Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

Yggdrasil Gaming’s Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine video slot is a gorgeous game that’s largely feature-driven. This title uses bonus modes with several levels of value and various ways that the features can be different each time. This is an online slot that stands out in a big way because of how it’s set up to give so much value from this layered bonus feature.

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An Introduction to Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

Tesla is widely known as an exceptional inventor who wasn’t very business savvy and who managed to not make very much money from the work he put in. He was taken advantage of in several major ways, but you won’t have to worry about all of that in the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine online slot.

Nikola Tesla Main
Nikola Tesla Main

Instead, all you’ll have to worry about is trying to hit the value-packed bonus features found in this game.

When you take your first look at this title, you’ll see that it’s extremely aesthetically pleasing. The graphics and visual appeal are up there with the best that you’ll find by any company in the online slots industry. The level of detail put into how this game looks was obviously very high.

From a gameplay standpoint, this slot is very heavily reliant on the value from the multi-stage features, but the regular pay table also pays out some pretty solid wins as well.

Betting and Layout

The layout of this game is within the standard range of popular online slots. However, the betting is set up to be really easy to use, which is great for players.

  • You’ll get five reels with three horizontal rows of symbols here.
  • A static set of 25 paylines are used in this game that cannot be changed.
  • The paylines go from left to right in the regular game mode, but during the free spins, they will pay in both directions.
  • You can choose your coin size per payline with the “stake” control, and the total bet will be reflected just above that.
  • You can bet from €0.25 to €75 per turn.
  • We will be discussing the payouts in terms of a multiple of the entire bet instead of multiples of the line bet wagers.

The volatility for the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot is in the medium range. It’s not too high and not too low, so it’ll appeal to a whole lot of players with different preferred play styles.

Features and Gameplay

The features are really what drive this title’s gameplay, and there are a lot to cover, so we’re going to jump right into it.

Wild Symbols

Tesla himself is the wild symbol in this game. He shows up on all five reels and gives some solid payouts:

  • Five of a Kind – 40x
  • Four of a Kind – 4x
  • Three of a Kind – 1x

You’ll get the best win available on each payline, and that includes potential wild wins. If you have a wild combination, but using them to substitute for another symbol would give you a better payout, then you’ll always get the highest available payout for each individual payline.

This wild substitutes for everything in the game except for the free spins symbols and the level up symbols.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

You’ll get a set of free spins when you land at least three of the free spins symbol on the game board. You’ll win 8, 10 or 12 free turns for three, four or five of these scatters, respectively, and it doesn’t matter at all where they land on the game board because you’ll be given the free spins regardless.

Nikola Tesla Free Spins
Nikola Tesla Free Spins

During the free spins, it’s important to note that you double your value by getting paid in both directions. This means that five of a kind combinations pay out twice, once in each direction.

In addition to the game paying left to right and right to left during the free spins bonus mode, you’ll also have a special level up system in play during this feature.

The way this works is that you’ll start with a wild symbol that is fixed on the center spot of the third reel for the duration of the free spins mode. If you pick up a level up symbol on the first or fifth reel during this bonus mode, then you’ll increase your level by one (up to a maximum of five), which will add another fixed wild symbol somewhere on the second, third or fourth reels.

These fixed wilds are obviously a big deal because they increase the value of your free spins beyond what they already were with the increased ways to win.

Energy Burst Feature

If you get matching symbols on the middle reel, then you’ll trigger the Energy Burst feature. You’ll be given bonus spins that use an extra added feature (one of three) that will be chosen at random.

Nikola Tesla Energy Burst
Nikola Tesla Energy Burst

If you trigger this feature with a royal card rank symbol, then you’re given three bonus spins, but if you trigger it with a high ranking symbol, then it’ll give you five bonus spins.

Here is a quick look at what these three extra bonus features can offer during the Energy Burst feature:

  • Exploding Wilds – Two or three spots on the game board will be changed into fixed wild symbols that will stay during the entire set of bonus spins.
  • Wild Substitutions – A randomly selected symbol from the goggles, capacitor or ace symbol will turn into wilds during the bonus spins every single time it appears.
  • Reel Clone – Three randomly selected reels from the first four on each spin will link together so that they show the exact same symbols. This drastically increases you chances of getting winning combinations.

This is clearly an in-depth feature with a lot of room for variation, so it’s something that can give you a bit of a different experience each time you trigger it.

How to Win at Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

What you need to understand about this game is that so much of its value comes from the major bonus features. As a result, you’ll need to contend with the variance that comes from not hitting these features sometimes during your sessions. The easiest way to smooth that out is to play longer sessions of this one game instead of switching around to different titles.

However, you may want to also compensate by using bet sizes that are a little bit smaller than what you normally would. This will help to keep the volatility down to a really reasonable level while essentially camping out for the features when they come.

Payout Structure for Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

At the upper end of the pay table, you can win 40x for five of a kind of the clock symbol. You’ll notice this is the same payout for five of the wild. For five of the goggles, we step down to 20x, and the capacitor gives a 4x win for five on a payline as well.

Nikola Tesla Payouts
Nikola Tesla Payouts

From there, you’ll have the low-ranking card symbols. They pays 2x for five of the blue A along with 1x for five of the red K. The orange Q and white J symbols pay 0.48x and 0.4x, respectively, for five of a kind combinations.


Nikola Tesla may not have gotten what he deserved, but Yggdrasil Gaming has honored him with a tremendous game that can pay out some very serious prizes thanks to a set of over-the-top bonus features. If you like action-oriented gameplay with big features and a gorgeous look, then this is a slot that will most definitely appeal to you.