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Dance Party

The Dance Party video slot is a title produced by Pragmatic Play that brings players into a retro-themed, 1980s-style dance club where you can run up some serious wins. With a bit of a throwback theme on the reels and with neon lights all over the place, the action and the music never stop with this game.

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An Introduction to Dance Party

Dance clubs used to be a lot more popular than they are now, but they’re still popping if you know where to look. Pragmatic Play has captured the height of these clubs in their Dance Party online slot.

Dance Party Main Screen
Dance Party Main Screen

Players will be able to rock out to a great soundtrack while shooting for some pretty significant payouts on the reels.

The visual style of this slot centers around neon figures that fit the 1980s dance club theme. On top of that, there’s even more of a throwback element since it uses symbols that would have been at home in a classic slot as well with red sevens and that sort of thing, so there’s even more of a focus on the period in that sense as well.

The gameplay is high-action with a focus on a bonus feature that provides a whole lot of value. This leads to a style of play that most players will enjoy.

Betting and Layout

The way that the betting is set up for this game really keeps the action going strong, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Five reels and three horizontal rows of symbols are what create the main grid for this title.
  • Instead of using paylines as usual, this slot uses the all ways system.
  • The result of the all ways system is that players have 243 ways to win from left to right on the reels on every spin.
  • You’ll have a base wager of 20 coins, and you can increase that by a factor of as much as ten for a maximum wager size of 200 coins.
  • A wide range of coin size options are available, and they start at €0.01 and go as high as €0.50 apiece.
  • This places the minimum bet size at a very reasonable €0.20 per turn and makes the maximum €100 with a tremendous number of options in between.

The action is very serious in this game, and while the pay table is balanced in and of itself, the feature set holds a whole lot of value with a ton of the action centered around trying to trigger it. This leads to a situation where it has a medium-high volatility overall.

Dance Party Game Rules
Dance Party Game Rules

Gameplay and Features

The whole idea of this game is that you try to keep your account balance afloat in the regular mode while you try to get the main feature because that’s where the largest wins are available.

Wild Symbols

The Dance Party online slot logo with the golden record is the wild symbol in this game. For players, these wilds are a really important part of the gameplay because they work so well with the all ways format.

From a practical standpoint, that means that players are able to get a lot more winning combinations with the same wild than they would get from a game with a more traditional payline-based structure.

The wilds only appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. That means that they do not have their own winning combinations, but they are still value-oriented and really help to keep the volatility from being higher than it would be without them.

Dance Party Wilds and Scatters
Dance Party Wilds and Scatters

Scattered Diamond Symbols

The diamond symbols are bonus scatters, and they’re only centered around helping players to get the bonus feature and nothing else. That is to say, they do not give their own payouts in this game.

However, we want to focus on them to explain that they are distributed a little differently than scatters in other games. You can get up to seven on the reels at the same time because they appeared doubled up on the reels occasionally.

This is key to how much more difficult it is to trigger the main bonus feature in this game and how much more value there is tied up in that feature, as you’ll see below.

Progressive Multipliers Free Spins

To activate the free spins mode in the Dance Party video slot, you’ll need to get at least five (and as many as seven) of the scattered diamond symbols anywhere on the game board. You’ll always be given 15 free spins to start off the mode, but the number of diamonds determines the base multiplier:

  • Seven Scatters – 3x base multiplier
  • Six Scatters – 2x base multiplier
  • Five Scatters – 1x base multiplier

Here’s where things get interesting. After each free spin, the total multiplier increases by the amount of the base multiplier up to a maximum of 30x. That means if you have the 2x base multiplier, then your first spin will be worth 2x, your second will be worth 4x, your third will be worth 6x and so on.

This feature can be re-triggered. If you pick up at least five scatters anywhere on the game board during the free spins mode, then 15 free spins will be added to your total. You can have a maximum of 60 free spins total in this way for a single game mode.

There’s also a minimum win feature to mitigate any bad luck you might have in a run of free spins. If your total win from the feature is worth less than 10 times your total wager amount that triggered the feature, then you’ll win a payout of 10x the size of that win at the end of the feature.

How to Win at Dance Party

With this game, the volatility is in the medium-high range, and that means that your swings are going to be pretty serious. This is largely because of the tremendous amount of value tied up in the bonus round.

The compensate for these big swings, we suggest that players drop their bet sizes down to somewhere in the range of two-thirds to three-fourths of what you’re normally comfortable with. You can pair this with slightly longer sessions than you’d normally get if you prefer. While you’ll get in about the same amount of bets total, you’ll end up with a much more reasonable volatility relative to the amount you’d normally bet.

Payout Structure for Dance Party

All wins in this game are multiplied by your overall bet size, and it starts with the DJ symbol paying 7.5x for five of a kind combinations. Five of the triple sevens gives you a 6x win, and the double bar is worth 5x. You can also pick up 4x for five of a kind of the single bar.

Dance Party Payouts
Dance Party Payouts

The lower four wins are for card rank symbols. This includes 2.5x for five of the orange A or green K, and both the purple Q and violet J will pay out 2x.


The Dance Party online slot is a good case of putting together a game that you would think would have a relatively low volatility based on its format but instead going outside of the box with the feature set in a way that lends itself to a much higher volatility. This is great news for players who want chances to win some pretty tremendous pays while trying to stay afloat from the regular game.

Because the pay table is as balanced as it is, it’s really feasible to do just that while you shoot for the free spins mode and its insane multipliers worth as much as 30x.

Dance Party Video