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Wizards Want War

Habanero Systems’ Wizards Want War online slot offers players a chance to watch a light wizard and a dark wizard go head to head in a series of duels to see who can come out on top. The results of these duels include random wild configurations on the reels along with multipliers on all of your wins for some pretty heavy win opportunities.

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An Introduction to Wizards Want War

As human beings, we have an obsession with the idea of people who could do things that we’re not normally able to do. Before there were tons of super hero movies, an obsession with wizards was the most popular way to go with this.

In this wizarding world, the forces of light and dark come into conflict, which is the premise of this game.

The reels are the virtual battlefield for this fight, and along these lines, the game’s features are completely based around this duel. You’ll see it happen over and over again just by getting a pair of normal symbols on certain reels, and it’s a key part of the gameplay.

Wizards Want War Main Screen
Wizards Want War Main Screen

This title looks amazing as well. Every single one of the symbols has a lot of detail dedicated to it, which is something that Habanero Systems is known for in the games they develop in general.

Betting and Layout

With a magical battle breaking out, they have to have somewhere to actually fight, and that’s when the Wizards Want War video slot’s format comes into play:

  • Three rows of symbols extend out across five reels to form the typical 15-symbol grid for this slot.
  • You’ll have 25 paylines available on each and every spin (this number cannot be changed).
  • All lines pay from left to right only in the main game, but they pay in both directions during the free spins.
  • The betting level can be changed from one to ten coins per line for a range of 25 to 250 coins total available to wager.
  • The coins themselves start off at a size of €0.01 apiece, giving this title a minimum bet size of just €0.25.
  • The game is designed to allow for coins as large as €20 each, but virtually no online casinos will have coins that big enabled. Instead, your maximum bet will usually bet set to somewhere in the €100 to €200 range.

Habanero Systems used a pretty solid format here with some options for really honing in on the bet size that you want, and even though they use a coin-oriented betting system, your total wager per spin is displayed plainly at the bottom of the game screen.

Features and Gameplay

The features in this game are designed in a way that they come up more often than what you might see in other video slots. This lends itself to a style of gameplay that is fast-paced with surprise duels around the corner pretty much all the time.

Note that all of the wins we describe here will be listed as a multiple of the line bet wagers and not of the total bet sizes.

Wild Symbols

There’s an absolutely gorgeous wild symbol in this game with a gold motif and an intricate design behind it. The wilds show up on every reel.

Wizards Want War Wilds
Wizards Want War Wilds

The only wild-specific win is for five of a kind, which will give you a 400x payout.

There are two symbols that this wild will not substitute for. One of those is an amulet, and the other is a skull fiend with a blue visual motif, which are used for bonus feature activation as you’ll see below.

Dueling Wizards Feature

The main feature that drives most of the gameplay centers around the two wizards (light and dark) having a duel. If you get the light wizard anywhere on the first reel with the dark wizard anywhere on the fifth reel (note that vice versa will not work), then a duel is initiated.

Wizards Want War Duels
Wizards Want War Duels

To start this feature off, a wheel will spin to give you a wild pattern from one of ten different total possibilities (five will appear on the wheel at random, and then your choice will be picked from those five).

The duel will start once the wild is picked, and the wizards will fight to see who wins. The first to three hits wins in the main game, but the one you pick will win automatically in the free spins mode.

After the duel is finished, the wild combination is added to the reels in a random position to cover symbols that are already there. You’ll also be given a multiplier to all wins for that spin, and it’ll be 3x if the light wizard wins but only 2x if the dark wizard is the victor.

Dueling Meters

On the left and right sides of the reels, you will see two meters with red and blue crystals. These correspond to duels won for the light and dark wizard, respectively.

When you get one of these meters filled with 15 victories, you will automatically activate a version of the Dueling Wizards Feature.

First, one of the wild combinations will be randomly chosen to be added to the reels right away. Additionally, you’ll get the multiplier for the respective wizard, so the red crystal will give you 3x while the blue crystal adds a 2x multipliers to your wins for that spin with the extra wild combination.

Note that if you trigger a duel on the same spin, the multiplier from the meter filling and the multiplier for the duel will multiply for total multipliers of up to 9x.

Free Spins Mode

You’ll be granted a set of free spins when you get the amulet symbol on the second reel with the skull fiend (who looks like he has blue flames coming out of his head) on the fourth reel. It doesn’t matter which positions they fall on, and they don’t have to be in any certain spots to activate the feature. Note also that these symbols only appear on the second and fourth reels, respectively.

Wizards Want War Free Spins
Wizards Want War Free Spins

When this feature starts, you choose between the amulet for the light wizard and the skull fiend for the dark wizard.

This is your chosen wizard for the guaranteed duel that will happen at some point in the set of free spins. During this free spins mode, you’ll also be given wins that go both left to right and right to left for even more ways to get paid. Along these lines, five of a kind combinations are paid out twice in the free spins bonus round for the Wizards Want War online slot: once for each direction.

How to Win at Wizards Want War

To get the most value from this game that you can, you need to get the extra duel from the crystal meters filling up. To make that happen, you need to get in more spins on this game, so longer sessions (adjusting with a lower bet size if needed) can be a very viable strategy.

Also, the meter levels are tied to each individual available bet size. What this means is that you really don’t want to have to switch around bet sizes if you can help it because that essentially “wastes” the meter gains on other wager amounts that you won’t get to use.

Combining these two pieces of information, we recommend using a slightly smaller bet size than you might use ordinarily but getting in more spins per session. You can even use the autoplay feature to speed things up a bit if you’re interested.

Payout Structure for Wizards Want War

In the Wizards Want War online slot, the pay table is actually fairly flat outside of the 800x win for five wilds. Five of the light wizard or dark wizard will pay 350x or 300x, respectively, and the payoffs do not drop very hard from that point.

Wizards Want War Payouts
Wizards Want War Payouts

Five of the magical spellbook is worth 240x, and the griffin gets you 180x for five. Five of the skull is worth 120x as well, and that leads us to the royal card rank symbols.

Here, the A, K, Q and J are all decorated in a way that they fit the overall concept and visual motif absolutely perfectly. The pay out 100x to 50x for five of a kind combinations, and they are really beautiful symbols in this game.


There is a whole lot to like about the Wizards Want War video slot by Habanero Systems. While there are a lot of games about mages, wizards, witches and other types of magic-wielding individuals, this title stands out with its dueling system and all of the features that are centered around it. With a reasonable volatility and an action-oriented style of play, we believe this is a game that a majority of players will feel good about.

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