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Well of Wishes

Red Tiger Gaming’s Well of Wishes online slot is an Irish-themed game that brings players a number of different types of features. The hit-rate is high, and the volatility is low, which means you’ll get lots of small and medium wins on top of the value provided by the free spins mode and wild coin accumulation feature.

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Casinos with Well of Wishes

An Introduction to Well of Wishes

Video slots with an Irish theme have been done for decades, and one of the reasons that they are so popular as a sub-genre is that players enjoy the visual appeal as well as the luck-based motif. In the Well of Wishes video slot, Red Tiger Gaming brings players another game in this sub-genre that stands out from the rest quite a bit.

This title is able to stand out because of the way the features are handled, the high hit-rate and the solid graphics.

This is a very visually pleasing game with a bed of clovers in the background that set up the green motif very well. From there, the symbols are all of a high quality as well and stand out with almost 3-D graphics.

Well of Wishes Main Screen
Well of Wishes Main Screen

In terms of gameplay, the action is serious with a lot of wins on the lower end of the scale. However, the features set you up with opportunities to win several times on the same paid spin, so you can run up what are effectively some larger pays in this way as well.

Betting and Layout

A pretty standard format is used in this game, and Red Tiger Gaming has set up the betting to be very easy to use as well. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get with the layout of this slot:

  • The Well of Wishes slot uses five reels with three horizontal rows.
  • You’ll have 10 static paylines that cannot be changed available.
  • Paylines go from left to right only.
  • The volatility is low in this title with a particularly high hit-rate.
  • You can choose from total bet sizes that range from €0.20 to €20 per spin.
  • Divide the total wager by 10 to get your line bet wager/coin size.

The format is common, but it’s handled in a way that gives the gameplay a different type of flavor than what you see from the vast majority of slots. That’s a big reason why this game stands out in the Irish sub-genre in particular.

Features and Gameplay

This title gets plenty of value from the regular pay table, but the features really take this to another level because they complement the usual pays instead of making them seem irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Wild Lucky Coin Symbols

There’s a lucky coin symbol that can appear on each reel during the regular game and the bonus features. This coin is wild, and it gives some of the best payouts in the game.

  • Five of a Kind – 300x
  • Four of a Kind – 100x
  • Three of a Kind – 30x
  • Two of a Kind – 3x

The two of a kind win here is especially helpful with the volatility, but the 300x win with just 10 paylines isn’t something to sneeze at.

Well of Wishes Wilds
Well of Wishes Wilds

It’s worth noting that if you get a winning combination of just wilds, you’ll be given the larger win if they could be used to create a different combination of a different symbol. The way this works is that each individual line is evaluated independently, and you’re given the best possible payout for each payline along these lines. That means that the wilds can count as a different symbol on each line if necessary.

Well of Wishes Coin Collection Feature

Each time you get a wild on the reels, it’s added to the meter at the top-right corner of the game screen. Fill that meter up with five coins, and they all go into the Well of Wishes to trigger the coin collection feature.

For this feature, a random symbol on the reels is chosen, and all instances of that symbol turn wild for extra chances to win.

This is essentially an extra spin with opportunities for a ton of wilds on the screen, and what that does is that it gives you increased opportunities for multi-line wins as well as more chances for the 300x top prize for five wilds on a payline.

Free Spins Mode

There’s a green and gold symbol that says Lucky Spins, and it’s a scattered bonus symbol that can appear on every reel. When you get at least three, no matter which reels or positions they show up on, you’ll be given a free spins bonus feature.

Well of Wishes Free Spins
Well of Wishes Free Spins

Three or more scatters awards you 10 free spins, and they can re-trigger to add more free spins to your total. However, they do not give any individual wins on their own.

Something pretty cool about how the features come together in the Well of Wishes video slot is that you can keep collecting coins during the free spins to trigger the Well of Wishes, so they compound in a way to give you even more value and opportunities for some pretty big wins.

How to Win at Well of Wishes

The real focal point for the Well of Wishes video slot is that the volatility is so low. You can take advantage of this and the fact that the swings are so minimal by increasing your bet size beyond what you would normally play with.

The reason that this can work is that it increases the size of the wins you’ll get, especially with the wild symbols, while simultaneously bringing up the volatility to a more regular level with respect to what your bet size would have normally been.

Payout Structure for Well of Wishes

The wilds are the top-paying symbols, but they have the same prizes as the lucky rabbit’s foot. The wilds and lucky rabbit’s feet are also the only symbols that pay out for just two of a kind.

Well of Wishes Payouts
Well of Wishes Payouts

Mid-range symbols are available that start with the bag of coins for 100x for five of a kind. Payouts of 80x and 65x can be yours with five of the horseshoe or shamrock on a payline.

At the bottom end of the pay table, the orange A, green K, blue Q, purple J and red 10 symbols pay out a variety of low-tier wins starting at 25x for five and going down to the 16x level.

These wins might seem a bit lower than average, but that’s because your chances of winning on any given spin are so much higher than average. These two pieces of information combine to give you some pretty strong opportunities for winning streaks and multi-line pays, especially with the features.


Red Tiger Gaming created the Well of Wishes online slot in a way that gives players a strong visual appeal along with a pay table-oriented style of low-volatility play. This can work for players who want to sit back and relax, or you can crank up the bet sizes a bit and have a lot more action.

No matter how you choose to play this game, what everyone can agree on is that it stands out from the rest of what’s available in the Irish sub-genre of slots and gives players plenty to get excited about. The coin collection feature in particular drives a lot of the gameplay and is a bit different than what we normally see on the feature side of things for online slots.

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