Ice and Fire Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Ice and Fire

Yggdrasil Gaming’s Ice and Fire online slot gives players two sets of massive reels to win on with tons of features in a theme of ice creatures against fire features. Action is the name of the game here with 120 total ways to win between the two reel sets.

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An Introduction to Ice and Fire

Within the online slot industry, there are certain things that are taken as a given about how the games will be formed. Yggdrasil Gaming understands that they can go outside of that box to some degree, but if they go too far, then players won’t respond well.

Ice and Fire Main Screen
Ice and Fire Main Screen

Their Ice and Fire video slot is a great example of them riding the line between these two extremes and bringing players an exceptional gameplay experience in the process.

As soon as you look at this game, you’ll immediately notice how amazing the graphics and visual presentation are. The dichotomy between the ice and fire sides of the game are tremendous, and it creates a contrast that comes across in a tremendous way.

This is paired up with gameplay that makes sense based on the theme with an atypical format that drives a ton more action than you’ll find in most other slots.

Betting and Layout

It can be a little confusing when you start this game because it’s not clear how the lines or reels work. Here we’ll show you what to expect:

  • This game has two sets of five reels; five of them are ice, and five of them are fire, on the left and right, respectively.
  • Each set of reels has five rows and 60 paylines. That means you’re playing on 120 paylines total for each spin.
  • The lines go from left to right only on each respective set of reels, and their number cannot be changed.
  • Betting and wins are based on wagering 30 coins on each turn and getting back coins as a result.
  • The minimum coin size is €0.004 for a bet size of €0.12 per turn.
  • The maximum available coin size is €1, and that yields a total bet size of €30 per spin.

The action is a little atypical because of how some of the features work, but it’s pretty easy to get into a groove with this game once you play for a few minutes and get a feel for the play style and how the lines and features come together.

Gameplay and Features

There are a lot of features in this game that make the side-by-side, dual-5×5 format really work, and we’re going to get into these here and show you how it all comes together to create and overall gameplay style.

One thing to note first is that all symbols always appear stacked in this game except for the scatters. That increases the volatility a bit by adding more opportunities for multi-line wins on the same spin while also making it easy for one block of symbols to completely wipe out your chances of winning much at all on the second reel if none of them match the first.

Shared Wild Symbols

The magical purple book with brown straps and a golden eye on it is the wild. This wild appears on the second, third and fourth reels only, and like all of the other non-scatter symbols, it always appears stacked.

This is obviously a good arrangement for players because it gives the wilds the ability to give players more wins than they would otherwise get. However, the shared wild symbols feature makes that even more impressive.

When you get wilds on one set of reels, they will copy over to the other set of reels in the same positions, replacing any existing symbol there except for scatters.

This is a key part of the gameplay that happens on a pretty regular basis because you’ll hit wilds every few spins at the least.

Ice and Fire Cascades and Shared Wilds
Ice and Fire Cascades and Shared Wilds

Cascading Wins

If you get winning combinations, they are paid before the winning symbols completely disappear to leave way for other symbols to fall down into place. This gives you another opportunity for payouts, and if you get them, the process continues until no new wins are available.

Something to note is that the shared wild feature keeps happening after each set of symbols falls, so you can really rack up the wins since wilds will copy over each time before wins are calculated.

Free Spins Mode

If you’re able to get four cascading wins on the same paid turn, then you’ll get a set of free spins. You’ll choose between different dragons to pick up between eight and 15 total free spins, and over 100 extra wilds will be added to the reels.

Ice and Fire Free Spins
Ice and Fire Free Spins

Players do have the ability to re-trigger the free spins feature by getting four cascading wins on a free spin as well.

The multiplier feature that we describe below cannot be activated during the free spins mode, which is really the only limiting factor whatsoever on any of these features.

Multiplier Feature

If you pick up at least three scatters on the game board, no matter where, on any of the ten total reels, then you’ll activate the multiplier feature for a minimum of 10 super free spins.

Ice and Fire Multipliers
Ice and Fire Multipliers

Each scatter beyond the initial three will add another five super free spins to your total.

During this feature, the cascades offer multipliers to your wins. For example, on your first cascade, the multiplier increases to 2x, on the second it’s 3x, and so on.

You cannot trigger the free spins during this game mode, and you cannot re-trigger the multiplier feature with more scatters.

How to Win at Ice and Fire

The volatility of the Ice and Fire slot is a bit on the high side. As a result, we strongly recommend picking out a bet size that’s a little lower than what you’d normally use. This will keep the swings at a more reasonable level for your account balance, and you won’t miss out on much value because of how often the features and wins hit with this game’s atypical format.

Payout Structure for Ice and Fire

There are matching symbols for each of the two reel sets, and they have the same payouts. The top win is 800x for the ice or fire princess symbols. There’s quite a drop from that top prize down to the 100x level for the dragon symbols, which begins the mid-range wins.

Ice and Fire Payouts
Ice and Fire Payouts

On the ice side, a tiger, owl or ring symbol will pay 50x, 40x or 40x, respectively. Likewise, the fire side counterparts to these are the wolf, the horse and the red crystal ball.

Once you look at the card rank symbols, it gets really straightforward because they all look the same except for the color. The A and K symbols each give 20x for five of a kind winning combinations.


Yggdrasil Gaming definitely did a good job with the Ice and Fire slot in terms of giving players a completely different kind of experience than what they would normally get. The whole thing with the two sets of reels combined with a great selection of features provides players with a cohesive connection between the visual appeal and the way the game plays.

What we’re particularly impressed with is how they were able to step firmly outside of the box without going so far that it will alienate players since it’s really easy to get a feel for how this title plays within just a couple of minutes of letting the reels spin.