Hot Fiesta Casinos and Review 2021

Hot Fiesta

The Hot Fiesta video slot from Pragmatic Play is full of Spanish action. You’ll have a great pay schedule with free spins and multipliers added on. What’s more is that you have the ability to increase your bet size to double the chance of bonus features.

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An Introduction to Hot Fiesta

Pragmatic Play has been around for a long time, and they know how to make super-solid games. The Hot Fiesta online slot is a great example of this, and it combines a tremendous look with strong gameplay.

Hot Fiesta Main Screen
Hot Fiesta Main Screen

This combination is what has made their portfolio so popular. However, it’s seen even more in this title.

At first glance, you’ll see what we mean about this game looking so good. It has a Spanish aesthetic with lots of instruments and other characters. The background is a gorgeous classic city scene as well.

With the gameplay, things are dominated here by two aspects. First, you have a really good pay table that hits often for continued action. Second, you have a super strong feature with much better wins than usual. Adding to this whole thing is a side bet that increases the hit-rate of the features. We’ll get into the mechanics of this down below. However, it suffices to say that this is an excellent combination that provides a top-tier experience.

Betting and Layout

Most players will want to play with the above side bet activated. However, that will change up how you set up your betting if you want to stay comfortable. With that said, the base format is something that you need to learn first. Along those lines, we’ll show you what you need to know in what follows:

  • The grid of symbols is pretty typical. Five vertical reels are used along with three horizontal rows.
  • Players have 25 paylines to play on in this game. While you have multiple options to adjust betting, none of those is adjusting the number of lines.
  • All 25 paylines will pay out from the leftmost reel toward the right only.
  • You have a base wager of 25 coins per turn. However, you can multiply that by up to 10x. This makes the betting range in coins go from 25 to 250.
  • The minimum coin size is €0.01, leading to a minimum bet size of €0.25.
  • However, the maximum coin size is €0.50. As a result, you can wager as much as €125 per spin in this game.

The hit-rate for this title is pretty high. Likewise, the volatility of the base game is fairly low. However, with the side bet, you’ll want to adjust your bet size down a bit in most cases. We’ll get into ways to go about that further down. With that said, even with the side bet, the volatility is around the medium range compared to other slots.

Gameplay and Features

With the Hot Fiesta online slot, you’ll have a style of play characterized by frequent hits and payouts. Lots of small and medium wins are had in this game. However, the biggest payouts come from the features. Along these lines, we’ll break down everything about the gameplay and feature set in what follows. This will give you an idea of what to expect before you start your sessions.

Wild Pinata Symbols

The pinata symbols are pretty important in this game. The reason for that is that they’re wilds that appear on every one of the five reels. However, this is not the only reason.

Hot Fiesta Payouts
Hot Fiesta Payouts

First off, they substitute for all symbols except for the bonus scatters. That means that you get extra wins you would have missed out on otherwise. This increases the hit-rate and increases the value that you get from the game. It also lowers the volatility a bit by giving you more balance to the pay table.

Second, these wilds have the best individual payouts of any paying symbol in the game before any multipliers. The wins you can get from them are as follows:

  • Five of a Kind – 40x
  • Four of a Kind – 10x
  • Three of a Kind – 2x

We want to take this opportunity to point out how the wins are calculated. While this is a payline-based game, the payouts aren’t based on paylines. Instead, they’re a simple multiple of your whole bet size. This means that the 40x wild payout for five of a kind would be 1,000x as a line win. That should put things into a better perspective of how good these payouts really are.

Wild Multiplier Feature

The wild multiplier feature for the Hot Fiesta video slot is a bit different than most. Before each spin, a multiplier is determined for the wilds at random. It can be 2x, 3x or 5x. On that spin, every single wild will have a multiplier of that level. It’s a simple concept, but it adds a ton of value.

So here’s how it works. Suppose you get five of a kind of the guitar symbol for an 8x win. However, it includes a single 3x wild. The entire payout is multiplied by three to turn it into a 24x win. These multipliers are determined on a per-payline basis.

This last bit is important because the total multiplier for each individual line can be different. The reason for these differences is that having more than one wild in a given winning line adds the multipliers together. For example, if you made five of a kind with the drink symbol, that normally pays 4x. However, if you had three different 2x wilds in the combination, that would be a total multiplier of 6x. As a result, your win would be 24x instead of the much lower 4x.

Hot Fiesta Free Spins
Hot Fiesta Free Spins

Bonus Fireworks and Free Spins

A fireworks symbol makes an appearance on the first, middle and last reels. If you’re able to get all three on the game board at once, you trigger a free spins feature. Note that you will also be given an immediate payout of 3x as well.

To start things off, you’re given between nine and 27 free spins. The number used here is actually random. From there, you’ll be given a sticky roaming wild feature during the actual free spins.

The sticky roaming wilds work like this. Anytime a wild appears, it will stay on the game board. However, it will roam to random spots between free spins. This accumulation of wilds, combined with the fact that their multipliers are determined at random between spins (still 2x, 3x or 5x), give you some very serious opportunities for massive payouts at the tail-end of your feature.

Another thing to know is that bonus fireworks symbols do not show up during the free spins. This is a part of the special reels used during the feature that gives better payouts than the regular mode. However, you will not be able to re-trigger the bonus feature as a result.

Side Bet

There’s a side bet available in the lower left-hand side of the game board. It offers to double your chances to get the free spins bonus mode. However, it costs 40 percent of your bet size to activate.

For example, if your bet size is set to €1 normally, it’ll cost an additional €0.40 per spin to activate. Generally speaking, this is better than playing without the side bet.

Hot Fiesta Side Bet
Hot Fiesta Side Bet

How to Win at Hot Fiesta

The main thing you need to adjust to in this game is the side bet. With the medium volatility overall, we recommend the following strategy. Pick a bet size around the average of what you’re typically comfortable with. From there, set your bet size to around two-thirds to three-fourths of that amount. Finally, activate the side bet.

The end result will be a total wager that’s pretty close to what you’re comfortable with. From that point, you can fine tune things using the multiple bet sizing options.

Payout Structure for Hot Fiesta

For five of the male or female musicians, you’ll pick up 30x or 20x, respectively. The accordion, guitar and maracas are worth 12x, 8x and 6x for five of a kind combinations as well. That leaves the drink symbol for 4x for five.

The low-tier symbols come in two groups. For the first group, the red A and violet K pay 2x for five of a kind. The purple Q, green J and orange 10 all share the same payout of 1x for five as well.


If you’ve enjoyed playing other online slots that focus on this style of overall theme, then this is one title you definitely won’t want to miss. As a result of the wide attention from so many players, this slot has a strong place in this software developer’s offering of games as a whole, and the thing you will really enjoy with this video slot is the extra padding that the range of features add to your account balance.

The graphics level and aesthetic appeal of this slot brings a fun look that’s up there with most that the online slots world overall has going on. On top of that, the feature-oriented style of gameplay of this title is centered around giving you a whole lot of action.