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Regal Poker

Regal Poker video poker is known for having an atypical pay table that offers some pretty solid top payouts at the upper end of the pay table. If you’re the type of player who enjoys nuanced strategy and pushing small advantages consistently over time, then this is definitely a title to check out.

Casinos with Regal Poker

An Introduction to Regal Poker

For better or worse, the video poker sector is full of games that have similar styles of play with different pay tables. While that may seem like versions of the same game over and over, that’s not actually the case because of how those seemingly small changes in the pay table can have massive implications for the strategies involved.

Regal Poker Main Screen
Regal Poker Main Screen

It’s these strategy shifts and competition against one’s self and the casino that helps to make Regal Poker a hit for video poker fans.

The pay table is somewhat of a split between Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. This gives it two distinct advantages. The first is that it’s familiar enough to players that they don’t have to learn a completely new game overall while still having some key strategic differences, and the second is that the volatility isn’t quite as serious as what you find with bonus poker and its variations.

Here we’re going to break down everything that you need to know about this game and how to play whether you’re a recreational player or take strategy very seriously.

Gameplay Procedure

The procedure for playing this game is similar to other video poker games, and it follows the following series of events:

  1. Players begin by choosing a coin size and a number of coins to wager on the upcoming hand (ranging from one to five).
  2. Five cards are dealt to the player face-up. There is no dealer in this game.
  3. The player decides which of the five cards, if any, will be discarded.
  4. There is no limit or restriction on how many cards can be discarded: This can range from zero to all five with no penalty or cost.
  5. Once discards are made, replacement cards are dealt back to the player from the deck to form a new five-card hand.
  6. The discarded cards are not shuffled back into the remaining deck before these replacement cards are dealt.
  7. The player’s five-card poker hand will be evaluated on the pay table listed on the game screen, and any owed payouts will be awarded.

One thing is really important to note here. The player does not have to declare his or her hand in Regal Poker video poker, meaning that you don’t have to decide which type of poker hand you have. Instead, the game automatically evaluates your five cards and declares you to have the best possible hand from that combination of cards. This helps to avoid situations where you under-declare your hand and miss out on payouts, which can happen in other types of games.

Regal Poker Maximum Payouts
Regal Poker Maximum Payouts

Pay Table Breakdown

The pay table for this game is a bit atypical because not all hands of a given type are paid the same. Moreover, hands are not all paid in accordance to their poker hand strength.

Here we’re going to break down the pay table for this game based on the top payouts in descending order instead of the five-card poker hand strength since we think it’s more clear that way:

  • Royal Flush (800x) – A combination of AKQJT in the same suit
  • Four Aces (80x) – Four aces in the same hand
  • Straight Flush (50x) – Five consecutive cards in the same suit
  • Four 2s-4s (40x) – Four twos, threes or fours in the same hand
  • Other Four of a Kind (25x) – Four fives through kings in the same hand
  • Full House (8x) – Three of a card of one rank and two of a card in a different rank
  • Flush (5x) – Five cards of the same suit in the same hand
  • Straight (4x) – Five consecutively ranked cards in the same hand
  • Three of a Kind (3x) – Any three cards of matching rank
  • Two Pair (2x) – Two cards of one rank with two cards of another rank
  • Jacks or Better (1x) – Two Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces in the same hand

It’s worth noting for a straight and a straight flush that an ace can count as a high or a low. That means that both A2345 and AKQJT are valid hands for those purposes.

You’ll notice that the order of the hand strengths do not necessarily correlate to the highest paying hands, and that’s an important part of how this pay table affects strategy in this game.

Regal Poker Discards
Regal Poker Discards

Coin Options and Payout Penalties

You can choose to wager from one to five coins per hand in online Regal Poker games, but there’s a bit of a catch. If you play with two coins, you’ll see that the payouts double compared to wagering with just one. Likewise, three or four coins will triple or quadruple the payouts comparatively.

However, playing with five coins will actually increase the royal flush payout by more than 5x, which makes it the best-paying option overall.

There is a resulting payout penalty for playing with fewer than five coins, and that’s why you should never do it in this game. That’s something that holds across a lot of different types of video poker, but it’s especially true here where you don’t have other gameplay elements like wild cards to try to give you extra chances at other big pays.

Gamble Feature

Depending on the software provider you play with, you can end up with a gamble feature as an available side bet option. The basic premise is that a card will be randomly selected from the deck, and you’ll choose a card from a few options in an attempt to pick a card that is of a higher rank.

If you do this successfully, then you will double your total wager. However, if you guess incorrectly, then you lose your wager. This double or nothing style approach adds another element of volatility, but it doesn’t actually impact your payout rate overall since it’s a break even proposition in the long run.

Strategy for Regal Poker

Strategy for most styles of non-wild video poker are somewhat similar in the sense that the foundations of the game are the same. With the 8/5 style payout table (ie: 8x for a full house and 5x for a flush), players may be tempted to apply an 8/5 Jacks or Better standard strategy to this game because a lot of the pay table is similar.

However, this is a bit of a mistake. The reason for that is that there are some key situations where you will lose a tremendous amount of value by playing the same way in this game as you do in that game, especially with the smallest pairs involved or pairs of aces in your hand. This is because of how the staggered four of a kind payouts work and the value taken from the lower end of the pay table to compensate for those boosted wins.

Regal Poker Winning Screen
Regal Poker Winning Screen


The thing to know about Regal Poker online poker is that it offers some special top payouts without kicking the volatility up into overdrive. That’s great news for players who want a level of volatility similar to something like Kings or Better Joker Poker without having to incorporate progressive jackpots or wild cards into their play.

Overall, Regal Poker is a staple of the video poker fan’s repertoire no matter if you’re a strategic player who likes to put in a lot of time to study or if you’re a recreational player who just wants to hop right in.


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