MegaJackpots Star Lanterns

MegaJackpots Star Lanterns

With a minimum top payout of €500,000, the MegaJackpots Star Lanterns progressive slot brings players a gorgeous floating lantern theme with lots of related symbols on a gorgeous background with tons of bright lanterns flying out over a huge body of water. Add this to multipliers, free spins and a Floating Reels feature, and this title is clearly the full package. Compare the best online casinos with the Star Lanterns slot below and play with a bonus.

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Casinos with MegaJackpots Star Lanterns
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Caesars Casino 71% Caesars Casino Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
Pointsbet 60% Pointsbet Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
Vera & John 88% Vera & John Review Country Flag
Grosvenor Casino 88% Grosvenor Casino Review Country Flag
Mr Green 86% Mr Green Review Country Flag
CasinoEuro 84% CasinoEuro Review Country Flag
Giant Casino 82% Giant Casino Review Country Flag
PlayOJO 81% PlayOJO Review Country Flag
LeoVegas 80% LeoVegas Review Country Flag
InterCasino 78% InterCasino Review Country Flag
Lucky Niki 75% Lucky Niki Review Country Flag

Introduction to MegaJackpots Star Lanterns

There are a few key things that define the ton of a video slot, and the theme is one of them. In the MegaJackpots Star Lanterns online slot, players are treated to a theme based on floating lanterns that are popular in a number of Asian countries and in different cultures across the world. This theme is presented in a way that is largely timeless, and it’s easy to see that between how the visual appeal has held up in the general sense ever since the game was first released in a land-based capacity through International Game Technology several years ago.

The bottom line is that the aesthetic appeal isn’t the only thing that this game offers, and it doesn’t use the progressive jackpot itself as a crutch either. Instead, it has a well-rounded gameplay style with a lot of different things to look forward to and to keep players excited.

MegaJackpots Star Lanterns Screenshot
MegaJackpots Star Lanterns Screenshot

Betting and Layout

Something IGT is really good at is making sure that their betting controls are as simple and intuitive as possible. As such, they don’t really over-complicate things, and you can see that in how straightforward their game format is for this title:

  • The Star Lanterns slot uses five reels with three rows, the most popular grid size.
  • A set of 20 paylines extend from left to right only, and the number of these cannot be changed to any other amount.
  • You’ll pick individual coin sizes starting at €0.01 for a minimum bet size of only €0.20, which is well within the budget of virtually any player.
  • An intuitive interface for choosing your coin size also lists your total bet size alongside it to help players avoid mistakes with picking out the amount that they want to wager.

At the top of the reels, you’ll also see four slots for the MegaJackpots link along with the total amount of the current jackpot in the top-right corner. These are important components of the game that we’ll get more into down below.

Features and Gameplay

The Star Lantern Mega Jackpots slot is a feature-rich title with a lot more to look forward to than just the progressive, which is plenty of reason to get excited on its own. Below, we look at each of the key features and lay out what you need to know about them.

Floating Reels Feature

The Floating Reels feature is a bit of a variant on the standard cascade feature, but it incorporates the concept that the lanterns that make up the core of this title’s theme float upward. After a winning combination, the following will happen:

  1. All of your wins are paid out normally.
  2. All symbols that were part of winning combinations will disappear.
  3. New symbols will float up in place from below until the entire grid of symbols is full again.
  4. Any new winning combinations are evaluated and paid, and the process continues until there are no new wins available.

This feature has two major effects. First, it increases the average win that you pick up anytime you score a regular winning combination on the reels. Second, it increases the hit-rate as well since you’ll be getting more hits per win on average than you would have scored otherwise, which brings down the volatility a bit. This is critical for games with big progressive jackpots.

Star Multiplier Feature

A star symbol appears on the first, second and third reels only. When you get these symbols, they will give you multipliers on all of your wins on that spin. This will be worth either 2x, 3x or 5x per star. If you get two or three stars, then the multipliers are added together to give you even bigger chances to win.

Something worth noting is that these stars also have chances to transform into a MegaJackpots symbol to make it easier to win the big progressive jackpot that we discuss below.

Wild Lantern Symbols

The lantern symbols make appearances on the second, third and fourth reels only. They are important because they are wild symbols. These symbols don’t appear from the leftmost reels on the game board, so they cannot help you to get winning combinations only using wilds.

However, they do increase the number of wins that you get otherwise. Increasing the hit-rate in this way lowers the volatility a bit while increasing your hit-rate, both of which help to keep the swings from getting too crazy in such a high-volatility environment.

We want to point out that this wild lantern does not substitute for the bonus lotus, the star or the Mega Jackpots symbols in the Star Lanterns progressive slot.

Bonus Lotus Symbols and Free Spins

The free spins symbols are the lotus symbols, which also say “bonus” across the bottom of them in purple letters. These symbols appear on the first three reels, and when you get all three of them at the same time, you’ll pick from three lanterns to be given your total number of free spins.

It’s very important to point out that you cannot re-trigger the free spins with the bonus symbols as you might normally be able to do in other games.

During the free spins mode, each of the star symbols will give you an instant win of 2x the line bet wager. Likewise, you can pick up a payout of twice the size of your total bet size with three of the bonus symbols. This win is given in place of the ability to re-trigger free spins in the bonus round.

The Mega Jackpots Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot amount is always shown in the top-right corner of the game for this title, and it starts off at €500,000 each time the jackpot is won. However, it normally pays well into the seven-figure range, which means it makes someone a millionaire most of the times it pays out.

There are two ways to win this progressive:

  1. Pick up four of the Mega Jackpots symbols on the game board on any regular or free spin all at the same time.
  2. Win randomly after any other paid spin.

The chances to win are based on your bet size, and the slot will automatically adjust those odds accordingly. For a simple example, wagering €1 would give you one-tenth of the chance of winning as wagering €10. However, if you bet €1 ten times for a total wager of €10 across those spins, your chance of winning it across that set of ten spins would be the same as winning it by wagering €10 just once.

This keeps things proportional and fair, which is exactly how progressive jackpot slots like this one should be to keep things interesting for players at all stakes.

How to Win at MegaJackpots Star Lanterns

The main way to influence your chances of winning in the Star Lanterns Mega Jackpots progressive slot has to do with manipulating your bet sizes to something that will smooth out your volatility while playing the same total amount in overall bets. It comes down to this one principle that’s given directly from how the chances to win the progressive jackpot are determined:

Your total chance of winning the jackpot in a session is determined by how much money you wager in that session overall.

For a simple example, if you played 100 spins worth €1 each, you’d have the same chance of winning the Mega Jackpots top prize (a minimum of €500,000) as if you’d played 10 spins worth €10 each or five spins worth €20 each. This is because all three of these cases work out to be exactly €100 wagered in total.

However, smaller bet sizes played for more spins means that you have a lower volatility (in exchange for more time spent playing). A lower volatility means lower swings relative to the size of your bankroll, and as a result, you’ll have less of a chance of going on a particularly bad run, which can wipe out your account balance completely if you are determined to keep playing through it.

Payout Structure for MegaJackpots Star Lanterns

One big benefit to the way the pay schedule is handled in this title is that the majority of the pay table is pretty standard, and that makes it easier to keep up with a general idea of how much you’ll win for different combinations if you aren’t inclined to memorize the whole chart (which most players aren’t, understandably so).

The five of a kind combinations pay as follows:

  • Dark red lantern – 1,000x
  • Light red lantern – 500x
  • Yellow lantern (rectangle) – 400x
  • Light purple lantern – 300x
  • Round yellow lantern – 50x
  • Round blue lantern – 40x
  • Round green lantern – 40x

It’s worth noting that they didn’t go for card rank or suit symbols for the lower end of the pay table here. Instead, they used a different style of lantern that stands out for being more plain-looking than the rest, which we think was an excellent stylistic decision.

Important Points to Note

We like to provide a balanced accounting of titles like the Mega Jackpots Star Lanterns slot because we don’t want players to always jump into a game assuming it’ll be 100 percent exactly what they’re looking for. With that in mind, here are the highlights:

  • The progressive jackpot itself is obviously the main selling point here because a jackpot that’s usually in the seven-figure range is always going to attract a lot of attention.
  • The free spins mode is a great way to get extra value.
  • The multipliers feature stands out as being something you very rarely see in other video slots.

With that out of the way, here are a couple of things that may turn some players off:

  • The graphics are of a bit older style because this game has been around for so many years.
  • The pay table outside of the top wins is not balanced at all, so you’ll get small and medium wins a bit less often than you may be used to in other games.

The disadvantages we’ve listed here will not be a big deal for most players, but we felt the need to list them anyway.


What we really love about the Star Lanterns MegaJackpots game by International Game Technology is that it’s pretty much a classic in the industry for a lot of good reasons. Whether you play it online or in a land-based casino, you’ll find that there’s a lot of action because players love the atypical mix of features and opportunities to win life-changing sums of money.

If you’re tired of the same old set of features and the same common themes and concepts for slots, then you will get a lot out of checking out what IGT brings to the table with this game.


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