Piñata Bucks Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Piñata Bucks

The Piñata Bucks online slot by Lightning Box Games and Incredible Technologies features their Reelfecta format with 16 spots on the center reel with an all-ways format and 1,296 ways to win on every turn. With the Piñata Lock Spin bonus round, you can win big with the scattered Piñata symbols as well. In this review we also have some tips on how to win and a list of online casinos with the Piñata Bucks slot.

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Introduction to Piñata Bucks

Lightning Box Games is known for having a tremendous degree of gameplay in their slots that’s paired up with strong graphics and a serious visual appeal. That’s the case in the Piñata Bucks video slot as well, and they really bring the action to the max in this Mexican-themed title.

If you like games that have a very high hit-rate and some serious action, then the Piñata Bucks online slot is an excellent pick.

On the graphical side of things, there are excellent 3D graphics used that bring the game to life in a real way. A variety of symbols are in place that look amazing, and even the card rank symbols (which are usually just slapped together in other titles) come across looking very solid.

In terms of gameplay, this is an action-oriented title that’s based largely around a combination of what the atypical format and bonus features combine to offer.

Piñata Bucks Slot Screenshot
Piñata Bucks Slot Screenshot

Betting and Layout

The format of this game is definitely different, and you can tell that as soon as you look at it. This is actually a major selling point of the game since it’s the centerpiece of how the features work.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect:

  • Despite how the game looks, there are actually five reels.
  • The first, second, fourth and fifth reels all have three symbols each.
  • The third reel has 16 symbols, which are shown in a 4×4 grid. This is a part of their Reelfecta format.
  • As a result, players have 1,296 ways to win on every spin since it uses the all ways approach.
  • Players have 15 bet sizes to choose from that range from €0.10 to €60 per spin.
  • All wins are multiplied by this total bet size, and no payline-based wins are used.

As you can see, the layout here is all about action and having lots of ways to get paid on each turn while making it easy to pick out bet sizes and understand the actual amount that you’ll win with different combinations of symbols.

Features and Gameplay

Most of the features of the Piñata Bucks online slot come down to the format and the 4×4 grid used for the middle reel. As you’ll see below, this comes into play in virtually every aspect of the gameplay, which is smart since it keeps it from just being a gimmick with no substance behind it.

Wild Sunset Symbols

The wild symbol in this game is the sunset on a desert mesa background with cacti in the foreground. This wild will help you to get extra winning combinations, but there’s a catch:

This symbol only appears on the middle reel.

We can’t really argue with that because there are still tremendous chances to get it with 16 spots on the third reel. Additionally, it does not substitute for the scatter symbol, but when you see how the scatter symbol works, it’ll be hard to argue with that either.

Scattered Piñata Symbols

The Piñata from the name of the game itself is a colorful donkey, and he appears on all reels. Additionally, you can win some of the biggest payouts in the game with this symbol. The available wins are as follows:

  • 11 or more symbols – 2,000x
  • 10 of a kind – 500x
  • 9 of a kind – 25x
  • 8 of a kind – 10x
  • 7 of a kind – 5x
  • 6 of a kind – 1x

Some of these prizes on the lower end might initially come across as being a bit on the smaller end. However, you have to remember that with the Reelfecta format, there are actually 28 total symbols showing in the game at any one time, and that’s almost twice the number of what you’d have in a typical 5×3 game.

Additionally, these striped donkey Piñatas are all true scatters in the sense that it does not matter where they appear as far as awarding payouts goes. If they show up on the reels anywhere when the spin is finished, then they can count towards getting you these rewards.

Piñata Spins Bonus Feature

Six or more of the scattered Piñata symbols on the game board at the same time trigger the Piñata Spins Bonus Feature. You’ll always be given five spins in this feature no matter how many scatters were used to activate it.

These spins happen on a special 4×4 grid that’s separate from the regular game. Any Piñata donkey that lands on the reels during these five spins will lock into place and stay there for the remainder of the feature. After five spins, all of the Piñatas are busted open to give you payouts.

What’s more is that when you form 2×2, 3×3 or a 4×4 square with the symbols, they will merge into a larger locked scatter. These squares form the following special pay table for the bonus feature:

  • 1×1 squares – 0.5x to 5x
  • 2×2 squares – 6x to 25x, or Mini or Minor Jackpot
  • 3×3 squares – 25x to 50x, or Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot
  • 4×4 square – 50x to 500x, or Major or Grand Jackpot

As you can see here, the four jackpots shown at the top of the reels during the game can only be won through the Piñata Spins Bonus Feature. Also note that this feature cannot be re-triggered, so you only get one shot at a time with five locked spins for this mini game.

Mega Symbols in Piñata Bucks Slot
Mega Symbols in Piñata Bucks Slot

How to Win at Piñata Bucks

There aren’t really any special decisions that you have to make in-game for this title, so everything really comes down to your betting choices.

The volatility of this game is on the lower end of the medium range. The hit-rate is really high, which keeps things running smooth with fewer swings, but the large amount of value tied up in the scatters moves the overall volatility up a bit into the medium range.

Our advice is to pick out a bet size that’s in the middle of the range of what you’re comfortable with and to try to play sessions that are longer than average so that you have better chances of hitting the bonus feature and earning the value from that.

Payout Structure for Piñata Bucks

The regular payouts for this game are broken up into two parts with mid-tier symbols and low-level card rank symbols.

On the upper end, you have the man on the blue background playing the guitar who gives 10x for five of a kind. Five of the woman dancing in the purple dress gives 5x, and you can earn 3x for five of the lizard or cactus symbols. The bottle of tequila also earns players 2x for five.

On the lower end, five of the purple A, red K or yellow Q symbols will get you 1x wins. You can also earn 0.6x payouts for five of the blue J, ten or green 9 symbols.

For these lower pays, keep in mind that you’ll often win them several times at once because of the all ways format, so they’re actually much better prizes than what they initially seem.


The action-packed Piñata Bucks online slot shows that Lightning Box Games knows how to really put a game together for players who like action. Here are a few key things we like about this title:

  • The hit-rate is high despite the fact that there are four jackpots that can be won.
  • This is a scatter-driven slot, which is different than what you normally see.
  • The Piñata Spins Bonus Feature stands out compared to most other free spins modes.

Overall, it really brings a lot to the table both visually and from a gameplay standpoint, and it has a payout structure that will appeal to virtually all players.