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Money Mouse

Pragmatic Play’s Money Mouse online slot has a gorgeous theme celebrating the Lunar New Year with fireworks and decorations moving in the background. It’s also packed with features like a free spins mode and a special re-spin feature where you collect symbols that give you direct payouts while having chances to win one of three static jackpots.

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An Introduction to Money Mouse

There are a lot of things to get excited about in certain types of games, but there are others that are rather shallow in terms of ways they pay and ways they provide action. The Money Mouse video slot by Pragmatic Play is definitely of the former type.

Money Mouse Main Screen
Money Mouse Main Screen

Based on a celebration of the Lunar New Year, Money Mouse is all about giving players lots of ways to get paid through exciting features and a balanced pay table.

The graphics and animations for this game are within the normal range of what Pragmatic Play brings to the table in the upper, above-average range of the industry as a whole. All of the symbols are tied into the game’s theme, and the background is perfect for this title’s theme.

Things are even stronger for this slot from a gameplay perspective. They have really packed it full of features while having a pay table with a strong hit-rate and balanced wins, which ultimately leads to a medium overall volatility.

Betting and Layout

The format for this title is pretty basic, but it still provides a situation where you can get a lot of ways to get paid and a lot of action. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five vertical reels are paired with three horizontal rows to give players the usual grid.
  • Across that grid, you’ll have 25 paylines activated on each feature. The number of lines can’t be changed.
  • All paylines run from the left-hand side of the reels to the right-hand side only.
  • Betting options offer a lot of increments for your wagers with up to 10 coins per payline.
  • Coins start at €0.01 and go as high as €0.50 apiece. This makes the minimum wager €0.25 per turn and the maximum €125.

As we mentioned above, the volatility is also at a medium level, but the pay table distribution can make it seem like it’s lower than this because it’s so balanced with a lot of small and medium wins. Along these lines, the hit-rate is pretty solid as well, but you’ll still want to be somewhat conservative with your bet sizing because of how much volatility the features and jackpots add.

Gameplay and Features

The Money Mouse online slot is definitely a game that is feature-heavy. We’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about these features and the gameplay in general so that you know what’s going on as soon as you get started playing.

Wild Symbols

The Money Mouse himself is the wild symbol for this slot. He shows up on each of the five reels, and he helps you to get a significant number of wins that wouldn’t have otherwise been available.

Here are the payouts you can expect for combinations of just this mouse symbol:

  • Five of a Kind – 20x
  • Four of a Kind – 10x
  • Three of a Kind – 1x

These do not substitute for money symbols or scatters. Additionally, all wins for all symbols in this game are multiplied by your total bet size, so five wilds would be like a 500x payline-based win.

Money Mouse Free Spins
Money Mouse Free Spins

Scatters and Free Spins

The golden money tree is the scatter in this game, and it makes appearances on the first, third and fifth reels exclusively. The whole idea is that getting all three of these on the reels at the same time is a bit easier than having to line up five scatters with one on each reel.

Getting all three of these scatters at once will give a payout worth 1x the size of your bet and give you five free spins.

The free spins see the middle three reels merge to turn into one giant stream of 3×3 symbols. This makes it much easier to get winning combinations, and you can even end up with a wild there for massive payouts.

Re-triggering the feature is available and will add extra spins over and over again each time you get three scatters on the screen with no limit.

Money Symbol Re-spin Feature

Every single reel can have money symbols appear, which are red floating lamps with numbers on them. The numbers are randomized within certain bounds.

Money Mouse Money Re-spin Feature
Money Mouse Money Re-spin Feature

If you get at least six of these lanterns on the screen at the same time, no matter their positions, then you’ll activate the Money Re-spin feature.

The way this feature works is pretty straightforward. You start with all of the lanterns holding into place, and the rest of the reels will spin with chances to hit blank spaces or more lanterns. Any new lanterns stick into place over and over again until you have three re-spins in a row where you get no new lanterns.

You can pick up symbols that have the major and minor jackpots on them, which are worth 100x and 30x your total bet size, respectively. All of the values on the lanterns themselves are added up to give you the total amount of your win for the feature.

However, if you get all 15 spots on the reels filled, then you’ll trigger the grand jackpot, which is worth a whooping 1,000 times your entire wager, which is like a 25,000x bet line win.

How to Win at Money Mouse

The Money Mouse online slot gives players a medium volatility with a reasonably high hit-rate from the regular pay table. What you need to avoid is the temptation to increase your bet size via thinking that the volatility is lower than it actually is.

In games with a low volatility, this is a strategy that can work because the swings still won’t be bad with a larger bet size than usual. However, that’s not the case with this title, and it’s something that should be avoided.

Just use a bet size that’s in the middle of the range of what you’re comfortable with based on your own personal bankroll management guidelines, and you’ll be in great shape.

Payout Structure for Money Mouse

The dragon has payouts starting at 20x for five of a kind, and things drop down slightly to 16x for five of the firecrackers symbol. You can also win a 12x payout for five of the drums on a payline, and five of a kind combinations of the oranges are worth 8x.

Money Mouse Payouts
Money Mouse Payouts

From there, there are four card rank symbols that are stylized in an Asian-inspired font. This includes the red A, orange K, purple Q and blue J, each of which pays 2x for five of a kind combinations.


We love what the Money Mouse video slot has to offer with its balanced pay table combined with a top-heavy set of features. It’s a different pay schedule approach than what we normally see, and it helps this game to stand out in the Asian-themed sub-genre.

This is a fun title because of how it looks as well, and there are constantly beautiful fireworks going off in the background. Overall, this is a game that combines gameplay and visual elements to give players an incredible experience.

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