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Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is one of the most iconic video games of all time and completely began the tournament fighting genre that is so popular. NetEnt’s slot version of this game has you face off directly against individual opponents to fight it out on the reels while trying to make it into other fights where you’ll face the bosses, including the infamous M. Bison.

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An Introduction to Street Fighter II

Capcom’s Street Fighter series began with this game, and the Street Fighter II online slot by Net Entertainment really captured the essence of the title and its gameplay. The fight-based play style in this slot is not like anything we have ever seen before.

Street Fighter Main Screen
Street Fighter Main Screen

NetEnt did such a good job with this slot that they may have accidentally created an entire new gameplay genre in the industry.

Visually, every single thing in this slot is true to the original. It uses graphics from the original title, and other than some of the text on certain parts of the game screen, we couldn’t find anything from the actual gameplay that wasn’t some type of graphic or animation from the game itself.

On the gameplay side, the fighting dynamic doesn’t just happen in the bonus features: It’s the core gameplay mechanic that everything else is based on. With such a fresh style, it gives you a different kind of experience that you wouldn’t have had before anywhere else.

Betting and Layout

The layout for this game is different than most. We’ll walk you through the basics so that you understand what’s going on before you get started.

  • A five-by-five gameplay grid is used in this slot with symbols that fall independently.
  • No paylines are used. Instead, you’ll need to make clusters of matching symbols to get paid.
  • Clusters of at least four of a kind are needed for a payout, and they can be adjacent horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.
  • This game is designed to offer up to 29 different prices per spin starting at a super low €0.20 apiece.
  • A maximum of up to €700 per spin is coded into the game, but most casinos will cap this out at €100 or so instead, so if you’re a high roller, you’ll want to ask around before you jump right in. With that said, most players won’t be affected.

The volatility of this game is atypical in that you need to really play for a bit in your sessions to get the most value. Across these larger sessions along these lines, the volatility plays as if it’s in the lower end of the medium range. However, on a spin-to-spin basis if you aren’t paying attention to that, it will feel as if it’s a bit higher.

Also, we want to point out that wins in this game are a multiple of your bet size.

Gameplay and Features

The way the gameplay goes for the Street Fighter II video slot is a bit different than virtually all other online slots, so we’re going to break all of this down for you in a way that makes sense of something so atypical.

Character Select Screen

Before you get started playing, you’ll pick a character to play as. This affects the game in one serious way: It changes what the character’s special wild feature is, and it incorporates this as a part of the special move meter system seen in Street Fighter titles.

Street Fighter Character Select
Street Fighter Character Select

Here are the characters and their moves in order of volatility from lowest to highest:

  • Dhalsim – 3-4 random wild symbols
  • E. Honda – 3 random wilds all placed on the same reel
  • Ryu – 3 random wilds all placed on the same horizontal row
  • Guile – 2 vertical stacks of 2 wild symbols are randomly placed
  • Zangief – 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols are randomly placed
  • Chun Li – 2 or 7 wild symbols are randomly placed
  • Blanka – 1 or 5 wild symbols are placed on the same reel
  • Ken – 1 or 5 wild symbols are placed on the same row

You’re basically choosing which of eight different wild features you want, and the type of feature you pick will affect the volatility of the slot. These features are triggered when you fill up your meter by getting winning combinations of your character.

Avalanche Feature

After each winning combination, new symbols are able to fall down to replace old ones to give you free chances to win. These are pretty important for the overall volatility and hit-rate of the game, and they also make it easier to get multiple wins on the same turn.

Health Points and Bonus Features

There are two symbols for you and two symbols for your opponent on the reels. Winning combinations of yourself does damage to your opponent, and winning combinations of your opponent does damage to yourself. You can see your remaining life points at the meters over each character’s head.

If your health runs out first, you’ll be taken to the Car Smash bonus game. This is just like the same bonus game from the actual game, and the Street Fighter II online slot brings it to life in a big way. You’ll pick different moves to beat up the car and get extra payouts as a result.

Alternatively, you can beat the character to be taken to the Beat the Boss free spins mode that we’ll describe next.

Beat the Boss Free Spins

The free spins mode is based around trying to beat the selection of four boss characters found in the original version of the game. You cannot play as these characters and can only play against them.

Street Fighter Free Spins
Street Fighter Free Spins

Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison offer respective multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x.

Each of these bosses is its own level. If you beat one, you get to go on to the next and so on. If you make it all the way to M. Bison and win, then you’re given an extra payout worth 100 times your total bet size.

During this bonus feature, you’ll sometimes get the Insert Coin Gamble Feature if you lose. This gives you a chance to try again at a given cost that’s usually worth several times your starting bet amount. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you, but in the long run, it’s best to not take this opportunity.

How to Win at the Street Fighter II Slot

The way the gameplay is based around long-form fights really changes things up in this game as a whole. The volatility on a per-spin basis isn’t that bad, but when you take into account the sessions as a whole, it becomes even lower.

As a result, we recommend using a slightly larger bet size than you would typically be using. You’ll be protected from big swings because of the low volatility, but you’ll get better wins when you do hit winning combinations.

Payout Structure for Street Fighter II

The pay structure is based on having a winning symbol and a defeat symbol for each of the characters in the fight. The winning symbols pay 30x for clusters of 16 or more, and the defeat symbols get you 20x for 16+ sized clusters.

Street Fighter Payouts
Street Fighter Payouts

That leaves the card rank symbols, which are shown in the original game’s iconic font. The A, K, Q and J symbols all have the same payouts which go up to 10x for clusters of 16 or more.


The Street Fighter II video slot is a version of one of the most important video games to ever be produced with a legacy that’s loud and clear even in the modern era. The gameplay is absolutely tremendous, and the graphics are 100 percent true to the title that this slot is based on.

If you liked the old style Street Fighter games, or if you just like atypical slots, then this is a title to check out. You will absolutely not find any game that does gameplay like this one, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better game than this overall.

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