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Who’s the Bride

The Who’s the Bride video slot by Net Entertainment is a fun, Asian-themed online slot that uses the concept of trying to guess who the bride is at a wedding as the central theme of the title. This game gives you free spins with sticky wilds and a generous pay table with a reasonable volatility and a high hit-rate.

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An Introduction to Who’s the Bride

Net Entertainment has a portfolio filled with all different kinds of games with all different kinds of themes. With the Who’s the Bride online slot, you get a title that fits a certain place in that portfolio for players who like gameplay based around a high hit-rate and some balanced features.

Who's the Bride Main Screen
Who’s the Bride Main Screen

The visual appeal of this game is reasonable but not overwhelming, but it’s the gameplay that really makes the play experience worthwhile.

On the presentation side, you get a soundtrack that feels really good for how things are shown, and the game is set up to be on stage with a bit of theatrics involved. The symbol set is pretty standard for Asian-inspired games with a variety of symbols that look on-point for the theme.

When it comes to the gameplay, however, the action is serious, and the hit-rate is pretty high. There are some solid features here that give players many ways to get paid and that complement that already impressive pay table.

Betting and Layout

There’s a really simplified format used in this game that’s a lot like older style video slots. It fits the gameplay style perfectly, but here’s what to expect:

  • When you start playing, you’ll very clearly see the five reels separated on stage with three symbols showing on each reel.
  • From there, there are nine total paylines spread across the reels, which is the number that a lot of older style video slots use.
  • The paylines run from left to right only, and their number cannot be increased or decreased.
  • The betting letting can be increased to as much as 4x the usual size for betting increments of 9, 18, 27 or 36 total coins per spin.
  • The coins are worth €0.01 to €0.50 apiece.
  • This gives you a minimum bet size of €0.09 per turn with a maximum of €18 per spin.

We want to take a moment to point out that the volatility of this game is pretty low, and the hit-rate is fairly high. This makes the Who’s the Bride video slot a good pick for players who might want to increase their bet sizes a bit since the swings will stay pretty much under control anyway.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for this title is pretty straightforward, but it packs a lot of value. There’s plenty of value from the regular pay table as well, and the slot’s features complement that value in a lot of ways. In what follows, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how this game plays.

Wild Bride Symbol

The bride is the wild symbol, and she shows up behind a red veil. This fits the theme of the game really well. She shows up on every single one of the five reels, and she helps you to get wins that you would have missed out on without her.

Who's the Bride Wild Symbols
Who’s the Bride Wild Symbols

With that said, she also has some pretty good payouts on her own, and here’s what you can get:

  • Five of a Kind – 1,500x
  • Four of a Kind – 150x
  • Three of a Kind – 25x

Each individual payline has its best possible win calculated, and what that means is if you get three or four wilds on a payline, but they could be used to make a different winning combination that pays more, then you’ll always get the best-paying combination available. This is calculated on a payline-by-payline basis to make sure that you get the largest available win every single time no matter how the symbols fall.

Scattered Gold Ingots

The golden ingot is the scatter symbol in this game. It offers some of the best payouts in the entire slot, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Five of a Kind – 2,500x
  • Four of a Kind – 25x
  • Three of a Kind – 4x
  • Two of a Kind – 2x

Since you’re only paying to spin on nine paylines each turn, the fact that you can win with just two scatters located anywhere on the game board is a pretty solid perk for this slot.

Who's the Bride Scatter Symbols
Who’s the Bride Scatter Symbols

Free Spins Bonus Feature

A solid free spins bonus round is available for players pick up at least three scattered ingot symbols at the same time.

No matter how many scatters you use to activate the feature (three, four or five), you will always get 12 free spins to start with.

During this bonus feature, the wild symbols act differently because they become total stickies. What this means is that when a wild appears, it will keep its position for the entire rest of the feature. However, that’s not all they do.

When you have a spin where at least one new wild is added to the reels, you get five additional free spins added to your total.

There’s no maximum to how many free spins you can get along these lines, but there’s one more thing to know about this feature: All wins are multiplied by a factor of two. This multiplier doubles the already generous amount of value that this bonus feature provides.

How to Win at Who’s the Bride

With the Who’s the Bride video slot, the most significant part of the volatility comes down to the bonus feature because such an overwhelming amount of value is packed into it. However, this free spins mode is not the only way to get some pretty sizable wins as the regular pay table has some good payouts as well.

As such, there’s not really much to do in terms of changing up your bet size unless you want to increase it a bit to take advantage of the low overall volatility. Your swings will stay in a moderate range, but you’ll increase the value of the payouts you get from the wilds, scatters and other solid wins on the regular pay table as a result.

Payout Structure for Who’s the Bride

A number of strong and mid-level wins are available at the top of the regular pay table. It starts with five of a kind of the temple symbol for a 1,000x payout. You can also score a very solid 750x prize for five of the box symbol, and five of a kind combinations of the shoes will earn 400x.

Who's the Bride Payouts
Who’s the Bride Payouts

Players can also win 300x for five of the sash or 200x for five of the vase.

The bottom end of the pay table sees things taper off quite a bit with the Asian-inspired card rank symbols. The A gets you 100x for five of a kind. You can pick up 75x for five of the K or 50x for five of the Q as well. The lowest payouts are 40x or 25x for five of the J or 10 symbols, respectively.


The Who’s the Bride video slot is a good fit into NetEnt’s overall catalog of titles because it provides a specific gameplay style that appeals to a fairly significant section of the player base. While it’s not going to be every player’s particular cup of tea, it’s not designed to appeal to everyone.

With that said, if you like games with a good amount of value and an exciting bonus feature with strong regular pays on the pay table, then this is a title that will fit what you’re looking for very well.