end up with a good experience that most players can enjoy.