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Drago Jewels of Fortune

The Drago Jewels of Fortune online slot is produced by Pragmatic Play and brings players into 1,600 ways to win on every single spin. Action is the name of the game for this title with a free spins mode and wilds that help you to get a lot of extra wins compared to what’s normally available. With graphics that are among the best that the industry has to offer, this is a title that you can definitely sink your teeth into.

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An Introduction to Drago Jewels of Fortune

In the online slots world, you have to deal with the fact that there are two different parts to what makes a game good: You have the graphics and presentation, but you also have the gameplay and features.

Drago Jewels of Fortune Main Screen
Drago Jewels of Fortune Main Screen

While some providers will sacrifice one for the other, Pragmatic Play brought a high level of both with their Drago Jewels of Fortune video slot.

Drago is the name of the purple dragon that you’ll see beside of the reels and in the title screen, and the whole experience centers around a typical mythological scenario of a dragon that has hoarded treasure.

When it comes to gameplay and feature set, this game has you covered as well. You’ll have an incredible 1,600 ways to win on each and every spin, and that’s before you even look at the bonus features and other goodies that boost your value even further.

Betting and Layout

The betting setup for this slot is easy to get used to, but you still get a few different options on how to customize things, and you still get a tremendous number of ways to get paid. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five reels are set up normally, but the middle three reels have four symbols while the outer two reels have five symbols each.
  • The “all ways” format is in place with 1,600 ways to win on each spin.
  • All of the regular symbols pay from left to right on adjacent reels regardless of their positions.
  • You’ll bet based on multiples of 20 coins, and you can multiply that by factors of up to 10 for a total wager of up to 200 coins per spin.
  • Coins themselves can be set to values ranging from €0.01 to €0.50 each.
  • The minimum bet size is €0.20 per turn, and you can bet up with up to €100 at stake on each spin.

The volatility of this game is on the lower end of the medium range. The high hit-rate and balanced pay table give players a smooth experience with few big swings, but the feature set still allows for some pretty sizable payouts.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set of the Drago Jewels of Fortune online slot is all about the action, and it fully takes advantage of the expanded format with 1,600 ways to win. The gameplay helps to increase your hit-rate while also giving you chances for larger individual payouts.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is really easy to spot in this game. It’s on a red background with gold trim, and it says “WILD” across the middle in large red letters.

This wild is particularly valuable because it can help you to win in a lot more ways than usual because of the 1,600 ways to win format.

With that having been said, you will only find wilds on the second, third and fourth reels. While this does mean that you won’t have special combinations that only consist of wilds, the fact of the matter is that you don’t need to in order to still get a tremendous amount of value from what these symbols are bringing to the table.

Dragon Super Spin Feature

The regular pay table has four different dragons in four different colors. They are the target of the Dragon Super Spin feature, which is triggered by having a matching dragon show up in the four far corners of the game board all at the same time.

Drago Jewels of Fortune Super Spin
Drago Jewels of Fortune Super Spin

The way this works is that you’ll get a number of spins with all of that color of dragon’s symbols locking in place. You’ll then be paid scatter wins for that dragon based on when the feature ends.

For getting at least 20 symbols of a given dragon, you’ll pick up the following wins:

  • Purple Dragon – 5,000x
  • Red Dragon – 500x
  • Green Dragon – 250x
  • Yellow Dragon – 100x

These wins are all multiples of your entire wager, which is how all payouts in this game will be described. It’s worth noting that getting the upgrade symbol (a dragon’s eye) on the reels at some point will double the value of your ending payouts, so you can actually end up with a top win of 10,000 times your total wager, the largest payout available in the game (and one of the largest non-progressive wins that you’ll find anywhere).

Free Spins Mode

There’s a white crystal bonus symbol that can appear on the first and fifth reels. Once again, if you get this symbol in all four corners at the same time, then you’ll trigger the free spins bonus round.

Drago Jewels of Fortune Free Spins
Drago Jewels of Fortune Free Spins

When you get these crystals, you’ll be given three re-spins to begin with. From there, you’ll have chances to pick up extras to add onto your free spins mode like sticky wilds, extra free spins, multipliers or mystery symbols.

Once your free spins features are determined, you’ll begin the round. You will have a chance to get mystery symbols during this feature, which will be shown by a dragon egg symbol initially. After the reels stop, the mystery symbols will all turn into one randomly selected non-wild symbol that matches to boost your chances of hitting winning combinations.

How to Win at Drago Jewels of Fortune

Having the best experience possible with this game comes down to making sure that you understand how to properly adjust to the volatility. Since it’s in the low end of the medium range, or well into the medium range depending on what you’re using as your measuring standard, there really isn’t much to do in terms of making huge adjustments.

One option that can be a good idea here because of how much value is tied up into the features is to lower your bet size slightly but to also increase the number of spins that you play within a given period of time. This will smooth things out quite a bit and protect you from any major swings for the most part while giving you more opportunities to hit the “four corners-based” features.

Payout Structure for Jewels of Fortune

The pay structure for the Drago Jewels of Fortune video slot is based on two tiers of symbols. All wins are multiples of your total bet size, but remember that it’s likely to get multiple combinations of these wins at once, so the payouts can be much larger than they initially seem.

Drago Jewels of Fortune Payouts
Drago Jewels of Fortune Payouts

The purple dragon pays 10x for five, and five of the red dragon gets you 5x. The upper tier symbols are rounded up by the green and yellow dragons, which pay 2.5x and 2x for five of each, respectively.

On the lower tier, we start with the purple A symbol with its 1x win. The yellow K pays 0.75x for five of a kind. For five of the red Q, blue J or green 10, the wins are all 0.5x, so that’s pretty easy to remember.


We really like what Pragmatic Play did with the atypical format of this game and how it plays into the gameplay and feature set really well. The way the symbols must line up in the corners of the Drago Jewels of Fortune online slot to trigger bonus features is interesting as well. Overall, this is a super-solid game with a lot of action, some strong jackpots and fun features. It looks great as well.