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Fruit Rainbow

The Fruit Rainbow online slot produced by Pragmatic Play gets away from the feature-heavy style that dominates the modern era of video slots. Instead, it uses a style based on lots of ways to win on the regular pay table and a format designed to give you a serious hit-rate with a lot of stacked symbols, including wilds.

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An Introduction to Fruit Rainbow

If you’re the kind of player who likes action, then you know how frustrating it can be to run into games where you really want to hit the bonus feature, but you’ll be lucky to get it once every other play session or so.

Fruit Rainbow Main Screen
Fruit Rainbow Main Screen

Pragmatic Play addressed this type of frustration in their Fruit Rainbow video slot.

By adjusting the style of play to be all about the value that you get from the regular pay table, they were able to create a gameplay experience that rewards you with serious chances to win on every spin instead of only reserving that for the few times you hit some rare feature.

From a visual standpoint, the game looks great, but the concept of a video slot that uses fruit machine motifs has been done before plenty of times. The real difference here is not so much in the graphics but in the gameplay approach.

Betting and Layout

Right off the bat, you can see that this game has a larger field of play with more chances to win on each individual spin. Here’s what to expect:

  • The main gameplay area uses five reels with four horizontal rows for a larger grid than what you see with most video slots.
  • A total of 40 paylines are used in this game, which is a common amount for 5×4 titles and gives lots of ways to get paid.
  • Paylines go from left to right only, and you can’t change how many are active at any given time. It’s always 40 paylines on every spin.
  • Betting gives you a lot of flexibility to pick different sized coins and different numbers of coins on each line.
  • The range of bet sizes goes from €0.40 per spin up to €200 per spin to cover players who are comfortable at all different levels of stakes.

We’re going to be describing the wins in this game based on multiples of your line bet size, and they will stay in those proportions based on if you increase or decrease the size of your wager.

Also, the volatility of the Fruit Rainbow online slot is in the lower part of the medium range. It would be lower if it wasn’t for the stacked symbols, which we’ll get into below, but that would take a lot away from the excitement of this slot and the opportunities to win some pretty big regular pay table prizes on individual spins.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay is what this slot is all about, and we’ll show you what’s important about it and how the few features work that are included in this slot.

Stacked Symbols

We need to point out that the Fruit Rainbow video slot is all about some stacked symbols. Every single symbols shows up stacked on every reel, and that maximizes your opportunities to get multiple wins on the same spin.

Fruit Rainbow Rules
Fruit Rainbow Rules

They’re usually stacked high enough to cover entire reels as well, which means there’s no limit to the number of paylines that you can get with winning combinations of the same matching symbol.

That is how you get the largest wins available in this title.

Wild Symbols

The wilds in this game are rainbow-themed with the word “wild” written across a gradient of colors in gold. Not only does this look great, but it fits the theme perfectly.

The following payouts are available for winning combinations that consist just of wild symbols:

  • Five of a Kind – 2,000x
  • Four of a Kind – 1,000x
  • Three of a Kind – 100x

Something worth noting is that this has the same payout as the top fruit symbol for five of a kind. However, the wins for three or four of a kind are a bit higher with the wilds than with the fruit, which is something that can trip you up in certain situations if you aren’t aware of it since it’s atypical.

Fruit Rainbow Scatters and Wilds
Fruit Rainbow Scatters and Wilds

Scatter Payouts

Scatter pays are based on multiples of the whole bet size and not just the line bet wagers. These are done by getting diamonds anywhere on the game board. It doesn’t matter if these land on paylines or certain reels since you’ll get paid regardless.

Here are the payouts for these scatters:

  • Five of a Kind – 500x entire wager
  • Four of a Kind – 125x entire wager
  • Three of a Kind – 5x entire wager

If you want to know what these wins would be like based on line bet wagers, then simply multiply them by a factor of 40x. If you do that, then you’ll see that the top scatter win would be like a payout of 20,000x from the regular reels, which shows it’s by far the biggest jackpot payout that you can receive.

How to Win at Fruit Rainbow

Your bet sizing strategies in this game are largely going to be based on the fact that the swings aren’t very severe and that the volatility is fairly low.

A low volatility indicates low swings, which in turn means that you can increase your bet size a bit without having to worry about the adverse effects of swings increasing too much. With the incremental betting setup available by Pragmatic Play, you have a lot of control over the precision of your bet sizes, and that’s the kind of thing that really helps with this approach to strategy.

Payout Structure for Fruit Rainbow

In the Fruit Rainbow video slot, you’ll see that things are based a bit on a mix of classic slot ideas and more modern motifs. This is on display with the top symbols all being pieces of fruit, and that starts with the strawberry symbol that pays a very strong 2,000x payout for five of a kind.

Fruit Rainbow Payouts
Fruit Rainbow Payouts

Other fruit symbols give solid mid-range wins. You can get 600x for five of the orange slices or 500x for five of a kind combinations of the cherries. Wins of five of the bananas or lime slices will be worth 400x or 300x, respectively.

From there, the lower-tier symbols still have some pretty solid pays. They are represented by the four card suits in different colors. With the purple spade, you’ll get a 250x win for five of a kind. Five of the red heart is worth 200x, and the appropriately colored green club gets you 140x for five of a kind. Finally, we have the citrus orange colored diamond symbol that will let you pick up 100x prizes for five on a payline.


What the Fruit Rainbow online slot brings to the table is a whole lot of different ways to get paid on the regular pay table. The distribution of the pays is pretty good to begin with, but when you add in stacked symbols (including wilds that are always stacked), you kick that whole concept up a notch.

Kudos to Pragmatic Play for putting together the modern spin on a fruit machine without devolving into the typical free spins bonus features that the majority of other games use. They focused on regular gameplay here instead of features that rarely hit, and that makes all the difference for players who want action right now.

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