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Twin Harlequin

Red Rake Gaming’s Twin Harlequin online slot takes inspiration from a lot of different types of games, classic and video slots alike, to give players an action-centric experience that’s all about giving you plenty of ways to get paid. Run up some free re-spins, and you will trigger a bonus round where you can win instant payouts, free spins or both.

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An Introduction to Twin Harlequin

There’s nothing that online casino fans love more than slots, and you can see that from the fact that it’s the most popular genre by the number of games by far no matter where you play. With the Twin Harlequin video slot, you get to see a lot of different aspects of the genre pulled together into one place.

Twin Harlequin Main Screen
Twin Harlequin Main Screen

As a result, this slot is a good representative of a lot of what the genre has to offer as a whole.

The theme is done in an extremely well way with characters that seem to come out of the screen at you. This isn’t because of some gaudy 3-D effect, but instead, it’s because they are just so well-crafted.

On the gameplay side, you’ll get some really good opportunities to pull together balanced wins at the low, medium and upper ranges along with some solid bonus features that hit on a frequent basis.

Betting and Layout

While this game has some of the visual appeal of an older style of classic slot, it also blends in a more modern look and concept. With that having been said, it’s definitively a video slot, and here’s what you’ll get in terms of format:

  • Five reels are offset by three horizontal rows to give players a clear play field of 15 spots.
  • These 15 spots are cut up into 25 paylines that all run from the leftmost side of the reels to the right.
  • You can’t change how many lines are active on each spin, and it will always be set to 25.
  • You’ll choose bet sizes based on the total amount you want to wager per turn to keep things simplified.
  • The minimum bet size available is €0.25 per turn, and you’ll also have a maximum of €75 per spin available.

The volatility of this game is kept at a pretty reasonably low level. This is achieved through a high overall hit-rate, features that are designed to hit pretty often and a balanced pay table overall with chances to win for just two of a kind for some wins.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of the Twin Harlequin video slot is all about the bonus features, and we’ll show you exactly what you can expect and how these feature mechanics work so that you know what you’re getting into before you even get started.

Wild Diamond Symbols

The wilds in this game appear as sort of glowing diamond shapes. They aren’t diamonds like the gem, but they’re more like a colorful geometric pattern. In any event, they’re responsible for some of the largest pays that you’ll find in the game:

  • Five of a Kind – 200x
  • Four of a Kind – 20x
  • Three of a Kind – 1.2x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.12x

There are a few things to note here. First, all of these wins, like every other win we will talk about, is a multiple of your total wager. That means that the 200x win for five wilds on a line is the same as if it was described as a 5,000x jackpot line bet win, which is pretty substantial.

Additionally, the game is set up to give the best possible payout on each individual line. This means that if you got two wilds that were a part of what could be a larger winning combination, then you will always be given the payout for the larger win.

Twin Harlequin Roulette Feature
Twin Harlequin Roulette Feature

Re-spin Feature

Every single time that you get a winning combination of any type or any size, you will trigger a sort of re-spin feature. The way this works is that every one of your winning symbols will disappear, and this causes all of the symbols above these empty spaces to fall down.

Note that the empty space at the top of the game board will also be filled by new symbols, so you will always have a full board of 15 symbols each time the game evaluates for wins.

If you get more wins, you’ll see the meter on the left increase to note how many wins you’ve gotten in a row. This process continues until there are no new wins available on the game board.

Twin Harlequin Feature Multipliers
Twin Harlequin Feature Multipliers

Harlequin’s Roulette Bonus Round

If you get five re-spins in a row off of the back of the same regular, paid spin, then you will activate the Harlequin’s Roulette feature. The idea here is that there are two wheels, one gold and one blue, and a spin will happen in the center of them to tell you which wheel you get a spin on.

The golden wheel gives you instant payouts worth up to 20 times your total bet. However, the blue wheel gives you up to 15 free spins at a time, and these accumulate until you’re out of Harlequin’s Roulette spins.

Note that it’s possible to get both the blue and gold reels to spin at the same time. Also note that there are multipliers of up to 3x on the symbols that can give you up to that many spins in a row on each reel.

During your free spins, the re-spin feature will still activate, and you can also add new free spins and instant wins through the Harlequin’s Roulette bonus round as a result.

How to Win at Twin Harlequin

With the Twin Harlequin online slot, the main thing to keep in mind is that the hit-rate is pretty high while the volatility is pretty low. The natural strategy you can use to adjust to this is to increase your bet size a little bit to take advantage of the fact that the swings won’t be very bad at all.

We recommend that, if you try this strategy, to play in batches of a certain number of spins before you reevaluate where you stand. Perhaps you’ll play 50 spins in a row and then look to see where you stand to perhaps adjust your bet size up or down. This will help you to adjust to the low volatility and smoother swings.

Payout Structure for Twin Harlequin

The payout structure for this game centers largely around symbols that you would have seen in a classic slot scenario. It starts with the mid-level pays, which include the triple seven that’s worth 20x for five of a kind. Five of the cherry pays out 16x, and you can also line up five of the single red seven symbol for a 12 payout.

Twin Harlequin Payouts
Twin Harlequin Payouts

The single harlequin mask symbol in both gold and blue will give you an 8x win to start off the lower-tier pays. The bell is worth 5x, and the triple bar in yellow gets you 4x. Wins for the double and single bars are 3x or 2x, respectively.

From there, we have the two harlequin symbols, one in blue and one in gold. Each of them individually will pay 3.6x for five on a payline. However, they are the only non-wild that pays for just two of a kind, and they can also both show up stacked up to three symbols high to make multi-line wins easier at the lower end of the pay table.


The key thing to understand about the Twin Harlequin online slot is that the pay table and features are set up to have a strong hit-rate while still giving you opportunities to win some pretty big payouts. This is a good balance in style by Red Rake Gaming, and when you combine it with the aesthetically pleasing graphical style, you have a game that will appeal to many.