Gem Roulette

Gem Roulette

The Gem Roulette tables from iSoftBet give players a bit of a twist on the usual experience. All of the payouts are the same as typical roulette for the most part. However, the green zero has been split into a special gem bet that allows for wins worth up to 1,000x.

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Casinos with Gem Roulette

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Casinos with Gem Roulette
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Playluck 91% Playluck Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
Vera & John 88% Vera & John Review Country Flag
Duelz Casino 87% Duelz Casino Review Country Flag
CasinoEuro 84% CasinoEuro Review Country Flag
Playerz 83% Playerz Review Country Flag
BetHard 80% BetHard Review Country Flag
Loyal Casino 75% Loyal Casino Review Country Flag
ApuestaMos 75% ApuestaMos Review Country Flag
Casino Winner 75% Casino Winner Review Country Flag
Sloty 75% Sloty Review Country Flag
BitStarz 75% BitStarz Review Country Flag
10cric 75% 10cric Review Country Flag
NetBet 75% NetBet Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Gem Roulette

Of all of the table games that do not involve cards, roulette is the most popular in most regions. It’s a game with a long history, and it hasn’t really changed much over several decades of popularity. While that’s a testament to how solid of a game it is, it also means it’s not been subject to very much innovation, which can make it somewhat boring for some players.

Gem Roulette Winner
Gem Roulette Winner

iSoftBet has avoided this problem by offering some innovative approaches to how this game is played with their Gem Roulette tables.

Based on a bit of a space theme to some degree, the presentation of this table is a little different. However, it’s not so far outside of the box that you won’t be able to jump right in to play. Instead, it simply gives you a different type of atmosphere than the usual. This is a breath of fresh air for the game, especially since the betting interface is so sleek and intuitive.

Additionally, some changes have been made for quality of life purposes. For example, it’s easier than what you normally see to access statistics on the results of your session. It’s also made really simple to save your favorite betting patterns for later. We really like how the gameplay has been made more convenient, and it really feels like a game that would have been produced by people who were fans of actually playing roulette. We say that because they seem to have really nailed some of the interface issues players have with other games.

The Best Casinos for Gem Roulette

The best sites to play Gem Roulette will obviously have the iSoftBet software. However, you’ll also prefer casinos that have decent promotions and bonuses for table games. Additionally, having other games that you would like to play is a major plus. As great as this game is, and as nice of an interface as it has, you’ll most likely want to play other titles at some point. When you get there, you want to make sure that the casino you choose has what you want to enjoy.

Interface and Options

If you’re familiar with roulette games, then you’ll want to know what makes this one so different. Here we’re going to look at a few aspects of the interface and options. This will help players know where everything is before they get started.

  • Favorite Bets – In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a golden star symbol. Clicking that will take you to a simple and intuitive interface for saving your favorite wagers.
  • Detailed Statistics – Below the “Save Bets” button mentioned above is a smaller gray button that looks like a graph. Clicking that will bring up some detailed information on up to the past 500 spins. This includes the number of spins since the last bonus win and the breakdown of red/black, even/odd and high/low numbers.
  • Recent History – In the top-left corner, you’ll see a simple interface for the most recent eight numbers. The most recent is to the far right, and they go in chronological order to the left.
  • Hot Numbers – Over at the top-right, you get another set of numbers. However, these are the numbers that have hit the most often over the past 500 spins.

Other options can be found in the settings. The point here, however, is that iSoftBet really wants you to have all of the information you could want. That’s great news for players who like to try to guess the trends of the game as they will come.

Gameplay Procedures and Payouts

The way this game is played is pretty straightforward. However, it does have some key differences compared to other standardized roulette forms. Along these lines, we’ll show you how everything works here so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

Gem Roulette Main Screen
Gem Roulette Main Screen

How a Betting Round Works

The easiest way to explain how this title works from a gameplay perspective is to walk through an example betting round.

  • You start off by placing your bets. You do this by picking chip sizes from the bottom left and placing them on the board to the right.
  • Additionally, to make it easier to see which specific wagers you’re making, the grid will highlight the betting positions.
  • Once your bets are in place, you’ll choose the spin option in the bottom right.
  • Note that you can also use the “Undo” button to remove your most recent wager. Additionally, the “Clear” button removes all bets, which is faster than clearing them manually. The “Double” button will also double the size of all wagers up to the table maximum, shown at the top-right corner.
  • From here, the roulette wheel to the left will spin and simulate the ball spinning and bouncing to the result. This resulting number determines which wagers win on the board to the right. We’ll get into the specific bets that are available and that aren’t available further down.
  • If you hit a win, the payouts can vary based on which type of wager you made. However, we’ll list the payouts and odds of winning with different bets down below.

Each betting round does not last very long in this title. That means that you can get in, play a few bets and get out pretty quickly. However, you can also slow down and play at whatever pace you like. That’s a big edge that this game has over live dealer versions with similar rule sets.

Outside Wagers

If you are just getting started, the easiest place to do so is with the outside wagers. “Outside” in this case means they fall outside of the grid of numbers on the board. You’ll see spaces for bets to the right and below this grid.

First, we’ll start with the even money options from that list:

  • Red and Black – If the number you win on shows red or black, respectively, then you win.
  • Even and Odd – The even numbers (2, 4, 6…) and the odd numbers (1, 3, 5…) are what win for these two betting options.
  • First Half and Second Half – At the bottom corners, you’ll see wagers for 1-18 and 19-36. If your number falls in these ranges (inclusive), then you get a payout.

Each of the above pays at 1:1. However, the following bets pay at 2:1 instead:

  • Column Bets – To the right of the grid are three squares that say “2:1” on them. These are the column bets, and they win for numbers that land on their respective lines.
  • Third Wagers – The first, second and third “12” wagers are on the ranges 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, respectively. Much like the first and second half, getting your number in that range wins.

It’s important for us to point out that no wins can happen on any of the inside bets for the gold spaces. All of the above inside wagers lose on either of the gold spots.

Gem Roulette Payouts
Gem Roulette Payouts

Inside Wagers

Fewer inside wagers are available in this game than what you find in other styles of roulette. That’s because the gem bet takes a few of them away. We’ll get into how that wager works further down. However, here’s an overview of the inside bets that can be made.

  • Straight-up – A straight-up is a bet on a single number. Chips go on the center of the number to place this bet. Additionally, you’ll win at 35:1 for the best non-gem bet win in this game.
  • Split – The split wager is a bet on two adjacent numbers (horizontally or vertically). This pays at 17:1 for this wager.
  • Street – A street in roulette is three numbers in a vertical line. Placing your chips in the middle of the end of that line bets on all three numbers. You’ll pick up a win at a rate of 11:1 if one of the three numbers hits.
  • Corner – Four numbers that meet at a corner can be wagered on all together. Additionally, you’ll get a payout of 8:1 for winning with this bet.
  • Six Line/Double Street – You are able to bet on two adjacent streets for six numbers total. Putting your chips at the top middle corner where they meet is what makes this bet. The payout is 5:1 as well.

The inside bets have a variety of different volatility levels. However, they also allow for different levels of payouts.

Gem Bets

The gem bet is something special for the Gem Roulette game, and it can’t be found in other titles. To make this wager, you will bet five times the value of the current selected chip. From there, your wins can vary based on which of the two gem symbols you hit.

For the ruby symbol, you’ll win a random amount from 10 to 500 chips. This amounts to a payout between 2:1 and 100:1. However, for the diamond symbol, the maximum is doubled. As a result, you can pick up from 10 to 1,000 chips. Likewise, the payout can also be represented as 2:1 to 200:1. These larger payouts are some of the best that you can find in any roulette game.

How to Win at Gem Roulette

Generally speaking, most of the game behaves like a double-zero roulette style. As a result, it doesn’t have a higher payout rate than traditional single-zero games. The gem wager is different and does pay as well.

Overall, that means that if you’re not playing the gem bet, then you can easily find better roulette wagers at the French or European tables with similar gameplay.

Gem Roulette Hot Numbers Display
Gem Roulette Hot Numbers Display


We really like how iSoftBet went for something different with their Gem Roulette tables. The payouts are actually pretty solid if you’re playing with their special gem bet as well. However, if you aren’t playing with it, you should probably go for a different single-zero game.

In any case, the presentation is tremendous and is definitely up there with the best non-live dealer games we have seen. iSoftBet is well-known for putting together great-looking titles, so we aren’t surprised, but it’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the genre as a whole.


Which online casinos have Gem Roulette?

Use the list of Gem Roulette casinos to see all online casinos that have Gem Roulette. We filter the casino top list to only show Gem Roulette casinos that accept players from your location.