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Victorious MAX

The Roman-inspired Victorious MAX slot offers two styles of play for different players with high-volatility and low-volatility play modes. Each play mode gets the same features and low-end payouts, but the high-end wins are switched around in size and frequency. Both play modes also get a free spins mode with a massive 6x multiplier on all wins.

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An Introduction to Victorious MAX

There’s no shortage of games with Roman-based themes in the online slots world. However, Net Entertainment knows how to put their own spin on things, and that’s exactly what they did with the Victorious MAX online slot.

Giving players a way to customize their level of volatility is one of the things that makes this title stand out compared to others in the same sub-genre.

From a visual standpoint, this game uses solid but somewhat simplified graphics. We think that’s a reasonable decision since so much of the focus here is on the gameplay elements.

When it comes to the gameplay, you have options between different levels of volatility, but both offer high levels of action, chances for some pretty solid wins and good features. We’ll outline how the game modes work and what the differences are further down below.

Victorious MAX Main Screen
Victorious MAX Main Screen

Betting and Layout

The base betting setup for this game is pretty good and is obviously oriented towards a fast style of play. That’s something that matches up well with the concept of a Roman motif for an online slot, so we’re obviously not complaining.

  • The basic format used here has five reels and three rows for the typical 15-spot grid.
  • You can get wins in 243 ways thanks to the all ways format that essentially treats all regular-paying symbols as left-to-right scatters.
  • There is a base bet of 25 coins that can be multiplied by factors of up to 10 for a maximum wager size of 250 coins.
  • The sizes of those coins range from €0.01 at the lower end to €0.50 at the upper end.
  • This leads to an overall betting range of €0.25 to €125 per spin.

Near the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a button that allows you to switch between the “Classic” and “MAX” modes of this game. We’ll elaborate on how those work down below, but it’s in line with the rest of the betting options so that it’s easy to see which game mode you’re in while you’re checking to make sure that you have the coin sizes and number of coins per spin that you prefer.

Features and Gameplay

The features of this game are set up in a way that gives players a lot of ways to get paid while the format lends itself to a relatively high hit-rate no matter which game mode you use. When you add in the customization options, it’s reasonable to say that pretty much all players can find a style of play they enjoy in the Victorious MAX online slot.

Wild Symbols

One important aspect of the gameplay that many will not expect is that the wild symbols do not appear on every single reel. Instead, they only make appearances on the second and fourth reel. They show up as golden birds on a red background, and there’s no other symbol similar to that, so they’re pretty easy to pick out.

Victorious MAX Wilds and Free Spins
Victorious MAX Wilds and Free Spins

Free Spins and Multipliers

The leaf crown on a golden background is the scattered bonus symbol for the Victorious MAX video slot. You’ll earn free spins for getting three or more of this symbol, and they do have to land somewhere specific on the reels for you to get paid. They work like the regular paying symbols in that they have to appear on consecutive reels (in any position) from left to right to award the bonus round.

Here are the numbers of free spins you can get:

  • Five of a Kind – 25 free spins
  • Four of a Kind – 20 free spins
  • Three of a Kind – 15 free spins

Something else that’s really important about this free spins bonus mode is that there’s a massive 6x multiplier to all of your wins when you trigger it. That’s an enormous multiplier that’s bigger than most for free spin modes, and it goes to show that Net Entertainment was very serious about making this title’s free spins mode stand out from others in the sub-genre.

Two Different Game Modes

In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a button that will be either green or red, and it allows you to switch between the “MAX” and “Classic” versions of this game. There’s really only one thing that changes with that switch, and that’s the volatility of the game. The features stay the same.

Here’s what to expect from each game mode:

  • Classic – This mode has a lower volatility in exchange for smaller payouts for the upper-end symbols that will hit more often to compensate for paying out at a lower level.
  • MAX – In this mode, the volatility is higher, and that’s achieved by making the upper-tier payouts much larger. To keep things balanced, they will hit less often, but when they do, you’ll definitely be in for a serious win.

You can choose whichever game mode you like and whichever way you want to play, but keep in mind that a higher volatility game will have much stronger swings that last longer for your account balance, and you’ll need to adjust your betting accordingly.

How to Win at Victorious MAX

There are two viable strategies with this game, and they correspond to which of the two game modes that you opt for.

The first option is to play in the classic mode. Because the volatility is smaller, you can compensate for the lower top-tier payouts by using a slightly larger bet size. You won’t have to worry about the swings taking you out so much with this larger wager because the volatility is so much lower overall.

A second choice is to go with the MAX mode and a smaller bet size than usual. This compensates for the high volatility but still offers opportunities for some very serious payouts at the upper end.

Payout Structure for Victorious MAX

At the upper end of the Victorious MAX online slot pay schedule, there are four character symbols. These symbols will pay differently to various degrees depending on which game mode you’re using. The five of a kind combinations for the MAX game mode are as follows:

Victorious MAX Payouts
Victorious MAX Payouts
  • Caesar – 5,000x
  • Maximus – 1,500x
  • Gladiator – 750x
  • Soldiers – 600x

In the classic game mode, they are part of a more flat pay distribution:

  • Caesar – 1,500x
  • Maximus – 1,000x
  • Gladiator – 500x
  • Soldiers – 400x

Keep in mind that you’ll hit these payouts more often to compensate for them being smaller.

The rest of the pay table is the same for both versions of the Victorious MAX video slot, and they consist of the golden card rank symbols. You can pick up 200x for five of the A or 150x for five of a kind of the K symbol. The Q and J symbols both pay out 100x for five, and you can earn 80x for five of a kind combinations of the 10 or 9.

The 10 and 9 symbols are special in this game because they each pay out 3x wins for just two of a kind. This is a tremendous set of wins because of the 243 ways format that makes it incredibly easy to earn these smaller payouts at a high rate.


It’s clear that Net Entertainment wanted the Victorious MAX online slot to stand out in a big way from other games in the Roman slot sub-genre. They definitely achieved this between the smart graphical style, the large 6x multiplier on the free spins and the option to switch between two different games modes that allows you to customize the gameplay experience to something that you prefer.

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