Griffin’s Throne Casinos and Review 2020

Griffin’s Throne

The Griffin’s Throne video slot by IGT gives players a shot at tremendous payouts with high-paying features. This includes a free spins mode, multipliers, special reels, wild symbols and other goodies that all come together to give you serious opportunities for massive payouts.

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An Introduction to Griffin’s Throne

Some video slots offer more value from the pay table while others offer more payouts from the feature set side of things. The Griffin’s Throne online slot focuses a bit more on the latter, but the pay table isn’t bad either.

Griffin's Throne Main Screen
Griffin’s Throne Main Screen

IGT clearly wanted this to be a somewhat balanced title, but the features are still the star of the show as most players seem to think they should be.

The visual of a giant griffin perched up on the reels is very striking and sets the tone for the gameplay. You’ll try to run up features that have to do with this magnificent creature as you play. The action is pretty consistent and serious, and that’s a great fit for players who like a fast pace of play.

The background is pretty interesting as well with an ancient civilization sort of motif going on. It’s definitely easy on the eyes, and it puts players in the mood for trying to take down some of their own treasure in a serious way.

Betting and Layout

The layout for this title is actually kind of interesting because it changes depending on the features to a certain degree. Here we’ll show you what you need to know for the regular game mode to start with, but have the understanding that certain aspects of this can change, which we’ll get more into down below.

  • This is a title with five reels and four rows of symbols.
  • A total of 30 paylines are available for play. They pay from left to right only.
  • You don’t get to choose your number of active paylines. This is always set to the maximum, which is usually 30, but that can increase depending on feature activation.
  • Wagers are always set at 75 coins per turn. A variety of coin sizes are available with a minimum bet size of €0.75 per spin.
  • The maximum available bet size depends on the individual casino, but it will virtually always be at least a price per turn of €75 at the minimum.

All wins in this game are based on a multiple of the amount that you have wagered. This is because there is a consistent number of coins bet per turn that does not match up with the number of paylines that you have, which is important considering the number of active lines can change. The volatility is also squarely in the medium range, which makes bet sizing options pretty straightforward as well.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for the Griffin’s Throne video slot is all about giving players extra ways to get paid while also increasing the sizes of the wins that players do get. These two styles of features compound each other to allow for some pretty tremendous payouts, which is why the volatility is all the way up to the medium range.

Griffin's Throne Wild Symbols
Griffin’s Throne Wild Symbols

Scatter Payouts

The hall of the gods as a golden temple with green trim is the paying scatter in this game. Interestingly enough, because of the increased size of the play field compared to other similar titles, you can’t win with just three of a kind. That leaves the following pays:

  • Five of a Kind – 20x
  • Four of a Kind – 10x

This is partially made up for by the fact that these scatter symbols are paid no matter which reels, lines or rows they land on.

Multiplier Feature

To activate the multiplier feature, whether you’re in the regular game mode or the free spins mode (see below), you only need to get the golden sun to land somewhere on the game board in one position. This symbol appears on the third reel, and when that happens, it expands the center reel to include locked wilds, chances for multipliers and more on a free re-spin that give players wins based on the multiplier symbols that follows that are worth up to 10x.

Griffin's Throne Free Spins
Griffin’s Throne Free Spins

Free Spins Feature

You need four or more scatters in the Griffin’s Throne online slot for a payout, but you can get a free spins mode with just three of them anywhere on the grid. You’ll always be given 10 free spins no matter how many scatters are used to trigger the feature.

During the free spins bonus, you’ll have 90 paylines instead, and the game board will expand upward. There will be a total of 12 symbols showing on each reel, but you’ll still have five reels available.

If you get the sun symbol, you’ll have the same type of multiplier bonus happen during the free spins as the regular game, but the increased paylines makes it worth more on average. Additionally, if you get at least two scatters, you’ll add more free spins to your total. Two scatters adds three free spins, and three or more will add 10 free spins.

You can get up to a maximum of 150 free spins in one round with this feature.

How to Win at Griffin’s Throne

With the Griffin’s Throne video slot, the key thing to understand is that the volatility is high enough that you can’t really increase your bet size much to adjust or anything like that, but it’s also low enough that it’s not going to give you extreme swings like a progressive might.

The real value comes from the feature with the expanding game board because that compounds with the value from the other features to really give you a lot of ways to win big. Essentially, you want to shoot for that while you play and use bet sizes near the middle of the range you’re comfortable with in the process.

Payout Structure for Griffin’s Throne

The Griffin is the best-paying symbol in the game, which probably surprises no one reading this. A payout of 125x is yours for five of a kind, and the second payout of 65x for four of a kind is almost high enough to tie for the second-highest payout in the game that you get from the mid-tier symbols. You can also win with just two of a kind of this symbol, and it’s the only symbol in the game to do this.

Griffin's Throne Payouts
Griffin’s Throne Payouts

A few mid-tier symbols are available. There’s a helmet on a green background, a vase on a teal background, a spear and shield on a blue background and a shortsword on a purple background. All of these have the same payouts of 75x for five, 40x for four and 10x for thee of a kind.

The pays drop slightly to 60x for five of the A symbol. The K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols all have the same payouts, however, of 50x for five, 20x for four and 5x for three. These lower payouts hit more often, so they’re worth more than they seem here.


The presentation of the Griffin’s Throne online slot is top-notch and enhances the entire play style with the oversized reels in the feature. This slot is a fitting entry into this software developer’s overall portfolio because of its visual appeal and gameplay style, and if you have enjoyed playing other online slots that center around this type of theme, then this is a slot you won’t want to miss.

The play style with this title brings a serious degree of fun. Also, the thing players will absolutely enjoy about this title is the extra padding that the features add to your overall winnings.