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Honey Honey Honey

The Honey Honey Honey video slot by Pragmatic Play has a focus just like how the title sounds: It’s all about bees and the golden honey. In this game, you can take advantage of what’s happening on the reels with the funny bee-oriented theme to get yourself some tremendous wins thanks to a generous pay table and a flexible set of features that will appeal to a variety of different types of players.

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An Introduction to Honey Honey Honey

One of the things that Pragmatic Play is known for is putting together online slots that have different types of interesting themes that aren’t necessarily from popular brands or concepts in media. The Honey Honey Honey online slot is a good example of how they can make this work through strong gameplay instead of trying to draw players in based on the theme alone.

Honey Honey Honey Main Screen
Honey Honey Honey Main Screen

This style of slot creation leads to longer sessions and more long-term player engagement.

It’s the gameplay that makes this title, though the graphics are a lot of fun as well. With bees, pollen and honey abound, you’ll still enjoy the visual appeal of the slot without getting too caught up in it because you’ll be more concerned with the great number of features that hit and the goodies on the regular pay table.

Betting and Layout

The feature set for this gorgeous title happens within a pretty standard layout, and that helps to keep things from getting too far outside of the box. Here’s what to expect:

  • Players get 20 paylines that go from left to right only, and that number of lines is static and cannot be switched.
  • These lines extend across five vertical reels with three horizontal rows of symbols across each reel.
  • You can bet a minimum of €0.20 on each spin, and that’s achieved with one coin per payline and a coin size of €0.01 each.
  • With coins that go up to €0.50 apiece, you can put as many as 10 of them on each line, and that gives a maximum bet size of €100.

In terms of volatility, this is a game that has a reasonably high hit-rate, but the volatility itself is on up into the medium range a bit. The reason for this is because of how the distribution of the features happens somewhat randomly and how much value they hold.

With that said, the pay table itself is balanced enough that it’s not much of an issue in terms of having a lot of swings, but it’s something to keep in mind when selecting bet sizes.

Features and Gameplay

It’s the features and the overall gameplay of the Honey Honey Honey online slot that really make the game. In what follows, we’ll break things down in a way shows exactly what you can expect and how all of these features come together in a cohesive way.

Wild Symbols

It’s the worker bee with the hard hat on that’s the wild symbol. He’s an example of the bees that you see the most often flying around getting the real work done, and he gets some serious work done in the Honey Honey Honey video slot by showing up on all five reels to help you to make winning combinations.

The only symbol that this wild does not substitute for in this game is the bonus honeycomb symbol.

The payouts for these wilds are the best in the game, and they are represented as a multiple of the total bet size:

  • Five of a Kind – 25x
  • Four of a Kind – 10x
  • Three of a Kind – 2.5x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.1x

For reference, if this 25x win was represented as a line bet win, it would be 500x, so that should put things into perspective on how these are some pretty solid wins overall as a part of a balanced pay table that helps to keep the volatility from getting out of hand.

Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

The honeycomb or bee’s nest is the bonus symbol. It shows up on the first, third and fifth reels, and if you get all three on the reels at the same time, then you’ll activate a free spins bonus round.

Honey Honey Honey Free Spins
Honey Honey Honey Free Spins

From here, players get to choose between two options for which free spins mode they get.

The first is the Sticky Streak free spins mode. In this mode, you’ll get eight free spins, and the third reel is always wild for the entire feature. Moreover, you’ll get re-spins on all of your winning combinations with matching symbols held in place over and over until no new matching symbols show up. This gives you tremendous opportunities for multi-line wins.

The second is the Honey Queen Colossal Spins feature. You’ll only get five free turns in this feature, but you’ll be given a random chance for a 2x multiplier on all of your wins. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to hit huge 2×2 or 3×3 colossal symbols for very serious opportunities for multi-line wins and massive payouts.

For both of these game modes, a special set of reels will be put in place to increase your chances of winning in general as well.

Randomly Generated Features

A handful of other features can be triggered at random on regular game mode spins. They include the following:

  • Honey Wilds – From five to ten random wilds are added to the reels.
  • Sticky Streak – You’ll be guaranteed a randomly chosen three of a kind win. From there, you get re-spins like in the Sticky Streak free spins mode.
  • Win Spin – Players receive a guaranteed payout on the reels worth at least 30x.
  • Five of a Kind – A randomly chosen win is given for a five of a kind combination.
Honey Honey Honey Random Features
Honey Honey Honey Random Features

We think that this is a good mix of different types of features that you don’t always see, and there’s a lot of variation here, which is exactly what we like to see in a feature-driven online slot.

How to Win at Honey Honey Honey

What you want to try to achieve in this game is to run together some big wins from the features. There are some solid payouts at the top of the regular pay table, but your best bet at hitting a really serious winning session is to run together the free spins or other types of features into a handful of significant payouts.

With that said, the best chance to try to make that happen is to hit as many spins as you can during your sessions. You can speed things up by using the space bar for the turbo spin feature, or you can switch on the auto play option. If you aren’t used to this, then you might want to drop down in bet sizes slightly to compensate.

Payout Structure for Honey Honey Honey

The Honey Honey Honey online slot logo pays out 20x for five and is the only symbol other than the wild to pay for just two on a payline. You can score 15x for the jar of honey or 10x for either of the flower symbols for five of a kind combinations.

Honey Honey Honey Payouts
Honey Honey Honey Payouts

From there, there are five different honey-covered card rank symbols. The golden A and purple K each give you 7.5x wins for five of a kind. From there, you’ll get 5x for five of the green Q, red J or blue 10 symbols.


This is a tremendous game that Pragmatic Play clearly put a lot of effort into making a hit. It has some of the most exciting gameplay that we have seen from a 5×3 format slot in recent history, and it gives players a lot of ways to get paid without having an overwhelming level of volatility, which is a mix that we think most players can be excited about.