Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat is a somewhat unique live dealer product. Created by Vivo Gaming, a casino supplier known for immersive games, this risqué title is truly for adults only. Why? Because the dealers are clad in nothing but skimpy bikinis! Our review takes a look at what you can expect from this sexy casino game and reveals the best sites at which to play.

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Casinos with Vivo Aladdin Baccarat
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Melbet Casino 91% Melbet Casino Review Country Flag
SpinBetter 91% SpinBetter Review Country Flag
Loki Casino 89% Loki Casino Review Country Flag
Betandyou 88% Betandyou Review Country Flag
22BET Casino 88% 22BET Casino Review Country Flag
Ilucki Casino 85% Ilucki Casino Review Country Flag
Oshi Casino 84% Oshi Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

Given the strict regulations around online casinos, all games are technically classed as “adult content”. But Vivo Gaming’s Aladdin Baccarat tables take the idea to new levels, with a bevy of scantily-clad beauties dealing the cards.

This might not be a concept that everyone is entirely comfortable with. But if you’re looking for truly adult-orientated casino games that are a little bit cheeky, Vivo Aladdin Baccarat will be right up your street.

The game itself plays out like any other live baccarat product. But the unique selling point is, of course, the fact that the sexy casino dealers wear nothing but barely-there swimsuits.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat RTP

If you’re seeking naughty casino games for adults, Vivo Aladdin Baccarat could be right up your street. This live dealer title offers a titillating twist on the classic card game.

Key Information

Developer Vivo Gaming
RTP 98.95%
Min. Wager 0.50
Max. Wager 25,000

Rules of Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

This game’s main appeal lies in the dealers and their unique outfits. But the basic gameplay is actually the same as any other baccarat title. So if you’ve ever played this popular casino game before, you’ll likely already be familiar with the Vivo Aladdin Baccarat rules.

However, just in case you’re new to the game, let’s run through how it all works. The object of the main baccarat bet is simple. All you need to do is determine which of the two hands you think will win. The dealer takes care of everything else, controlling how the game plays out based on some simple rules.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat review Vivo Gaming

Betting Opportunities

In Vivo Aladdin Baccarat, the dealers distribute two cards to both the Player and Banker sections face down. While this takes place, you can place your bet on either hand. Or if you prefer, you may wish to wager on the result being a Tie.

Each option pays the following, if successful:

  • Banker: 0.95 to 1;
  • Player: 1 to 1;
  • Tie: 8 to 1.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat RTP

You may notice that the Banker bet has a slightly unusual payout. This is due to a 5% “commission” charged on winning bets. It’s simply down to the game’s structure and the fact that the Banker is more likely to win.

The long-term payout rates, or Return To Player (RTP) can be seen below:

  • Banker: 98.95%;
  • Player: 98.76%;
  • Tie: 85.64%.

Determining a Win

After placing your Vivo Aladdin Baccarat bets, the dealer will reveal one card at a time. To begin with, the face values of the two starting cards are added together. All picture cards are worth 10 points.

Where the sum total is a double digit value, only the final number counts. So a hand comprising a King and a 6, for example, is worth exactly 6 (10 + 6 = 16 = 6). The value of the two hands is compared after all cards are dealt, to see which is highest. 

If either of the hands has an initial value of 8 or 9, this is a “natural” and the game ends immediately. Naturally, if the Banker hand is greater than the Player, bets on the Banker are winners. The reverse is also true and of course, if the two values are equal, then Tie bets win instead. 

However, there’s more to a game of Vivo Aladdin Baccarat than simply turning over the first four cards. Sometimes, additional cards are required. In such cases, the dealer will follow a strict set of rules to determine whether or not to deal further cards. The Player hand is assessed first, followed by the Banker. You can read more about that on our baccarat tutorial page.

Other Rules

Although some forms of the game employ fewer, Vivo Aladdin Baccarat uses a shoe of eight decks. Naturally, each one contains the standard 52 cards without jokers. A cut card is placed fairly low down into the deck to ensure the shoe is regularly shuffled.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat rules

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat Side Bets

So far we’ve only discussed the main betting opportunity in Vivo Aladdin Baccarat, but there are several side bets too. These help to keep things interesting, since baccarat is fundamentally a very simple casino game.

Let’s now take a look at the various side bets offered in this sexy live dealer game.

Pair Bets

There are four different side bets in Vivo Aladdin Baccarat involving pairs. They are:

  • Player Pair: 11 to 1. As the name suggests, you’re betting on the Player hand being a pair, such as two 3s or two Queens.
  • Banker Pair: 11 to 1. This is the exact same bet as the Player Pair, only for the Banker hand instead.
  • Either Pair: 5 to 1. Play it safer with the Pair bet by covering both hands at the same time. If either, or indeed both hands turn out to be a pair, this bet wins.
  • Perfect Pair: 25 to 1. This rewards you whenever either of the two hands are an exact match. For instance, rather than simply having a pair of 2s, both cards are the 2 of spades.

Bonus Bets

You also have the chance to bet on either the Player Bonus or the Banker Bonus. Many baccarat games refer to this side bet as the Dragon Bonus. And with Vivo Aladdin Baccarat, you’ll notice an image of this mystical beast appearing on screen whenever the bonus triggers.

In essence, this wager rewards you for dominant successes. So if your selection wins heavily, you’ll receive a greater payout, as per the below pay table:

  • Win by 9: 30 to 1;
  • Win by 8: 10 to 1;
  • Win by 7: 6 to 1;
  • Win by 6: 4 to 1;
  • Win by 5: 2 to 1;
  • Win by 4: 1 to 1;
  • Natural win: 1 to 1;
  • Natural Tie: Push.

The payout rates for both the Banker Bonus and the Player Bonus side bets are the same.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat sexy adult casino games

Gameplay Procedure

Okay, to make sure you’ve fully understood how Vivo Aladdin Baccarat works, let’s quickly play out an imaginary game.

  • Cards are dealt. The sexy Vivo Gaming dealer places four cards face down on the table. That’s two in the Banker position and two more for the Player.
  • Place your bets. While the cards are dealt, the window for placing bets is open. Choose from the Player, Banker or Tie wagers, as well as several side bets.
  • Hands are revealed. As soon as the betting window closes, the gorgeous girl behind the table reveals the cards.
  • Extra cards added. If required, in accordance with the rules of Vivo Aladdin Baccarat, an extra card may be required for one or both hands.
  • Winners are paid. Once the final hand values are clear, the Vivo Gaming software automatically pays out anyone with a winning bet.

Where to Play Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

If you’re ready to check out this risqué online baccarat game and its sexy dealers, you’ll need to know where you can play. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the research. Towards the top of this page, you’ll find a compilation of trusted casinos which offer live dealer titles from the Vivo Gaming catalogue.

Among them are some giant international wagering sites such as 1XBet Casino, which offer rewarding signup incentives. They also look after their players with regular promotions and quality customer support via multiple channels. Check them out and enjoy Vivo Aladdin Baccarat today.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat adult oriented live casino games

How to Win at Vivo Aladdin Baccarat

Baccarat is not one of those casino games where you can employ tactics to gain an edge. Card counting, for instance, is not going to yield a long-term profit like it would at the blackjack tables. In this particular version, the dealers shuffle the cards far too frequently for it to have an impact anyway.

Since your fate is entirely in the lap of the gambling gods, you’ll want to try and find the bets which offer the best returns in the long run. And in the case of Vivo Aladdin Baccarat, that’s the Banker bet with its RTP of 98.95%.

The best way to approach Vivo Aladdin Baccarat is to keep your stakes small and enjoy the entertainment value. As a cheeky, adult-oriented online casino game, this release is a lot of fun. So don’t get too bogged down with trying to force wins in what is a game of pure chance. Place your bets, hope for the best and enjoy the views!


There are few online casino games out there with truly adult content like this. And although not everyone will approve of seeing the dealers doing their jobs in nothing but bikinis, Vivo Aladdin Baccarat is obviously designed to target a specific demographic. And those people are going to love this naughty twist on a casino classic.

Aside from the beautiful dealers and their outfits – or lack of them! – there’s not really anything revolutionary going on here. The basic baccarat games rules apply and the quality of the streaming is just average. But ultimately, what you see is what you get and it’s quite clear what Vivo Aladdin Baccarat is all about.

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat sexy dealer casino game


Who makes Vivo Aladdin Baccarat?

Vivo Aladdin Baccarat is the creation of Vivo Gaming, a reputable supplier of live dealer casino titles. This particular product is relatively unique, with very few adult-oriented casino games of this nature found online.

What is the Vivo Aladdin Baccarat RTP?

The Vivo Aladdin Baccarat RTP varies by your chosen bet. The best theoretical return comes from the Banker wager, at 98.95%. Bets on the Player pay out at 98.76%, while the Tie offers a much lower long-term return of 85.64%.

How do you play Vivo Aladdin Baccarat?

We’ve outlined the complete Vivo Aladdin Baccarat rules elsewhere in this guide. But they are largely the same as any other online baccarat game. This release is noted more for its naughty nature, with sexy and scantily-clad dealers.

Is there a winning strategy for Vivo Aladdin Baccarat?

Unfortunately, there is no definite winning strategy for Vivo Aladdin Baccarat. It’s not a game where you can use card counting to good effect, for instance. We’ve discussed how to approach playing this game a little further up the page.

Which online casinos have Vivo Aladdin Baccarat?

Use the list of Vivo Aladdin Baccarat casinos to see all online casinos that have Vivo Aladdin Baccarat. We filter the casino top list to only show Vivo Aladdin Baccarat casinos that accept players from your location.