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Wings of Riches

The Wings of Riches online slot by Net Entertainment takes players through a magical forest with fairies, tropical flowers and other goodies all while giving you chances to take down some awesome payouts. With a free spins mode, extra wilds and multipliers, the features in this game can compound to give players very serious chances at very serious prizes.

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An Introduction to Wings of Riches

Net Entertainment’s slot portfolio contains tons of different games with a wide range of variety when it comes to themes, feature sets, graphical styles and other aspects of their titles. With the Wings of Riches video slot, you’ll see a sort of magical forest theme that centers on fairies and colorful flora, and this definitely has a solid place in their portfolio as a whole.

Wings of Riches Main Screen
Wings of Riches Main Screen

With that said, the look and aesthetic appeal is not all that this game has to offer.

On the gameplay side of things, players will have a number of features that can all combine to give some pretty impressive compounded wins. It’s worth noting that the regular pay table is solid as well, so you get multiple sources of serious levels of value in this game, and that’s the kind of thing that we really like to see for players.

Betting and Format

The format chosen for this game is very solid and acts as a great foundation for how the features and gameplay unfold. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The five reels in this game have three rows of symbols on each for a 15-spot grid.
  • This grid gives players access to 20 paylines, all of which pay from left to right only.
  • These paylines cannot be changed.
  • Coins start at the €0.01 level for a €0.20 minimum bet size.
  • You can wager with coins as high as €20 apiece for a maximum bet of €400 per turn with plenty of options in between.

The volatility for this game is on the lower end of the medium range. It’s not incredibly low, but it’s definitely below average, and that’s a pretty good place to be for players who like chances to win some sizable prizes without having to worry about swings that are liable to get out of hand on a regular basis.

In short, the layout and volatility are set up to be a bit more on the side of relaxing play than stressing you out by sending your account balance up and down all over the place.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay for the Wings of Riches online slot centers largely around a generous pay table, but there are also a handful of nice features that add some strong value as well. We’ll cover everything that you need to know here in what follows.

Spreading Wilds Feature

The wild symbols can show up on the second, third and fourth reels only, and they are dandelion flowers. Anyone who knows about dandelions can tell you that they spread faster than just about anything else out there, and NetEnt has played on this fact with the Spreading Wilds Feature.

Wings of Riches Spreading Wilds
Wings of Riches Spreading Wilds

Between two and four nearby symbols can randomly turn into wilds with this feature.

These wilds will substitute for any regular symbol, not including the wilds or the multiplier symbol. It’s also worth noting that you’re guaranteed to get at least one wild on the middle three reels during each spin of the free spins mode.

Scatters and Free Spins

The purple dragonfly is the scatter symbol in this game. When you get three or more of them anywhere on the game board at once, you’ll be given a set of 10 free spins.

Wings of Riches Scatters
Wings of Riches Scatters

During this free spins mode, you can add more free spins on to your total by getting more scatters. Two scatters anywhere on the grid adds five extra turns, and three or more will give you 10 extra turns.

This means that you can fairly easily run up a lot of free turns at once, and it’s worth noting that there is no maximum number of free spins that you can be awarded at any given time, so the potential value here is tremendous.

Free Spins Multiplier Feature

During the free spins mode, you can get a multiplier flower that appears on the fifth reel. This will increase your multiplier by a factor of one for all of your wins in the game during that run at the free spins bonus round.

Wings of Riches Multipliers
Wings of Riches Multipliers

In the Wings of Riches video slot, you can get a maximum multiplier of 5x in this way.

Once you get that multiplier up to the 5x level, the multiplier symbol will be removed from the fifth reel completely since it can no longer help you, and that keeps it from taking up space that could otherwise be used to give you winning combinations.

How to Win at Wings of Riches

Net Entertainment has made the Wings of Riches slot have plenty of good features without the volatility being too out of hand. One thing that this allows for is if you want to take advantage of that, you can actually increase your bet size to a little more than what you would normally wager.

The reason for this is that the lower volatility keeps the swings from getting out of hand, so you don’t have to worry about that, and with a slightly larger bet size, your wins will be proportionately larger. This is compounded further by the spreading wilds and multiplier features as well, which combine to give you chances for some pretty serious payouts.

Payout Structure for Wings of Riches

When you play this game, you have to understand that there are three different tiers of payouts, and they are all based on multiples of your entire wager. You can multiply them by 20 to get what the line bet equivalent would be if that’s how you’d prefer to see your payouts.

Wings of Riches Payouts
Wings of Riches Payouts

At the upper end of the pay table, there are four fairies. The red fairy pays 75x for five, and you can get 60x for five of the yellow. The green pays 35x for five of a kind combinations, and it drops down to 25x for five of the blue.

Three bugs make up the mid-level pays. You can earn 7.5x for five of the red ladybug, 6.25x for five of the yellow beetle or 5x for five of the blue beetle.

Finally, the lowest tier wins are three flowers in a similar color pattern. The red flower pays 3.75x, the yellow gets you 2.5x and the blue awards 1.25x, all for five of a kind combinations of each.

With 10 total paying symbols, you’ll see that the overall pay table is fairly flat and gives players a lot to get excited about with plenty of available wins at the upper and mid-level tiers.


With the Wings of Riches video slot, you get a pretty solid experience with lots of ways to win set within a fantasy forest setting. While this is clearly a type of theme that’s been used in the industry a lot, Net Entertainment makes this game really stand out in the sub-genre by giving players compounding features that come together to give opportunities for some pretty huge payouts.

When you combine that with the excellent graphics and visual appeal, it’s not hard to see how this game easily appeals to a wide range of players, especially considering how reasonable the volatility is in comparison to how big of wins you can get from the features and the regular pay table.

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