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Aztec Bonanza

The Aztec Bonanza online slot by Pragmatic Play offers a variable format that stands out along with some pretty great-looking symbols and a solid background. Hitting multiple wins on the same turn with the avalanche feature triggers different bonuses including a free spins bonus round with over 7,000 ways to win on each turn.

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An Introduction to Aztec Bonanza

There is a minority of online slot games that use progression mechanics to let you get to different bonus features. The Aztec Bonanza video slot by Pragmatic Play uses a type of progression that allows you to unlock more and more features as you go, but they aren’t handled in the typical way.

Aztec Bonanza Main Screen
Aztec Bonanza Main Screen

Instead of being completely locked initially, all features are available from your very first spin. They are just made available from specific progressive events.

That is the dynamic that defines the gameplay for this title, and we’ll get more into the details below, but it’s a very in-depth slot with a lot to uncover.

In terms of how the game looks, its presentation is tremendous and speaks for itself. There’s a beautiful background scene with a flowing river and a large pyramid, and the symbol set is different colors of symbols that glow and look great.

Betting and Layout

There’s a lot of variation in what’s available for this game’s layout, and we’ll summarize what you need to know here:

  • The overall grid of symbols includes five reels with six rows, but you start play with the 12 symbols closest to the corners (three to each corner) covered with stone.
  • This means you have 384 ways to win initially, but that can increase as you play since this game uses the all-ways format.
  • You can wager from 30 to 300 coins per spin with a minimum coin size of €0.01.
  • This makes the minimum bet size overall €0.30 per spin, and the maximum depends on where you’re playing this game.

For the payouts that we describe below, we’re going to assume that you’re using a wager size of €3 total. If you’re betting more or less, then you’ll want to scale these wins up or down accordingly.

We also need to point out that the volatility of this game is in the lower to mid-level range, and a big part of that is how high the hit-rate is thanks to the way the most common features work.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for this game is based on a progression of wins that can all happen on the same paid spin. We’re going to break down what you need to know before you get started playing so that there is as little confusion as possible.

Tumble Feature

The tumble feature is the core game mechanic that drives pretty much everything that happens in the Aztec Bonanza online slot. After each spin, any winning combinations are found with their respective payouts added to your total balance.

Aztec Bonanza Tumble Feature
Aztec Bonanza Tumble Feature

From there, all winning symbols will disappear from the game board, and this allows new symbols to fall into place.

These new symbols give you further opportunities to get winning combinations, and the process can continue for as many tumbles as you can earn from different sets of winning combinations after each.

While this is not an uncommon style of feature, there are two things that set it apart in this game. The first is that its value is compounded by the use of the all ways betting format, so it’s much easier to hit wins that push the tumble feature along. The second is that there are other features that you can earn for every two tumbles on the same paid spin.

Unlocking Features

After two tumbles, the upper left stone symbols are removed. This increases the number of ways you have to win, but it also turns on the mystery symbol feature. A number of mystery symbols will be revealed, and they are all turned into the same matching symbols to make it easier to hit more winning combinations and increase your tumble count.

With four tumbles, the upper right set of stone symbols are removed, and as many as three randomly chosen low-value symbols on the game board are turned into high-value symbols instead.

If you get six tumbles, the lower left corner is next in this progression. This feature will have all of the symbols on the first two reels turned into 2×2 mega symbols for all of the remaining tumbles including the current one.

After eight tumbles, the bottom right opens up, and you’ll have the same 2×2 mega symbols appear on the fourth and fifth reels.

Free Spins Feature

If you get at least eight tumbles, then once those tumbles are over, you’ll be given a free spins bonus round. These are played with the entire grid of symbols available with no stone symbol blockers, and that means 7,776 ways to get paid.

Aztec Bonanza Free Spins
Aztec Bonanza Free Spins

You’ll get one of three features at random on each of these free spins:

  1. Giant Symbols – Large 2×2 symbols on the first two or last two reels.
  2. Transforming Symbols – Some low-level symbols will turn into higher level symbols for better payouts.
  3. Mystery Symbols – A mystery symbol will appear on the game board in various places, and all of them turn into a matching symbol, chosen at random, after the spin.

Keep in mind that this feature also uses different reel sets for the symbols that show up compared to the regular game mode, and that gives you better chances to win on average as well.

How to Win at Aztec Bonanza

In the Aztec Bonanza video slot, you’re dealing with a game that has a feature progression that’s largely going to give volatility based on how many spins you get in. Our advice is to choose a slightly lower bet size and to play faster or to use the autoplay option to get in more spins in your session.

The idea here is that you’ll wager about the same amount total with smaller bet sizes and more spins per session, but you’ll activate more of the features on average than you would otherwise, and that will seriously smooth out the swings.

Payout Structure for Aztec Bonanza

There are essentially just two tiers of symbols with four symbols each in this game. They’re different colors of gems three of which are designed after card rank symbols.

Aztec Bonanza Payouts
Aztec Bonanza Payouts

Note: The following payouts are based on a €3 bet size. Wins will scale up or down accordingly depending on your own bet size.

The upper tier starts with an orange/red symbol with a glowing green gem in the middle of it. This symbol pays 7.5x. You can also score 3x for five of the blue oval symbol or the green moon-shaped crescent symbol. Five of a kind combinations of the orange square get 1.5x as well.

From there, things drop down to the bottom tier, which actually shares one payout with the upper tier. That’s for the green triangle symbol, and you’ll get the same 1.5x win for that. The rest of the pays are card suit symbols with the purple spade, pink heart and golden club symbol. All three of them pay 1x for five of a kind.


With the Aztec Bonanza video slot, gameplay is taken to a whole different level because of the way the features progress. It’s a smart thing they did with tying the features into the expansion of the all ways format to give you more and more ways to win, and it’s something we’ve never really seen before.