Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods Roulette

Playtech’s Age of the Gods Roulette live dealer game brings players into a land of Greek mythology with a wonderful visual appeal that looks like it’s straight from Ancient Greece. You can win six figures in this game with the top jackpot, but four progressives are available overall with chances to win other payouts on a bonus mini game.

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Casinos with Age of the Gods Roulette
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Gslot Casino 88% Gslot Casino Review Country Flag
Gioo 88% Gioo Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
888 Casino 87% 888 Casino Review Country Flag 86% Review Country Flag
Mr Green 86% Mr Green Review Country Flag
William Hill Casino 80% William Hill Casino Review Country Flag
BitStarz 75% BitStarz Review Country Flag
NetBet 75% NetBet Review Country Flag
Chilli Casino 72% Chilli Casino Review Country Flag
N1 Casino 70% N1 Casino Review Country Flag
LightCasino 92% LightCasino Review Country Flag
PartyCasino 91% PartyCasino Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
Casino Solverde 90% Casino Solverde Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Age of the Gods Roulette

Progressive jackpots can be added to almost any game in an online casino, but we don’t see them very often on the live dealer side of things. Playtech broke with this tradition with their live dealer Age of the Gods Roulette game.

Age of the Gods Roulette Betting Layout
Age of the Gods Roulette Betting Layout

This title ties into their popular four-tier Age of the Gods progressive jackpot system that allows players to win life-changing sums of money on a single spin of the wheel.

While the underlying basics of this game lie in European roulette, there are some extra aspects to this title that don’t have a precedent because they’ve never otherwise been used in a live dealer roulette game.

Along these lines, there are opportunities to win more than you otherwise would, and that’s something that adds a lot of excitement to something that’s already one of the most popular table games of all time.

Visual Appeal and Layout

First and foremost, we want to talk about how this game is set up visually because it’s so different than what you’ll find otherwise in the live roulette world. Since it’s based on the Age of the Gods progressive series, which is all centered around Greek mythology, Playtech made sure that this game’s aesthetic values fit the overall concept.

Along these lines, you’ll be playing on a stone table with an ancient Greek background and a dealer dressed like someone from those times. It gives this game a much different feel than you’ll get from anything else.

Rules and Gameplay

The gameplay for the Age of the Gods live roulette game is fairly straightforward, but it has some parts that are atypical and that do not fit with the rest of the game flow. We’re going to walk you through it all here so that you know exactly what to expect.

Basic Game Procedure

Everything for this title happens within the following basic procedure. Where we step out of this procedure for bonuses and giving payouts, we’ll break down what you need to know for those portions as well down below.

With that said, here’s how the game flows normally:

  • A timer is counting down between betting rounds, and you need to get your wagers set on the table before that timer counts down and confirm your bet if you want to take part on that particular round.
  • Let your mouse hover over the game layout to bring up a screen area that allows you to place your wagers. Each click will add a chip of the selected size to that particular part of the game board.
  • Once the bets are placed and the round begins, the wheel will spin to select a number at random.
  • It’s possible to trigger the bonus round or a jackpot during this spin, both of which we’ll cover below, as long as you have an active wager.
  • If you have any winnings, they are resolved at this stage of the spin. If not, then your bets are removed.
  • The process starts all over again provided that you have finished your bonus and/or jackpot portions of the game.

There’s not a lot to the gameplay in terms of learning special rules for how the procedure goes, but between the betting and the bonuses, there is still a lot of depth to this game.

Age of the Gods Roulette Bonus Reveal
Age of the Gods Roulette Bonus Reveal

Age of the Gods Bonus Round

With a bet placed on the bonus position, if the wheel selects that position, then you activate this bonus round. Keep in mind that this is not where you’ll have access to the jackpots. Instead, it’s a special feature designed to give you an opportunity to pick up bonus pays.

Eight symbols are on a pay table for a miniature three-reel slot that appears on a second screen. You’ll get three spins on these reels, and you can win with combinations that offer payouts ranging from 5x to 100x. These are multiplied by the total bet that was placed on the bonus position.

Note that any regular wins from the triggering roulette spin will be paid as usual, but you’ll only be playing the bonus round afterward, and the regular game mode will proceed on normally for the other players since no one has to watch or wait for each other to finish bonus features.

Once the feature is over, you’re sent back to the usual screen, and you get to hop right into the normal game mode once again.

Age of the Gods Jackpot Feature

The triggering of the jackpot feature is completely random as long as you’re making a real money wager in this game. Your chances of triggering the feature are proportionate to the size of your total bet on the given spin, and that helps to keep things fair between players at different levels of stakes.

Players have an opportunity to win massive payouts with this feature, but no regular win or certain result of the spin of the roulette wheel is required to get into this bonus round.

The way this works is that you’re given a number of gold coins on a second screen bonus feature. You’ll select from them at random until you get a set of matching symbols. When you get a matching set of symbols, you’re given the jackpot that corresponds to those symbols.

Age of the Gods Roulette Wheel
Age of the Gods Roulette Wheel

The four jackpots are listed as follows with their starting amount when they reset:

  • Ultimate Power – €100,000
  • Super Power – €5,000
  • Extra Power – €500
  • Power – €50

What’s really cool here is that the Ultimate Power jackpot frequently hits above the half-million mark, so it’s truly a life-changing sum of money that you’re dealing with if you pick up a win.

Note that the lower jackpots hit more often than the higher ones, so those bottom ones are worth more value than what their seed values listed above would otherwise indicate.

Making Regular Bets

Aside from what the Age of the Gods tie-in has to offer here, there are other bets that are a normal part of the roulette experience here. This is a single-zero game, which gives a solid payout rate on its own as well.

There are two categories of bets that you can make at the Age of Gods Roulette tables online, and we’ll break them down for you here briefly.

Outside Bets

The outside bets are everything that’s shown outside of the main grid of numbers, and that includes everything below the grid on the betting interface as well as the three squares to the right-hand side.

There are two groups of wagers available within this category. The first are the even money wagers, and they include the 1 to 18, 19 to 36, even, odd, red and black bets. Note that none of these win on a green 0, and that includes the even bet. They all pay out at 1:1, so if you wager €10 and win, you’ll profit €10 on these wagers.

A second group all pay at 2:1 instead of even money, and they’re based on wagering groups of 12 numbers. You can bet on 1-12 with the “1st 12” bet, 13-24 with the “2nd 12” bet or 25-36 with the “3rd 12” option. Alternatively, the three squares on the right-hand side of the number grid allow you to wager across the top, middle and bottom line of 12 numbers each. With odds at 2:1, a bet of €10 on these would profit €20 when you win, for example.

Inside Bets

The inside bets are when you place your chips on the actual grid of numbers. This is the part of the game that most new players feel the most unsure about, so we’ll break things down as clearly as possible.

You can make a few different types of bets here that are based around different types of clusters of numbers. You choose which bet you’re making, and which numbers you’re making that bet on, based around where you place your chips.

That can all be a little confusing in the abstract, so here are concrete explanations of each of the most commonly used inside wagers and their names and payouts:

  • Straight-up – Pays at 35:1 and wins on a single number. Place your chips in the center of a specific number for this type of wager.
  • Split – Pays at 17:1 and wins on two adjacent numbers. Put your chips on the line between the two adjacent numbers to place this wager.
  • Row – Pays at 12:1 and wins on three adjacent numbers in a vertical line on the betting display. Your chips should go in the middle of the border at the top of the line of three numbers.
  • Corner – Pays at 8:1 and wins on four numbers that meet at a single corner. Put your chips on that corner to make this type of bet.
  • Double Row – Pays at 5:1 and wins based on a set of six numbers created by two Row bets that would be right beside of each other. To make this wager, put your chips in the top corner of the middle of the two lines you’d like to bet on.

What’s interesting about all of these bets is that the chip placement is what chooses which cluster of numbers you’re betting on, and once you understand how it works, it’s actually a very simple and refined system that avoids extra complications of multi-spot bets.

Age of the Gods Roulette Winning Number
Age of the Gods Roulette Winning Number

Other Options

There are some other options in the Age of Gods live roulette game that make things a bit more convenient.

One of these is the history panel that shows all of the previous results of the past several spins. This gives you some statistical information as well including where the “hot spots” have been for various places on the wheel, and you can use this information or completely ignore it however you want to decide on your bets.

Because it shows information on the Age of the Gods progressive jackpots as well, this is a tab that you should at least check out to see how it works because it’s fundamentally different than similar features for other games.

You also have an autoplay feature that has a tremendous number of options and that’s very useful for hands-off play. You can set rules to have it play the exact same way you would manually in most cases, which is really cool for people who want a more relaxing experience.

How to Win at Age of the Gods Roulette

There are two components for strategy for this game, and while they’re both important, you’re not bound to either of them.

The first is for the regular bets and wagers. Thankfully, this game uses standardized single-zero roulette payouts for those, which means every single bet that you can make in the game on the regular pays have the exact same house advantage. That means you can’t make betting mistakes along these lines.

The second is for the progressive, which you don’t actually need to worry about too much because there’s no particular winning combination or anything along those lines that has to happen for you to win. Instead, you have a random chance to win just for playing.


If you like live dealer roulette, then the Age of the Gods live roulette tables are something you should absolutely take a look at because it has all of the advantages of the more typical European roulette tables while adding in extras that you wouldn’t get otherwise. The opportunity to win a six-figure jackpot on every single real money spin that you take is an obvious perk to this sort of thing, but the slot-based bonus feature is also a nice touch.


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